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Chemtrails in Plain Sight

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1 Chemtrails in Plain Sight
Chemtrails, Weather Modification, and Orgone Energy


3 Introduction In this presentation, we shall look at:
Chemtrails – Evidence “hidden” in plain view Weather Modification Research Wilhelm Reich & Orgone Energy Cloudbusters The Evidence For Weather Modification in Action Legislation which explicitly mentions Weather Modification and/or Chemtrails. Weather Control Used on 9/11

4 Chemtrails Including a tiny selection of thousands of photos from around the world.

5 An Overview of Chemtrails
Word derived from “Chemical Trail” from aircraft. Some people prefer “Aerosol” or “Persistent Jet Trail” as “Chemtrails” are often automatically dubbed a “Conspiracy Theory” They are real, not theoretical (despite what all authorities try to tell us.) Thought to have begun to appear in the mid 80’s to early 90’s. Purpose is unknown – though could be for one or more of: Weather Modification Biowarfare Atmospheric Modification to change properties or introduce aerosols to suppress immunity, affect crop yield, reduce biodiversity Very little direct information available outside personal observation and the odd rumour Disinformation is actively being put out.

6 Chemtrail Researchers
I have either corresponded with or mentioned the research of: Clifford Carnicom (New Mexico, USA) Rosalind Peterson (California, USA) Phil Morris (Formerly Cheshire, now Middle East) William Thomas (USA) Wayne Hall (Greece)

7 Contrails – Let’s Get One Thing Clear
Kerosene is classed as a “Hydrocarbon” – it mainly contains alkanes – which are made up of carbon (approximately 85%) and hydrogen (approximately 12%). There are some other compounds in kerosene which contain nitrogen and sulphur (approximately 1% or 2% each respectively). When Kerosene burns, therefore, it can only form compounds that contain elements that were originally in the Kerosene, or in the air it burns in. Not surprisingly, then, the main compounds that form when Kerosene burns are: Carbon Dioxide (the infamous “greenhouse gas”, which we all breathe out) Sulphur Dioxide (in small quantities – a toxic, greenhouse gas, which mixes with water to form acid rain – sulphurous and sulphuric acid) Carbon Monoxide – a toxic, flammable gas, responsible for some deaths which happen when gas heating equipment is faulty. Water.

8 Contrails – Let’s Get One Thing Clear
When we look at each of these compounds in turn, we find that they are all colourless. So, when kerosene burns, it would seem that the only visible thing we should see in the sky is the condensation – which, like our breath on a cold day, should disappear in a few tens-of-seconds. Indeed, when a jet takes off, we can see that only colourless compounds come out of back – all that we see is “hot air”.

9 What is the Difference Between Chemtrails and Contrails?
This time-lapse video clip clearly shows the difference, in terms of “survival” time between chemtrails and contrails

10 Chemtrails are Just Contrails!
B-17 Bombers over Europe, Lots of Ordinary Persisting Contrails, but no Chemtrails". This is a fairly typical statement… but ignores that it was: Over 60 years ago. Wartime Flying in formation! This does not show all chemtrails are contrails!

11 Some of these have been sent to me from around the UK and World.
Chemtrails Photos Some of these have been sent to me from around the UK and World.

12 Chemtrails - Cheshire

13 Chemtrails – From Space
Note the “grid” pattern. Also, bear in mind that this picture was taken at a minimum altitude of 150 miles (250km), AND from an angle. We are looking at an atmospheric phenomenon, which is at least 300 miles (500km) from the lens! Ordinary, normal contrails could not, and would not, be visible from such a distance. In any case, contrails would never last long enough to create this blanket of material over such a wide area. And from whence does all this MASS come from?? We're looking at MILLIONS OF TONS of material to make a layer like this in the atmosphere folks. We can only guess how many square miles/kilometers of continental territory are shown in this photograph, but the area seen here is huge. All of this caused by mere jet engine exhaust? I DON'T THINK SO.

14 Chemtrails – From Space
Here is another photo of chem-trails taken from orbit, over north-western Europe, at a minimum altitude of 150 miles (250km), and is probably much higher since we can see entire countries here. We can make out the lower part of the Danish peninsula at the top of the picture. Note the spray activity is concentrated mostly over Germany. Once again, simple jet engine exhaust can not account for this much MASS!

15 Chemtrails - USA NOAA Picture

16 Chemtrails - Michigan Battle Creek Michigan The day begins without a cloud in the sky... Until the planes appear and so often they fly in pairs.

17 Borrowash – 7th April 2003 I took this for the “Sundog” Rainbow effect. Never noticed the Chemtrails then… (“Chemtrail Blindness”)

18 Chemtrails – France/Spain
Pyrenees – 15th April 2008 (Alan Cruickshank)

19 Redding - California 11th June 2004

20 Lake District, Sept 11th 2005

21 Embsay - Yorkshire 25th Mar 2006
Picture by Damian Sheeran

22 Place Centrale, Paris – 24th Aug 2005
Picture by Paul Ponnsot

23 Borrowash “Sunset Grid” 10th June 2005

24 I can count at least 9 separate trails – several of them intersecting!
“Sunset Grid” 10th June 2005 – 2 I can count at least 9 separate trails – several of them intersecting!

25 Several Instances Photographed by Andrew Johnson
Straight Line Clouds? Several Instances Photographed by Andrew Johnson

26 Linear Rainbow Effects – 15 Jun 2009

27 Linear Cloud Bands – 21 Dec 2009

28 Linear Cloud Band – 18 Jun 2009

29 Linear Cloud Bank – 25 Dec 2007

30 How Long Do Chemtrails Last?
As this time-lapse Borrowash video clip shows, at least 18 minutes in one case!

31 Chemtrails are NOT Contrails - 1
1   Visibility of Trails on Satellite Photos The mass of water vapour contained in a standard Contrail would be tiny, and certainly not observable from 150 miles up in space, and yet as Jeff Challender observes, we can see the trails on many satellite photographs. 2   Time of Trail Persistence Vapour trails from aircraft should NEVER persist for more than about 2 minutes – even in ideal conditions. This can easily and clearly be demonstrated from the time lapse footage. A chemtrail does not even behave like a cloud formation – it does not “billow” – it forms, spreads out and then “fades away”. 3  Irregular Pattern of Appearance The frequency of appearance of trails does not bear any noticeable relationship to levels of civilian air traffic.

32 Chemtrails are NOT Contrails - 2
4 Height of Appearance of Trails With repeated observation, some chemtrails can be seen at much lower altitudes than any persistent contrails should ever appear at – this can be observed from the apparent size of the plane in the sky. For example, contrails are normally seen to form when planes are so high in the sky that it is difficult to make out the colour or any salient features the aircraft may have. I have observed persistent trails from aircraft perhaps as low as an estimated 15,000 feet 5  Number of Trails Seen simultaneously at a Given Time As demonstrated in the Case Study, it is not possible to have such a high level of civilian or, for that matter, military air traffic (even during an exercise) which would generate the observed number of trails (42 planes flying over a small area in 2½ hours).

33 Chemtrails are NOT Contrails - 3
6   “Broken” Trails In many cases, instances of “broken” trails are seen – and these “breaks” are also persistent. If the trail was a contrail, a break in it would indicate that the engine had momentarily stopped burning fuel – and clearly this would not make sense. In some cases, the breaks in these trails seem to be deliberate – to form some kind of grid or arrangement of the spray pattern.

34 Planes & Chemtrails 1 In contrast to the ordinary commercial jet I recorded in flight on 16 February 2005, here is what appears to be a US Air Force cargo jet. This is the pattern we see when a plane is spraying chemicals. Please note that the "exhaust" comes from the entire span of the wings. There is a heavily concentrated plume directly from the tail in the center as well, where there are NO engines. Please compare this craft with the one in the previous series of pictures showing a regular contrail

35 Planes & Chemtrails 2

36 Planes & Chemtrails 3

37 Planes & Chemtrails 4

38 Planes & Chemtrails 5

39 Chemtrail From Circular Craft
West of Vail, Colorado on March 7, 2008 at 5:23PM

40 Chemtrail Shadow Anomalies
Shadow appears in 2 different orientations While flying to Alaska on 7/23/07 I had a close encounter with a chemtrail plane. It looked like it was going to cross the path of our plane then it veered left and went right by the side of our plane. After it passed us it looked as if something may have been spraying out our plane for a short while.

41 Chemtrail Stealth-Plane?
Taken somewhere in the USA by “Eddie”. Taken in Approx May 2007

42 Chemtrails on TV News! On NBC4 News LA - 16th May 2006

43 Challenging Official Agencies
They refuse to look at the evidence – or they deny it.

44 Chemtrails – Official EPA Response
Clifford Carnicom in the USA has written to the Environmental Protection Agency on many occasions and even sent them samples of material.

45 US Air Force Response - Aug 2001
This was the response to a letter sent by Joanne Meehan.

46 June 2007 - 20-Page Report Sent to DfT, Dept of Environment etc
20 page report regarding chemtrails, signed by 20 people sent to : Department of Environment Civil Aviation Authority Royal Air Force Greenpeace World Wildlife Fund Others A few copies available here, or download free at

47 Responses Received from DfT
I engaged in an exchange with Roger Worth and he sent some useful information regarding a report written about Contrail formation by Prof Ulrich Schumann of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics “FORMATION, PROPERTIES AND CLIMATIC EFFECTS OF CONTRAILS” This 26-page study included no stated maximum figure of Contrail Persistence It talks about contrail formation being linked to cirrus cloud formation, but states there is no proven link between them. It does indeed discuss persistent "contrails" but does not explain why they form and the duration of their persistence is not discussed in detail or with any empirical data.

48 Responses Received from DfT - 2
Mentions the standard contrail duration of maximum 2 minutes. It states that ice supersaturation in the atmosphere may be the cause of persistent contrail formation but no firm link is documented or established. Figure of 150 km is quoted for the maximum size of a region of ice supersaturation. I have measured chemtrails that are over 300 km long. Only one ordinary (optical) photos or maybe none No time-lapse studies These studies can be made with cheap and simple equipment and are useful for gathering quantitative raw data.

49 Responses Received from DfT - 3
One of Roger Worth’s responses said: There is simply no evidence of unknown aerosols being covertly introduced and to claim otherwise is distorting the facts. So, he ignores time-lapse videos, grid photos, broken trails, low altitude trails, trails on some days not others… All in a day’s work, ay?

50 Greenpeace and WWF Greenpeace never responded to the report.
A later response from them, highlighting this and other climate data resulted in the response: “Thanks for your , it’s interesting to hear your views. As Greenpeace is absolutely going to continue campaigning on climate change, as it has been internationally for decades, I guess we will have to agree to differ on this one and I have taken you off our supporter records as requested.” WWF responded: “I am sorry you are disappointed in our response. We do not have the staff time and resources to address the issues you raise at this time. As I am sure you can appreciate we have limited resources and staff and must address the most urgent issues that fall within our mandate.”

51 Freedom of Information Responses - 1
Because of the unusual activity on 10th June 2005 and 4th Feb 2007, I submitted an FOIA about flights over Derby on these 2 dates. I sent it to the CAA and the Dept for Transport. The response was: “The CAA is not directly involved in managing the traffic flows to and from the airports; that is the responsibility of the airports in conjunction with the relevant air traffic control organisation, for example National Air Traffic services (NATS). Therefore, the CAA is not directly involved in placing aircraft over Derby or any other area; neither does it have a remit to place any restrictions on any aerial activity over any area for environmental reasons alone. Thus, the CAA does not have access to the information you have requested.”

52 Freedom of Information Responses - 2
The Department for Transport said it “does not hold information on individual aircraft movements. The requirement to monitor traffic flows of aircraft movements is the responsibility of the air navigation service provider, in this case NATS, and East Midlands Airport as the most significant airport nearest to Derby.”

53 East Midlands Airport Response
These vapour trails are largely the result of aircraft operations at altitudes greater than 15,000 feet and therefore, are unlikely to be associated with East Midlands Airport and would not be included in our radar recordings … Many flights pass over the middle of the country including Derby. Whilst they include aircraft to and from East Midlands, at higher altitudes there are many aircraft associated with operations at other UK airports and many international flights.

54 So, it’s All Contrails, Right?
Several people have written to me (outside of the official responses) strongly insisting all I am seeing are CONTRAILS. NONE them can give me the flight numbers or ANY information about the flights that came near my house on June 10th 2005 or flights that came over Derby on Feb 4th 2007. It’s up to those saying “it’s all contrails” to prove this conclusion applies to the dates given above, otherwise, their fanciful theory is FALSIFIED by the data recorded.

55 Chemtrails What’s in Them?
It’s hard to know for sure…

56 So What’s in Chemtrails?
Many people say Barium and Aluminium compounds. Some tests of water and soil samples seem to show elevated levels. These compounds adversely affect human health. Genuinely proving the source is Chemtrails is difficult – as authorities deny their very existence. Carnicom has reported finding Erythrocytes (like red blood cells) – a biological component

57 What are Chemtrails For?
My guesses, most likely first are: Weather Control Immuno-suppression Covert Bio-Warfare Overt Bio-Warfare I do not think it is in any way to help protect against / prevent climate change or global warming. It’s an international programme – who sanctioned it? Who has authority over it?

58 Chemtrails and Fibres Some people have reported falls a fibres or “spiders webs” in the middle of Winter. Clifford Carnicom and William Thomas discuss them – and related issues. There seems to be some confusion between real seasonal spider webs (which seem to proliferate in October, for example, and longer strands, not in webs which have been reported. Clifford Carnicom (2000) William Thomas (Year 2006)

59 Chemtrails and Disinformation
It seems people who should know better have put out false information. There have been several instances of this.

60 “What is that? A Spray Pod?”
“Chemtrail Plane Photographed On The Ground” Article by Ted Twietmeyer “Fig. 5 ­ Spray pod exit port, brightness enhanced since it was in the shadow of the sun. The brush-like object would provide the maximum surface area to create an aerosol. Note the dark baffle which will restrict airflow completely through the aerosol device.”  

61 Not a “Spray Pod”!! Refuelling Pod!!
The "pod" in question is likely either a refuelling pod or a smoke generator.

62 Inside a Chemtrailer! (Feb 2008)

63 Nope – It’s a test aircraft…
Tanks simulate passenger load (fluid can be pumped around to test this).

64 DISCLOSED Weather Modification & “Geo-engineering”
Nobody can modify the weather, really, can they??

65 Geo-engineering Various operations have been going on for almost 100 years. In 1915 the San Diego city council, approached Charles Hatfield to produce rain to fill the Morena Dam reservoir – he claimed to be a rain maker Hatfield, with his brother, built a 20-foot (6-metre) tower beside Lake Morena and was ready early in the New Year – they used a secret mixture of chemicals. Starting on 5th Jan 1916, it rained for 15 days and caused floods and dams to burst! Hatfield was blamed for the damage Hatfield's story inspired the 1956 Burt Lancaster film The Rainmaker.

66 Cloud Seeding in the 20th Century
One scientist associated with the invention of cloud seeding is Irving Langmuir. The first attempt at cloud seeding was in Massachusetts in A plane "seeded" a cloud with crushed dry ice and snow began falling out of that cloud. Noted atmospheric scientist Bernard Vonnegut is credited with discovering the potential of silver iodide for use in cloud seeding. This property is related to a good match in lattice constant between the two types of crystal It is important to mention that silver iodide is mostly used for hail suppression while the new technique called hygroscopic seeding is used for the enhancement of rainfall in warm clouds. Cloud Seeding has been used since the 1950’s and was even used in Vietnam - “Project Popeye” Irving Langmuir Chemist and Physicist Bernard Vonnegut

67 Modern Geo-engineering
Some small scale projects have been carried out (but I don’t have details to hand) with little or no secrecy Other proposals for larger scale versions have been made public – such as a scheme suggested by Edward Teller to make a “global sunscreen” by putting sulphurous compounds in the upper atmosphere. Articles about this have appeared in The Guardian and The Telegraph.

68 Project STORMFURY – Ben Livingston
Project STORMFURY was an ambitious experimental program of research on hurricane modification carried out between 1962 and 1983. Ben Livingston worked on the project, and maintains that their efforts were successful and that hurricanes should be seeded to reduce damage. Here, he describes the work he did on the project, and its implications.

69 Legislation or Officials Mentioning Weather Control and Modification
It’s in the Public Record!

70 Congress Bill H. R. 2977 – Proposing a Ban on Space Based Weapons.
As shown below, this bill was put before congress on 2nd October 2001 by Denis Kucinich

71 Congress Bill H. R. 2977 On page 5 of this bill, it defines some of the types of weapons which should be included in the ban: (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as—(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons; (v) laser weapons systems; (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extra-terrestrial weapons; and (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

72 Congress Bill S. 517: Weather Modification R & D
SEC. 2. PURPOSE. It is the purpose of this Act to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather modification policy and a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather modification research and development.

73 UN Resolution 31/72 – Environmental Modification
Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques Adopted by Resolution 31/72 of the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December The Convention was opened for signature at Geneva on 18 May 1977. ARTICLE I 1. Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party. 2. Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to assist, encourage or induce any State, group of States or international organization to engage in activities contrary to the provisions of paragraph 1 of this article.

74 Evidence of Weather Modification
Photos, Satellite Photos and RADAR

75 Cloud Anomalies - 1 Some extraordinary pictures of cloud anomalies have surfaced over the last few years. This image caused quite a stir in late summer 2003 when this image was captured some place in Alabama, it even made it onto the BBC News Website! Meteorologists just say “oh, that’s a Hole Punch cloud” and don’t explain what, in clear skies, did the punching…

76 Cloud Anomalies - 2 This image was taken the morning of November 17, 2004 from a plane departing New York's JFK airport. 

77 Cloud Anomalies - 3 Orlando Florida late in the day prior to Christmas Eve. Blooming contrails evident with a striking oval imprint deposited into the cloud field. It truly amazes me that this whole project is still so hidden behind the 'important' news of the day. A sorry symptom of the state of journalism in this nation and indeed throughout the Western world.

78 Cloud Anomalies - 4 This oval strike appears to be very fresh with the cirrus fallout just in the beginning phases. Note the straight edge to the back of the cloud field northward of the oval.

79 Cloud Anomalies - 5 No details for this image

80 Cloud Anomalies - 6 Yet again an oval imprint, this one near Tucson Arizona October 2004.

81 Cloud Anomalies - 7 A cozy pair of clouds supposed to look like normal 'cumulus.' Probably taken in 2004.

82 Cloud Anomalies - 8 May This one just made me shake my head. How is this stuff not seen by anyone with open eyes?

83 Cloud Anomalies – 9 It's over the state of Washington traveling from N. to South (I was traveling from Canada towards Seattle going South). Chemtrails had been sprayed all morning-- after the sky was completely clouded over, I looked up and saw this strange tunnel type thing. It's difficult to describe how it looked but the closest is to imagine a boat cutting through the sky and this trail is left by the propeller spinning. I have never seen anything like this before or since. --Chris B.

84 Cloud Anomalies – 10 No additional details – but came from

85 Cloud Appreciation Society??
Founded in 2004 – they seem to think clouds like this would occur naturally (you can see more examples on the website.

86 Asperatus Clouds Daily Mail, 02 June “Weird – yes, but that’s all… We just need a name, not an explanation…”

87 Weather Satellite Anomalies
Scott Stevens writes: “June 7, Z Southern Montana/East Idaho/NW Montana. This image was huge for me. Finally convincing me that this project wasn't limited to individual 'events' but was everywhere all the time. Soak up all the oddities, squares, and clouds at 90-degree angles. the whole storm had to have been digitized into individual cells. I've never looked at the sky the same since.”

88 RADAR Rain Map – Shows Evidence of Weather Modification
Pennsylvania, 4th Jan 1999

89 RADAR Rain Map Louisiana, and Colorado 5th Jan 1999

90 More RADAR Evidence

91 Chemtrails Start A Thunderstorm??

92 Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and Cloudbusters
“Energetic” rather than “Chemical” Weather Modification

93 Wilhelm Reich Wilhelm Reich was a genius, who discovered a form of energy he called “orgone” It seems to be the energy “from which everything else is made” Possible alternative names may be Etheric Energy Zero Point Energy Vacuum Energy Reich also studied it in relation to human sexuality It was in this area of research that he worked as an assistant to Sigmund Freud. Reich constructed and conducted experiments with Orgone Accumulators

94 Orgone Accumulators Orgone accumulators have alternating layers of organic and inorganic material

95 Cloudbusters In March 2006, Peter Robbins gave a presentation about Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, Cloudbusters and the UFO Connection. Robbins also included information about “cloudbusters” – Larry Warren said they were installed at Bentwaters Base Here is a segment from the Presentation

96 Cloudbusters 2 Reich observed a working cloudbuster could also have negative biological effects upon the operator, and DeMeo has confirmed this personally. "Reich noted certain symptoms of 'overcharge' and other problems which were at the very least a nuisance to this work. At worst, they could be life-threatening. Several persons using cloudbusters have been made severely ill to the point they could no longer do it. I take all kinds of precautions, including use of electrical motors and a remote control so I can stand off by 100 feet and not get close to the device when it is working. We don't know what the long-term health effects are of this device upon the operator, and it might be similar to what the early experimenters in atomic energy suffered through." DeMeo says he was sickened temporarily on a few occasions, but feels confident about his protective measures.

97 Verification of Reich’s Experiments
In the 1960’s, Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D repeated some of Reich’s Cloudbuster experiments. “The results of my experiments are perfectly clear; the Reich weather control apparatus does exactly what Reich claims it does. Clouds at which the antenna is pointed shrink and disappear from the sky, while comparable clouds selected as controls do not. Figures 1 & 2 are representative of results that I have obtained again and again.”

98 “I still dream of Organon”.
In 1985, Kate Bush featured a song called “Cloudbusting” on her album Hounds of Love I still dream of Organon. I wake up cryin'. You're making rain, And you're just in reach, When you & sleep escape me. You're like my yo-yo That glowed in the dark. What made it special Made it dangerous, So I bury it And forget. But every time it rains, You're here in my head, Like the sun coming out– Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen. And I don't know when, But just saying it could even make it happen.

99 “A Book of Dreams” – Peter Reich
The “Cloudbusting” song by Kate Bush was based on the story related in the book written by Reich’s son – “A Book of Dreams”. It was published in 1974, and is now quite hard to get hold of, it seems…

100 “Angels Don’t Play This One”
HAARP “Angels Don’t Play This One”

101 HAARP - 1 The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an investigation project to "understand, simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems". Started in 1993, the project is proposed to last for a period of twenty years. The project is jointly funded by the United States Air Force, the Navy, and the University of Alaska. It is said that the project is similar to numerous existing ionospheric heaters around the world, and has a large suite of diagnostic instruments that facilitate its use to increase scientific understanding of ionospheric dynamics. It is a popular target of conspiracy theories, and though many have expressed fears of the HAARP being used as a nefarious weapon, the scientists involved in aeronomy, space science, or plasma physics reject these fears as unfounded. So, the message is - be afraid of potential terrorist attacks, but don’t be afraid of us pumping a billion watts of energy into the upper atmosphere, just to see what will happen! _

102 HAARP - 2 The programme is described as
“… a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” The site that the HAARP facility is built on is owned by the US Department of Defence and a “2.5 MW diesel generator [which] will be used to power the HF transmitters.” The disclosed energy usage is 2.5 Megawatts. That’s a lot of energy. It’s actually a lot higher. No official link to Chemtrails is stated (this is obvious - Chemtrails do not officially exist)

103 Nick Beggich on Afghanistan
Please remember 9/11 Was an Inside Job Why don’t you realise Nick? This was recorded on Coast to Coast with Art Bell on 10th Dec 2006 Dr. Nick Begich

104 Chemtrails - Fighting Back
Taking Matters into your own hands…

105 Chembuster By utilizing the research of Wilhelm Reich, we have created a cheap, portable and easy-to-build device that consistently destroys Chemtrails and heals the atmosphere. The “Chembuster” is the answer to these ongoing attacks. Unlike the original Cloudbuster, the CB changes the deadly orgone energy to good orgone energy and does NOT become saturated or dangerous to the operator. You can build one for about $150. Made from copper pipe, quartz crystal, iron filings, some organic material

106 Hurricane Manipulation?
Let’s see the evidence…

107 Hurricane Ophelia Richard C Hoagland stated on his Blog - “It is our contention, based on the physics of these images (described at the official University of Wisconsin MIMIC site), that these bizarre "tuning fork" patterns -- note, geometrically aimed at the precise centers of these respective storms! -- are actually a "rainfall side-effect" of an unseen energy technology being applied to these respective storms ... in an effort to decrease both their wind velocities, and to simultaneously alter the storms' tracks themselves.”

108 Hurricane Erin on 9/11 What was it doing in the Atlantic? THANKS TO
Dr Judy Wood for the following data and slides See

109 See
Hurricane Erin on 9/11 See

110 9/11 Morning Forecast – Where is Erin?

111 See
Hurricane Erin on 9/10 Approximate view from Space Station See

112 See
Hurricane Ivan, as viewed from the International Space Station (ISS) 2004. See

113 “Space Station Alpha Crew Sees Terrorist Carnage from Orbit”
U.S. astronaut Frank Culbertson and two Russian cosmonauts videotaped the plume from the destruction of the trade centers twin towers. "As we went over Maine, we could see New York City and the smoke from the fires," Culbertson told engineers in NASAs Mission Control Center in Houston. "I'm looking up and down the east coast to see if I can see anything else" See

114 The Path of Hurricane Erin

115 Magnetometer Data from 9/11/01
What Correspondence to Certain Events can we see?

116 Magnetometer Data–Alaska 1
Event EDT* WTC1 gets hole 08:46:26 AM WTC2 gets hole 09:02:54 AM WTC2 goes poof 09:59:04 AM WTC1 goes poof 10:28:31 AM WTC7 goes poof 5:20:33 PM end of events 6:00 PM See

117 Magnetometer Data from Alaska Close Up
Event EDT* WTC1 gets hole 08:46:26 AM WTC2 gets hole 09:02:54 AM WTC2 goes poof 09:59:04 AM WTC1 goes poof 10:28:31 AM WTC7 goes poof 5:20:33 PM end of events 6:00:00 PM See

118 6 Magnetometers in Alaska and the First “Impact”
8:46 am WTC 1 Gets Hole

119 Politically Timed Weather and Earthquake Events?
Ben Fulford explains…

120 Benjamin Fulford (Former Writer for Forbes Magazine) On China Quake

121 Secretary of Defense, William Cohen Talks of Weather control in 1997
"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts." I suspect, because 9/11 was an example of False-Flag Terrorism, this statement is another similar example describing a false threat – I.e. the real terrorists are the global control groups, not rogue nations.

122 Some Conclusions

123 What Does It All Mean? Weather Modification has been in use for years – both in public and secret projects It seems that Chemtrailing and “Advanced” Weather Modification are Black Projects. Their existence is Officially Denied. We cannot take the issue of Climate Change/Global Warming at face value without embracing the evidence shown in this presentation as being part of the true picture. Scientists and others who refuse to do this will end up with the wrong conclusions based, as they would be, on an incomplete picture of the facts as recorded in photos, videos, RADAR etc.

124 Action The “Aerosol Crimes” need to be exposed and the people responsible held accountable for their action. The Weather modification technology must be disclosed, exposed before it could ever be used properly. At this stage all we can do is make more people aware of the information presented here and challenge those who should be looking into it (GO’s and NGO’s alike). We are now in pivotal times where exposure of the evidence here and all the other evidence pertaining to the global scams such as the ET Cover-up, Cancer cover up, Energy Cover up, Apollo Hoax, 9/11 Hoax (and resulting War Crimes and Genocide) is paramount. You will have to fight for the truth, if you want it.

125 Thank you for listening!
Please share this information – hence Take Booklets, Leaflets and DVDs. Make a donation only if you wish to.

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