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What is Title I? And how does it benefit Leicester students?

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1 What is Title I? And how does it benefit Leicester students?

2 The Title I Program was established in 1965 under President Lyndon B. Johnson. Then it was called the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently it is known as No Child Left Behind. The No Child Left Behind Act insures that every child is provided with services by a highly qualified staff member. The goal of the Title I Program is to prepare the student for college and/or a career.

3 W.I.S.E.Time WISE Time At Leicester, all grade level students participate in W.I.S.E. Time (Wildcats In Serious Enrichment). During WISE Time students are divided into groups based on their reading level. Each child participates in a group that reinforces literacy skills and strategies, using materials on their own reading level. Leicester has a Schoolwide Title I Program, which means that Title I funds are used to benefit the entire school population- teachers and students, alike.

4 How is Leicester awarded Title I funds?  Leicester receives funding as more than 40% of our student population receives Free & Reduced Lunch  Please look carefully at the qualifications for receiving Free & Reduced Lunch. If your child is eligible, PLEASE apply! (even if you are eligible but choose to refuse the services, we receive credit if you just complete the paperwork)  The more students who receive Free & Reduced Lunch, the more funding Leicester receives.  The information on the application is CONFIDENTIAL!

5 Title I Offers Additional Funding to…  Purchase Materials and Resources for Classrooms  Additional Staffing  Technology Updates  Professional Development for Leicester Staff

6 How can Parents get involved?  Read and sign your child’s Home & School Compact  Volunteer in your child’s classroom  Read with your child every night  Attend parent functions/trainings hosted by the school  Join the PTO  Serve on the Parent Advisory Council  Complete school surveys (sent home with students)  Frequently check the Leicester Elementary webpage  Read Parent Newsletters (sent home with students)

7 Parent Involvement Committee  An important task for Leicester is to form a committee, made up of parents, teachers, and community members who meet regularly and who will help shape the culture of our school.  We at Leicester Elementary realize that what parents do at home with your children is important to the total educational effort, and we would like to like to let parents know that we value both your contributions at school and your participation at home. If you are interested in being a parent member of the Leicester Elementary Title I Committee, please contact Penny Caldwell or Danielle Gaither at: or or notify the front office staff

8 home The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do at home to help your child is... READ, READ, READ!

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