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In-Building RF Plenum Cable Installations for Wireless Systems Times Microwave Systems.

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1 In-Building RF Plenum Cable Installations for Wireless Systems Times Microwave Systems

2 FRF Cable Classifications & Requirements FSite Considerations FCable and Connector Considerations FInstallation FTesting FSite Maintenance Overview

3 Times Microwave Systems RF Cable Classifications FStandard Duty Outdoor Cable (LMR ® ) ägeneral purpose - can also be installed in conduit FWeatherproof Outdoor Cable LMR ® DB) ämore severe outdoor conditions – e.g. rooftops FRiser Rated UL listed (LMR ® FR) ävertical riser/access shafts - unoccupied building spaces FPlenum Rated UL listed (LMR ® LLPL) äcan be installed anywhere in buildings

4 Times Microwave Systems Plenum Cable (LMR-LLPL ® ) Requirements FMay be installed anywhere in a building without the protection of metal conduit äair-handling spaces & air plenums FClassified by NFPA and NEC/CEC (UL/CSA) FFire-resistant, low smoke cables FLMR LLPL are rated CMP/MPP (UL) and PCC-FT6 (CSA) FMeet the UL910 Steiner Tunnel Test äburn length and smoke density are critical

5 Times Microwave Systems UL910 Steiner Tunnel Test Fcables are arranged horizontally in the test chamber Fsuspended over flame source Fsmoke density & flame travel are measured

6 Times Microwave Systems Site Considerations FBuildings are not cellular towers; In-building cables must be especially flexible and rugged to withstand installation and maintain their physical & electrical integrity FNew buildings äeither cable-in-conduit or plenum cable may be viable options FExisting/legacy buildings äplenum cable is likely the only viable option FBuilding owner may dictate requirements including: älocation of equipment ätype of cable – owner may arbitrarily require plenum cable to be used for perceived safety reasons

7 Times Microwave Systems Important Cable Selection Criteria FLoss äcable size: larger cables have lower loss, but are more expensive äconstruction (dielectric, shielding) FCable Construction is Critical äelectrical stability & long term reliability are directly related to cable construction and materials äcable must be sufficiently rugged to survive initial installation FCompatible accessories äweatherproofing kits for outdoor/roof installs äground kits – custom fitting FLow maintenance äcannot afford to have downtime

8 Times Microwave Systems LMR-LLPL ® Corrugated Air Dielectric Loss Very Good Good Rugged Very Good Fair Installable (no damage) Very Good Poor Long Term Very Good Good Electrical Stability Resistance to Possibility Very Good Poor of Water in Cable? Maintenance Very Good Fair Cable Comparison Guide

9 Times Microwave Systems Connector Selection FLoss äshould be less than 0.1 dB up to 1 GHz FHigh quality & reliable ämachined, plated brass, captivated center pins äshouldnt be the place to try to save money! FEase of installation in difficult field conditions is critical to long-term reliability änon-solder (EZ) connectors äsimple installation tools & accessories FGood selection of connectors ästraight, right angle, different interfaces

10 Times Microwave Systems FCable ästay within mechanical parameters of the cable during installation äbend radius - avoid sharp bends ädo not exceed tensile strength when pulling cable ädo not exceed crush strength äprotect exposed cable ends prior to connector installation (water/moisture/dirt) FConnectors äfollow manufacturers recommendations & use manufacturers installation tools äuse non-solder (EZ) connectors wherever possible Installation

11 Times Microwave Systems Testing FDual purpose - initial site approval & establish benchmark FPortable RF Test Set äe.g. H-P, Anritsu, Bird äprogram unit with the correct cable parameters (velocity, loss, etc.) FInsertion loss äverify against requirements & the manufacturers values FVSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) äMeasure of the quality of the installation and connector attachment FVisual Inspection

12 Times Microwave Systems Site Maintenance (periodic preventative maintenance) FRecheck cable runs against benchmark values: äinsertion loss äVSWR FVisual Inspection äconnections, bends FOutdoor runs äcable jackets äweatherproofing - connections, ground straps

13 Times Microwave Systems FLMR LLPL ® coaxial plenum cable, connectors, tools and accessories are specified in FAvailable from our network of distributors FContact Times at 1-800-TMS-COAX

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