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Heine Fjord Nielsen Stephan Stoltze.  Heine Fjord Nielsen  Stephan Stoltze.

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1 Heine Fjord Nielsen Stephan Stoltze

2  Heine Fjord Nielsen  Stephan Stoltze

3  What is Writeback  Writeback Scenarios  Writeback in Excel 2010  Enable Writeback to a SSAS Cube  Improve Writeback Performance  Security

4  Writeback is the user’s way to publish data back to a cube  Other frontend applications/Excel add-ins have supported writeback since Analysis Services 2000  With Excel 2010 Microsoft Office finally natively supports writeback to cubes  Writeback is implemented through what-if functionality in PivotTables

5  Cost budgeting  Sales forecasting  Entering values for KPI’s that do not originate from other IT systems (HR data etc.)  Entering targets for KPI’s  Adjustments to financial reporting that needs to adjust cube values immediately

6  Setting up the PivotTable for writeback  Using sets  Automatically calculate changes  Allocations  Using Excel formulas to manipulate writeback values  Publish changes to the cube





11  Writeback data is put into a separate cube partition, which is updated in real time  Writeback will put data directly into a table in the cube data source  Records in the Writeback table will be ”delta records”  When data is updatede using Writeback, it is a part of the cube, just like any other cube data

12  Can be enabled from both SSMS and BIDS  Writeback table will be created during writeback partition process if it doesn’t exit

13  All measures in measure group must have SUM as aggregation function  Move measures with different aggregation function to separate measure group  Beware - Writeback is on leaf-level

14  Writeback partition with MOLAP storage (since SSAS 2008)  Like ROLAP, MOLAP writeback will store updates in a writeback table  MOLAP Benefits ◦ Querying and updating is faster with MOLAP writeback ◦ No ExecuteSQL event is required to query writeback partition ◦ Aggregations can be assigned to the writeback partition – they will be updated in real time

15  Remember - Writeback is on leaf-level  Keep the cube space to a minimum  Avoid big dimensions  Create new measure group containing ◦ Only writeback measure ◦ Only dimension relation to needed dimensions ◦ Put dimension relation to higest possible granularity level of the dimension

16  Good partitioning will improve Writeback performance on large data sets  The number of records in the Writeback partition will have an impact on both query performance and Writeback performance  Use ETL Jobs to frequently move data from the Writeback partition into regular partitions

17  Read/Write access to the cube is needed in the cube role  Analysis Services needs write-access to the cube data source

18  With Excel 2010 Writeback is now possible without the need for 3rd party software or coding

19  Blog post on how to enable Writeback ◦ ng-writeback-to-ssas-in-excel-2010/ ng-writeback-to-ssas-in-excel-2010/  Vidas Matelis list of Writeback articles/blogs ◦

20 Stephan Stoltze Principal Consultant @sstoltze Stephan Stoltze Principal Consultant @sstoltze Heine Fjord Nielsen IT Consultant Heine Fjord Nielsen IT Consultant

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