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Jorge Vanessa Armando AlanTomas Sean Sydney P Quintan Steven Catalina Karina Jordan Alexis Sydney L Estrella Mariyah Aliza Grayson Elizabeth Sydney K Andres.

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1 Jorge Vanessa Armando AlanTomas Sean Sydney P Quintan Steven Catalina Karina Jordan Alexis Sydney L Estrella Mariyah Aliza Grayson Elizabeth Sydney K Andres Jakob Jaylen Jared Natalie Noah Jose Manuel Kyle B1Desiree DOOR Teachers Desk Gabriella 1 st Hour Anna Jax

2 Daniel Shayna Alejandro Matt Taylor Dominique Anthony C Jared Lorenzo Alexis KaylaChrisKelechi RiverMeiAdrian Briseida Josslan Marcel Ian Sam Anthony L Maleek Anthony O Brooke Jackson Jonathan Michael DOOR Teachers Desk Logan 2 nd Hour Dante Joseph A

3 Osceola Jaren Asiano Mauricio Charles Jose Roberto Diana Mario AisakeHalle Eunice Liliana Sarah Kiana Kassandra A. Cristan Jessica G Luis Carolina Gerardo Edgar Daniel Gianni Jessica Eduardo Juliana Caitlin DOOR Teachers Desk Eunice 3rd Hour Austin Jessica M Andrew Alejandra A. Castillo

4 Adriana Nick Hubble Andrew Alexis M Rosalia Lauren Jasmine Marco Serina Destinee Alexis W Isaiha Edward Ivanna William Taylor Josh Ty Marcos Bryan Sonia Yakia Kohl Harrison Juan Adi Michael Andrea Elmer Brian DOOR Teachers Desk Odalis 5 th Hour Kura Adrian

5 Frederico Nicholas Juedial Denise Antonio Sid Giovany Ruben ClaudiaRaul Conrad Diego Haley Travys Janette Jackie B.Leach Kyejah Shannon Ingrid Andrew Moses Alex Audrey Jeremiah Carmen Fernando Anthony Audrey Richard B. Lloyd Ricardo DOOR Teachers Desk Cody 6th Hour Joshua Taylor

6 This and next week… Wednesday/Thursday: Discuss Feudalism Group Activity Friday Chivalry Next Week: AIMS testing (Go to CCA on block days T-TR) Monday: 1-6 Tuesday: 1-3-5 Wednesday: 2-4-6 Thursday: 1-3-5 Friday: 2-4-6

7 Welcome Back! Going over syllabus Rules Expectations Pass back test Friday Those who need to take the test- Next Monday or Tuesday after school in Mr. Martinezs room

8 Warm-Up: Use this for today, Friday, and Monday If you lived in a time of CONSTANT threat of murderers and thieves (like the mob), would you give up your freedom for protection? Why/Why not? Please respond in 3 sentences.

9 Learning Goals 1.Explore how feudalism helped shape political & social development in Europe during the Middle Ages 2.Identify the ways in which the manorial system influenced economic growth in Europe during the Middle Ages

10 Why is this important??? The rights and duties of a feudal relationships helped shaped todays forms of representative government.

11 13.2 Feudalism in Europe Feudalism, a political and economic system based on land-holding and protective alliances, emerges in Europe.

12 Vikings, Magyars, and Moors…Oh My! After the breakup of Charlemagnes empire, invaders attacked Europe Vikings attacked from the North Viking ships could navigate upriver and raid inland towns Magyars swept in from the east (from present day Hungary) Muslims came from the south

13 Vikings Muslims Magyars

14 Viking Invasions From cold northern Scandinavia Most dreaded attackers Worship warlike gods Carried raids at fast speeds- strike, then set out to sea before local troops could arrive

15 Vikings Used swords and heavy wooden shields Built amazing boats Boats could carry 300 men, 72 oars, weigh 20 tons and sail in 3ft of water Would use shallow streams to loot villages and monasteries Were not just warriors, also were traders, farmers and explorers

16 Viking Boats


18 Leif Ericson Most famous Viking Most likely reached North America around 1000- about 500 years before Christopher Columbus

19 Viking Invasions End Around the same time Leif Ericson reached the Americas Viking terror faded Vikings gradually accepted Christianity and stopped raising monasteries A warming trend in Europe made farming easier in Scandinavia, so many didnt adopt the Viking seafaring way of life

20 A sketch of a Viking longboat

21 Magyars Invasion Invade from east in late 800s they terrorize Germany and Italy Great on horseback, nomads Didnt settle conquered land Captured people to sell as slaves Attack isolated villages and monasteries Overrun northern Italy

22 Muslim Invasions Muslims come from the south Seized Sicily, raided Italy Sacked Rome in 846 Controlled the Mediterranean Sea and disrupted trade and were excellent sailors Were vengeful- goal was to plunder land, since they failed at conquering the land in 600 and 700s

23 Living in Fear Invasions of Vikings, Magyars and Muslims caused disorder and suffering Europeans lived in fear and constant danger Central authority proved powerless Many turned to local leaders with their own armiesMany turned to local leaders with their own armies


25 Feudalism: Weak Kings, Strong Nobles

26 A New Social Order Worst years of invaders attacks were 850-950. During this time, rulers and warriors made similar agreements in many parts of Europe The system of governing and landholding called feudalism had emerged in Europe

27 Feudal System Based on mutual obligations A lord (landowner) granted land called a fief in exchange for military protection and other services Person receiving the fief was a vassal So, Charles the Simple was the lord, and Rollo would have been the vassal

28 Feudal Pyramid Power in feudal system much like a pyramid, with king at the top Kings served by nobles who are served by knights; peasants at bottom Knights horsemendefend their lords land in exchange for fiefs


30 Social Hierarchy

31 Its a Pyramid Scheme At the top is the king (the lord) The vassals to the king are wealthy nobles Below the wealthy nobles, are knights A knight would then be a vassal to a wealthy nobleman The knight would pledge his support to his lord (the wealthy nobleman) At the bottom of the pyramid were the landless peasants referred to as serfs A serf could not legally leave his lords estate Even though they were bound to the land serfs were not slaves


33 Social Classes Status determined a persons prestige and power People were placed into 3 groups: 1) Those who fought- nobles and knights 2) Those who prayed- men and women of church 3) Those who worked- the peasants Social class was usually inherited

34 Serfs Majority of people in Europe were peasants Most peasants were serfs Serfs were people who couldnt lawfully leave the place where they were born Even though they were bound to the land, they were not slaves Lords could not buy or sell them

35 Feudalism: Life in a Castle

36 Manor The manor was the lords estate The manor system was the basic economic arrangement Lord provided the serfs and peasants with housing, strips of farmland and protection from bandits


38 Map of a Manor

39 Self Sufficient Manor Everything needed for daily life was produced on the manor: *crops *fuel *cloth *leather goods *lumber

40 The only outside purchases were salt, iron and a few unusual objects like millstones- stones used to grind flour

41 Feudalism: Relationships

42 Peasant Life on the Manor Since it was considered a privilege to live on the manor, peasants paid a high price Paid a tax on all grain ground on the lords mill Was considered a crime to avoid paying taxes Paid a tax on marriage- weddings could only take place with the lords consent All peasant families had to pay a tithe (church tax) to the village priest (10% of income)

43 Serfs and peasants lived in cottages with only 1 or 2 rooms Would warm their dirt floor by bringing pigs inside Families would huddle together on pile of straw crawling with insects to stay warm

44 Simple Diet Peasant diets consisted of: *vegetables *coarse brown bread *grain *cheese *soup

45 Serfs accepted their way of life, and viewed it as part of church teachings Believed God determined a persons place in society

46 Vocab Activity Write the definition of each vocabulary word in FULL sentences. You can find the definitions in your book starting on page 303. Next, use the word in a full sentence that YOU created, not taken out of the book or from a partner. Must be done at the end of class NO PARTNERS!!!!

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