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What is Biology? Biology is the study of life

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1 What is Biology? Biology is the study of life
More specifically: the scientific study of living organisms and their interactions with the environment

2 Why Should I Know About Biology?
All living things on Earth are tied together by common traits and rely on one another for their common survival! Q: Trees and people are both living organisms. Which branches of biology would study BOTH trees and humans? A: Biochemistry, ecology, cell biology, genetics, evolutionary theory

3 What Kinds of Biology Are There?
SOME of the branches of biology that scientists can specialize in: Biochemistry: study of chemistry of life Botany: study of plants Ecology: study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment Cell Biology: study of life on the cellular level Genetics: study of heredity Zoology: study of animals Microbiology: study of microscopic organisms Neurobiology: study of the brain

4 What Do Biologists Do? Health Care Biotechnology Environmental Science

5 Characteristics of Life
Organism anything that possesses all 7 characteristics of life 1. Cellular organization 2. Homeostasis 3. Metabolism 4. Responsiveness 5. Reproduction 6. Heredity 7. Growth and Development

6 Cellular Organization
Smallest unit capable of all life functions Highly organized TINY Surrounded by a membrane Basic structure is the same for ALL living organisms Scientists estimate that there are 5-10 MILLION different species!!

7 Homeostasis Maintenance of stable internal conditions in spite of changes in the external environment Species strive to survive at homeostasis Involves external and internal stimuli Without this ability to adjust organisms would not survive

8 Metabolism Sum of all chemical reactions carried out within a living organism Energy is the ability to do work Almost all energy initially comes from the SUN Allows organisms to grow, reproduce, and maintain homeostasis!

9 Response to Environment
All organisms must respond to their external environment Stimulus condition in the environment that requires and organism to adjust Response reaction to stimulus How the organism responds is imperative to the survival of the species and ultimately the environment

10 Reproduction Production of offspring
NOT essential to the individual organism, but IS necessary for the survival of the species!

11 Heredity When traits are passed on to offspring.
Why kids tend to look like their parents Inherited characteristics can change over generations. This process is known as evolution

12 Growth and Development
results in an increase in the amount of living material and formation of new structures Different parts grow at different time Development changes that take place during the life of an organisms What changes have happened in you in the last year?

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