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Rural Business Development Programme Think Rural.

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1 Rural Business Development Programme Think Rural

2 A Coleraine Borough Council initiative part funded by European Unions Building Sustainable Prosperity Programme Designed to promote sales growth and operational efficiencies in rural businesses operating within the manufacturing, engineering or tradeable services sector and employ over 10 employees Background to Think Rural

3 Recruitment of at least 15 businesses from the rural manufacturing, engineering and tradeable services sectors with over 10 employees Development of 15 Business Development Plans 15 businesses from rural manufacturing, engineering and tradeable services sectors complete the programme within one calendar year Achieving an aggregate sales increase of at least 10% Implementing and administration of discretionary grants to the 15 participating businesses. Targets

4 Methodology Recruitment Profile/Registration of Interest Comprehensive business audit Business Review Completed Mentor sourced First Meeting Agreed Improvement Plan in place Mentoring in progress Grant Application Evaluation

5 Recruitment Advertisement placed in local press Informative leaflet BITCNI website and promotional material Launch programme through Chamber of Commerce, Collage, Coleraine Enterprise Agency & Invest NI Direct contact made with 80 SMEs from the Think BIG Database

6 Programme Participants Farlow Engineering Rooms Dynamic Furniture Ltd Armstrong Medical BB Engineering Lamont Fireplaces Worldsites Nevin Electrics Zing Causeway Coast Stables Spanboard Ballyrashane Co Op R Beveridge Smyth Steel Rainey & Co TBF Thompson

7 Pool of Mentors Gerry O Doherty - Supply Chain Improvement Team Lead – Invista Dr Alan Wade – Unit Operations Manager Invista Stuart Pollard - Human Resources & External Affairs Manager Invista Mike Carrol - Global Quality Systems Manager, Invista Niall Birthistle – Managing Director, Adria

8 Business Audit Addressed the following: Management of staff Structure of the business Strategy and objectives People Processes Sales and marketing Financial management Environmental management Health and Safety IT & communications Quality awards or systems

9 Areas of Assistance Development of a proactive and strategic approach to marketing Implement a basic Environmental Management System Strengthen capability of the core management team Installation of customer management system Improve workflow and operational efficiency Introduce business to new exports markets Exploit opportunities to utilize ICT, better design and transnational links to develop innovation and management capability Improve financial capabilities and review of overheads Review route to market and strengthen marketing function

10 Business Improvement Plans Actions which aimed to help overcome the business challenge Mentor worked over 3-4 days to address the issues through the Improvement Plan Grant applications were also made at this stage in the programme The Improvement Plans were submitted along with grant applications

11 Business Improvement Plans Sample of an development plan overview Management of staff Restructure the leadership team and clarify roles and responsibilities Strategy and objectives Kpi`s are not employed. Attend Balanced Scorecard training People Set up a formal appraisal systems with clear objectives (SMART) Processes Flat and Angle processing line needs control system upgrade to increase UpTime – Project selected for grant support.Production planning and quality control tools are required Health and Safety Solvent extraction in the paint shop requires upgrading

12 Grant Application Each business and mentor was supplied with a grant pack. This included: Grant Application Form Grant Procedures Document Outline Assessment Criteria Document Applications were given strict deadlines and had to submit a copy of the Business Improvement Plan Grant Applications were scored based on assessment criteria

13 Grant Application - Proposed Purchases Rolling machine Sanding Machine Data Logger Software for CNC machine Bio-Energy Trade Access Platform Clean used Oil Burner Warehouse Management Software Bar code scanners and hardware Phase welders and accessories. H& S equipment AutoCAD and Cardboard Bailer Purchase new filtration system for washing screen printing screens to eliminate water course contamination. Customer Management System Overhead travelling Crane Customer Management System Advertising & Marketing

14 Case Study 1 - TBF Thompson & Gerry O Doherty Area of Assistance Environmental Improvement Impacts Large amounts of cardboard and waste oil recycled along with wooden pallets and ink and toner cartridges 13% reduction in solid waste to landfill Grant enabled purchase and installation of waste oil burning space heater – waste has been turned into valuable fuel

15 Area of Assistance Process Improvements. Mentor to spend time with trainee managers looking at ways they could examine processes and management operations Impacts Smyth Steel has recruit up to an additional 5 operatives Increased throughput by up to 20% during 2006 Grant enabled the purchase of software for the CNC Machine Case Study 2 - Smyth Steel &Dr Alan Wade

16 100% of participants reported that their primary objectives for participating on the programme were met Programme Evaluation To improve awareness of environmental issues Identification of and addressing restraints in the business Financial assistance Looking at personal development planning for key management personnel To gain a detailed overview on how dome of the bigger engineering companies have evolved and progressed To reduce waste Increase further sales growth Organization of projects To enable the faster processing of a new line and the creation of new jobs

17 Impact Areas

18 Quotations from participants It gave me an introduction and point of contact with, a now large Southern Ireland engineering firm Chris Rainey, John Rainey & Company [My mentor] was experienced and skilled and we got on extremely well. He shared a wealth of knowledge with us and was a great help Fiona Campbell, R Beveridge Engineering Ltd [Our mentor] was very supportive and helpful. He had good down to earth business skills and was very easy to talk to David Curry, Worldsites Our mentor had a good grasp of our type of business and the areas where improvements could be made Alan Farlow, Farlow Engineering

19 100% of participants reported that they have achieved a sense of focus or refocus within the business: Targets to meet, goals in place Millar Lamont, Lamont Fireplaces We are now studying new projects with improved zeal and more focus has been given to how they should succeed Mark Bell, BB Engineering (NI) Ltd [We now have] a greater focus on improving turnaround and receiving assistance from other members of the team Karen Yates, Zing Design & Print We feel we have moved forward Geoffrey Nevin [We are] extending the system to cover other areas of our business David Faulkner, Ballyrashane Co-op Quotations from participants

20 Most Enjoyed Aspects of the Programme [What we enjoyed most was] receiving support for what would have been a 100% hit by the company. This made the decision easier to make and we benefited earlier Donna King, Armstrong Medical

21 Think Rural Outcomes against targets 16 SMEs audited – 107% target achieved 15 mentor matches 15 Business Development Plans 14 grants awarded of up £3,000 12% increase in sales has been reported by participants - 120% of target achieved

22 Added Value – additional benefits to SMEs More Strategic focus Production planning and process development Generation of management information and decision making Improved communication and staff morale Approx £90,000 was spent by participants as part of the grant award and an additional £43,000 was provided by the Council as grant aid 480 Hours of mentoring advice provided (3-4 days per SME) 11.5 jobs created Cost savings of 12% reported Huge environmental Improvements

23 Additional Benefits TBF Thompson - now use their Think Rural mentor as a consultant helping them achieve Environmental Standards since they have implemented an environmental management system through Think Rural. Recently featured in Sustainable Ireland with mentor Nevin Electrics - now compact and burn their waste instead of burning it. Zing - now have a 96% on time delivery which has dramatically improved as a result of the mentoring advice. It has been improved by 40%. Mentoring helped Zing achieve Green Dragon Accreditation. Using the skills of the team more.

24 Additonal Benefits Smyth Steel have asked their mentor to offer his services on a consultancy basis to continue some of the work carried out through Think Rural. They have refocused on some lapsed practices. Rooms Dynamic made a 6% saving on waste reduction. Rainey and Co are now more confident to deal with any up and coming problems. Lamont Fireplaces have taken on 3 new staff and more additional staff could be recruited in the future

25 Additional Benefits BB engineering have taken on 5 new staff. They are now studying new projects with improved Zeal and more focus. Spanboard are currently taking part in the Migrant Worker Business Support programme and are undergoing a complete review of their HR function.

26 Thank you

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