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Careers in Crisis Change Management for Careers in Crisis.

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1 Careers in Crisis Change Management for Careers in Crisis

2 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE WITH CAREER PLANNING FOCUS FRIDAY, AUGUST 07, 2009 – WESTSIDE BUSINESS CENTER Exploring the Role of Behavioral Health Assistance with an Emphasis on Career Counseling as an Extended Time Frame Employment Intervention

3 About JS-BHAP Community Partner – Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC History with Workforce Services Staff

4 Counseling - Change Management Strategies Change creates stress for people (see stress scale handout) Having a plan reduces stress Having a plan enhances probability of success Self awareness promotes more informed choices and decisions Personal contact enhances sense of support and confidence

5 Critical Components of Career Success Critical Components Matched Interests Cognitive Skills Educational Skills Physical Abilities Soft Skills Hard Skills Information Enrichment

6 Interest Matching – Information Enrichment Discussion of group experience of CAI Sample – Information Enrichment Occupational Profile Demo O*Net Demo

7 Outcomes for Customer Behavioral Health Feel hopeful Have a defined purpose Restored sense of self esteem Confident – better informed Reduced Stress Opportunity to access broader base of resources

8 How Behavioral Health Counselors Can Help Able to spend more personal time with customers Can address broader issues in the context of Change Management Can help customers access needed community resources


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