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2 Presentation to Good Practice in Action 2010 Seminar

3 Background & Providers

4 Background Mandated by Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu as an associate entity to organise and integrate Māori health and social service providers in the Ngāi Tahu rohe Established June 2000 as an Māori Development Organisation Kaupapa to work with all Māori in Ngāi Tahu rohe

5 Te Ngāi Tūahuriri Rūnanga Te Taumutu Rūnanga Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke Te Rūnanga o Ōnuku Wairewa Rūnanga Te Rūnaka o Arowhenua Te Rūnanga o Waihao Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Kāti Huirapa ki Puketeraki Rūnanga Ōtākou Rūnanga Hokonui Rūnaka Kaikōura Rūnanga Oraka Aparima Rūnaka Waihopai Rūnaka Awarua Rūnanga TE RŪNANGA O NGĀI TAHU Te Rūnanga o Koukourārata Te Rūnanga o Makawhio Inc Ngati Waewae Rūnaka

6 Affiliated Providers 30 affiliated Māori provider mandated by Papatipu Rūnaka Service delivery across health, social services, education and training, employment, resource management, whānau development Whānau ora is achieved by Māori Providers We contribute to whānau ora by supporting the provider network and partnering with others to improve outcomes for Māori

7 Funded Contracts Ministry of Health –Canterbury Nutrition & Physical Activity –Kia Piki te Ora (Suicide Awareness) –Problem Gambling –Rongoā Māori SCDHB –Māori Development –Fun Together First (HEHA) CDHB –Māori Development –Governance and Management –Māori and Pacific Scholarships Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu -Budget Advice SPARC –He Oranga Poutama

8 Current Business Plans

9 Strategic Plan 2009 - 2012 Ā TĀTOU MAHI – Our Programme Our kaupapa is to support the provider network with the provision and development of services for Māori at the local level by: providing specialized services and expertise that is uneconomic and can be replicated across each provider Being the incubator who assists the development of ideas and provides skills and experience until those skills develop directly for providers providing evidence based information on service models to our providers and their communities, and support their relationships and negotiations with their stakeholders including funders encouraging providers to look internally for support from each other

10 Strategic Responses 1.Increase whānau pride in being Māori through education & participation 2.Invest in rangatahi development as future leaders 3.Support the strength of our provider network 4.Build collaborative systems and support 5.Develop Māori measures of hauora 6.Extend our political & community influence 7.Build our people capability & financial strength

11 Extending our political and community Influence We want to see more Māori perspectives reflected in health and social service policies as the drivers and designers not merely as recipients. We want region specific policies with government and community agencies to be responsive to local needs rather than national needs.

12 Relationships with Funders Match our strategic responses with funders strategic plans Funders need confidence in capability of NGO NGO needs confidence that they can communicate openly with funder (i.e risks). Relationship management is paramount

13 Contracts Contracts record basic expectations if relationship is working then there maybe no need to enforce terms. We assume risk on behalf of sub- contracted providers. We include privity clauses to allow access by funders to providers: which have never been used.

14 4 x MOH contracts – good relationship / open communication Talking with MOH about conversion of an existing contract based on a pilot being run in another district. Whare Tangata contract surrendered by provider to MOH. Working with MOH and Māori community to determine best configuration and location for service. MOH direct relationships with affiliated providers – HOP can provide assistance (as requested ) with issues, relationship breakdowns etc. Relationships that are broader than contractual


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