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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Electrical Wing,Tamilnadu (An ISO 9001:2008 Unit)

2 Vision: Promoting Efficient use of Electrical Energy and its Conservation.

3 Energy Conservation Act
Energy Conservation Act 2001(came into effect on 1st March, 2002) provides for Energy Auditing and Energy Conservation for designated consumers. The Act provides grace period of 5 years, i.e., up to 1st March, 2007, for creation of infrastructure and thereafter there will be penalties for non-introduction of energy conservation measures.

4 Energy Conservation Act
For buildings having load more than 500 KW, it will be mandatory to appoint qualified energy managers after 1st March, 2007 The Govt of India has set a target of reducing energy consumption by 30% in Govt. Buildings by 1st March, 2007

5 Energy Policy “ Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Tamilnadu is committed to Conserve Energy in all its operations. We shall transform Energy Conservation into a strategic business goal and make it as a way of life ”

6 Goals And Objectives: Make Energy Conservation a mass movement with involvement of all our employees. Monitor and control consumption of energy through Energy Management Groups. To reduce specific energy consumption in all our operations and activities by 5% every year for the next three years by ensuring judicious and effective use of energy.

7 Goals And Objectives: Recognise efforts of our Staff in Energy Conservation. Share and enrich our experiences on energy conservation with SSAs/Circles.

8 Today’s Situation: TN Circle
Electricity Bill for Rs.94.7 Crores About 20% of operating and administrative expenses. 30% Savings possible Saving means pure profit

9 STEPS TAKEN Core Group formed at Circle level consisting of CGM, PGM(O), PCE(E) and GM(F) Core Groups formed at SSA levels consisting of PGM/GM, SE/EE, IFA and DET Core Groups to meet at least once in a quarter to review Energy Conservation Strategies/Measures

10 Core Group Issues Monitoring Energy Consumption and Energy Bills of all buildings. PF improvement and Contract Demand optimisation. Evolve suitable benchmarking standards for various types of exchanges and comparison of energy consumption between similar capacity exchanges. MIS Reports

11 Core Group Issues Increase awareness among employees through slogans, posters, seminars and display of actual energy consumption and energy bills. Implementation of NO COST/LOW COST measures

12 Core Group Issues-No Cost Measures
Reduction in illumination levels, reduction in Air-conditioning space, plugging of leakages, filter cleaning of A/C units, temperature setting to 23 deg to 26 deg C and no over -cooling. Replacing of life expired/over sized, energy intensive equipments such as power plants, Air conditioning units.

13 Core Group Issues-No Cost Measures
Surplus units available if any to be used within the SSA. Feedback on proper maintenance of energy intensive equipments, i.e., Airconditioning and Power Plants and testing energy efficiency of these equipments. Replacement of Fluorescent tubes with compact fluorescent lamps in common areas, lobbies, etc.

14 Core Group Issues-Low Cost Measures
Use of Energy Efficient Devices. Sequential Controllers for A/C units Timers for Exhaust Fans, Compound Lighting and Pumps. Electronic Chokes, Slimline Tubes.

15 Core Group Issues-Low Cost Measures
Occupancy Sensors for lighting control in Conference Halls and Executive Chambers. Promote Solar Power for heating, compound lighting and lighting in corridors.

16 Energy Auditing At least one building per SSA per quarter.
Energy Auditing started at RGM TTC, Meenambakkam and Tamil Nadu Telecom Complex, Ethiraj Salai, Chennai.

17 General Tips Review of Lux Level Requirement and Removal of Excess Lamps/Tubes. Building Orientation/Architectural Features. Establishing baseline Performance Indices. Awareness Campaign.

18 General Tips-Lighting
Switch off all loads and check the Energy meter. If it is still moving, check for leakage loss in wiring and appliances. Keep clean all the lamp fixtures. Excess / Decorative lighting shall be avoided. Avoid group switching of lights for Offices. Use Electronic Chokes T-5/Slimline Tubes Use CFL for Corridors, Common Areas, Toilets.

19 General Tips-Airconditioning
Avoid direct sunlight in conditioned areas. North or South side walls are preferable for room to be air-conditioned. Check thermostats in all AC units for their effectiveness and performance. Setting shall be at 23 deg C. Check conditioned area air leakages and arrest them. Ensure Regular Filter Cleaning and Testing of A/C Replace life-expired A/C units with energy efficient A/C units.

20 General Tips-Water Pumps/Heaters
Use proper specification of motor/pump based on building height and tank size. Replace old pumps with new and more efficient pumps. Check and correct leaking lines and taps. Water Heater:- Ensure good insulation of tank and hot water line. Thermostat setting at deg.C Provision of non return valve in cold water line to be ensured.

21 ENERGY SLOGANS-1 “Energy Saved is Pure Profit”
“Wastage of Energy Costs Earth” “Save Energy and Save Environment” “Switch Off the Electrical Appliances when not in Use/When Leaving Room” “Natural light – Sun Light is free, Use It” “Switch Off the Computer When Not Required – A PC Monitor Left ON Overnight Wastes Enough Energy to Laser Print 800 Pages of A4 Size” “Switch Off the AC At least Half An Hour Before Leaving Office”

22 ENERGY SLOGANS-2 “Encourage More and More People to Save Energy”
“Service Electrical Equipments at Regular Intervals” “Save Energy – Save Nature” “Saving On Electricity Assures BSNL Prosperity” “Energy Conservation – Nation’s Foundation” “Conserve Energy – Save Now or Pay Later” “Energy is Life – Conserve It”

23 ENERGY SLOGANS-3 “We Need YOU to Save Electricity”
“Keep Your Future Bright – Turn Off Lights (When you Don’t Need) “Energy Saved Today is Asset for Future" “The Less You Burn, The More You Earn” “Power Saved Is Power Produced” “When It Is Bright, Switch Off The Light” MIS Report Download

24 Thank You


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