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What is Culture? DEFINITION

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1 What is Culture? DEFINITION
Culture is the abstract, learned, shared rules and standards for generating behavior and understanding experience. KEY COMPONENTS Abstraction means that culture is ideas in people’s heads, not physical objects. Culture is learned, not genetically programmed. Culture is shared and social, not personal and individual. Culture is rules and patterns, whether conscious or unconsciously followed . People decide how to behave using their culture’s rules and patterns. People understand the world through their culture’s patterns of belief.

2 What is Society? DEFINITION
KEY COMPONENTS A society is a group of people living according to a shared culture. A society is a concrete phenomenon A society is a group of people living their lives The thing that makes a group of people a society is that they share a common culture

3 What is Ethnocentrism? DEFINITION
KEY COMPONENTS Judgement or evaluation of the behaviors and ideas of others Imposing your own standards when they may not apply Thinking your way is the best or only correct way DEFINITION Ethnocentrism is judging another culture using your own culture’s rules and standards.

4 What is Cultural Relativism?
DEFINITION Cultural relativism is judging another culture using its own rules and standards. KEY COMPONENTS Looking at ideas and behaviors from the perspective of the culture you are viewing. Trying on other points of view This does not mean that you abandon your own morals and ethics, only that you suspend them to try to better understand other points of view.

5 What is Gender? DEFINITION
KEY COMPONENTS DEFINITION The social and cultural rules and behavior patterns associated with maleness and femaleness. Traditional definitions of gender do NOT include biological factors. Gender identity is one’s own sense of being a male or a female person Gender assignment is the designation of an individual as male or female by parents and/or other members of the society. In Western society gender tends to be polarized into two mutually exclusive categories. In some other societies, there may be more than two gender categories.

6 What is Sex? DEFINITION The biological aspects of maleness and femaleness. KEY COMPONENTS Genetics is sexual. Anatomy is sexual. Physiology is sexual.

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