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Monageer National School 1913-2012. Introduction Our school has 132 pupils. We have 8 staff members in our school It has 7 teachers and 1 special needs.

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1 Monageer National School 1913-2012

2 Introduction Our school has 132 pupils. We have 8 staff members in our school It has 7 teachers and 1 special needs assistant.

3 School Day School starts at 9:20am. Our first break is from 11:00-11:15am. Second break is from 1:00pm-1:30pm. We go home at 3 oclock We go to school for 5hrs 40mins every day.

4 Junior Infants

5 Senior Infants

6 First Class

7 Second Class

8 Third Class

9 Fourth Class

10 Fifth Class

11 Sixth Class

12 School History Monageer school opens. 1913 Monageer school is an amalgamation of Tinnacross and Coolgarrow schools. The school became a 3 teacher school. 1936 Parish hall used for third classroom. Each classroom had 2 classes 1920s

13 School History 1980s Our first prefabs opened Prefabs used for fifteen years as classrooms 1958 A new school was built it had 3 teachers in it

14 In 2007 and 2008 a new extension was built School History

15 Subjects Art Drama English Geography History Irish Maths P.E.(Physical Education) Oral Language and listening skills Religion Science

16 Green Schools We have two green flags. Our first one is for reusing, reducing and recycling. Our second flag is for saving electricity. We are working on winning our third one for conserving water.

17 Green Schools We have a school garden we sow vegetables, flowers and herbs in it. We recently got a weather station for recording the weather. We have three bins in each class, they are for compost, recycling and rubbish.

18 Healthy Lunches We bring our lunches to school with us We are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch We are allowed to have a treat on a Friday

19 Lunch-Time Games Soccer in the ballcourt or on the grass Squares Capture the Flag Hurling Basketball Duck, Duck, Goose Chase or Catch Tip the Can Stuck in the mud

20 School sports Hurling Camogie Football Girls football Athletics Swimming Tag Rugby

21 School Tours Every year each class goes on at least one school tours. Examples include: Surfing in Tramore Arklow Leisure Centre Dublin Zoo Leisure Max Shielbaggin Outdoor Pursuit Centre Gaiety Theatre Pirates Cove Open Farms Local Archaeology Dig Oakwood Park in Wales

22 School Shows Our school shows are presented in May or June Last year: Junior Infants did Goldilocks and the Three Bears Senior Infants did the Mother Goose 1 st & 2 nd class did Alas in Blunderland 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th & 6 th classes did A Quiet Night In

23 Monageer We are a village located in the South East of Ireland The Irish for Monageer is Móin na gCaor-that means Bog of the Berries There are 500 people in the village

24 Village In Monageer we have a church, grotto and shop. The church was built in 1870-1871

25 G.A.A G.A.A - Gaelic Athletic Association plays a big role in school and the village Hurling, Gaelic Football and Handball are all played Our club colours are red and white

26 G.A.A We have a very large G.A.A pitch across from our school. Boolavogue and Monageer are part of the same team. Our G.A.A club has two pikes as the crest

27 Village Hall The hall we have now was finished in 1949 The hall is used for many things for example; The Youth Club The Community Market The Active Retirement We also had a Drama Club and school shows.

28 History of Monageer In 1798 there was a rebellion in Ireland Our area had a big part in this rebellion

29 Wexford Wexford is in the south east of Ireland Its known as the Sunny South East

30 Wexford There are four main towns in the county – Wexford – Enniscorthy – New Ross – Gorey Wexford is a Viking town It is situated on the estuary of the River Slaney

31 Geography The Black Stairs Mountains are in Wexford Mt Leinster is 796m high The River Slaney flows through Wexford There are three tributaries of the River Slaney Vinegar Hill is an extinct volcano in Enniscorthy town

32 Normans The Normans came to Wexford in 1169 The first Norman landed in Bannow Bay Enniscorthy castle is a Norman castle

33 Tourist Attractions This is Johnstown Castle This is Curracloe Beach These are the Saltee islands This is Hook Lighthouse

34 Ireland There are 32 counties and 4 provinces in Ireland 6 of these are belonging to the UK People in Ireland speak English and Irish

35 The Republic Ireland became a republic in 1922 Douglas Hyde was the first Irish President Michael D Higgins became President Last year

36 Physical Ireland The highest mountain in Ireland is Carrantuohill Cork is the biggest county in Ireland Louth is the smallest county in Ireland Lough Neagh is the biggest lake Leinster is the biggest province with 16 counties The biggest river is the River Shannon it is 257 kilometres long

37 Ireland Dublin is the capital of Ireland. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland St. Patricks day is celebrated on the 17 th of March worldwide The flag is green, white and orange.

38 Irish Tourist Attractions This is Newgrange This is The Book of Kells These are Cliffs of Moher The Lakes of Killarney

39 Irish Tourist Attractions Connemara The Blarney Stone Dublin Castle The Burren

40 Famous Irish People Irish Americans Henry Ford – inventor of the motor car - his father wasborn in Cork John F Kennedy – 35th President of the United States- his great grandfather came from New Ross Scientists Robert Boyle – The Father of Chemistry Francis Beaufort – he invented the Beaufort Wind Scale Ernest Walton – won the Nobel Prize – He was the first to split the atom

41 Irish Writers Bram Stoker James Joyce Oscar Wilde George Bernard Shaw

42 Contemporary Irish Writers Eoin Colfer Seamus Heaney Roddy Doyle John Boyne

43 Famous Irish Actors Saoirse Ronan Colin Farrell Brendan Gleeson Liam Neeson

44 Irish Musicians JEDWARD U2 The Script Sinéad OConnor

45 Irish Antartic Explorers Tom Crean Ernest Shackleton

46 Irish Sports Stars Robbie Keane Derval ORourke Ruby Walsh Padraig Harrington

47 Monageer National School 1913-2012 was presented by Fifth and Sixth Classes

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