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Land Supply in Singapore home 18 th August 2010.

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1 Land Supply in Singapore E-Learning @ home 18 th August 2010

2 Learning Objectives Explain the landfill method as a way to increase land supply Explain the advantage and disadvantage of the landfill method Explain how Singapore maximizes its urban landuse Explain the advantage and disadvantage of maximizing landuse method

3 Rising demand for land in Singapore Why does Singapore needs more land?

4 Why do we need more land? Land Scarcity o Population is about 4.8 million o Population density is about 6000 persons per square kilometers

5 Singapores populatoin hit 4.84 million in June this year, marking a 5.5 per cent increase from a year before. The number of non-residents grew by 19 per cent, while the resident population went up by a mere one per cent. In other words, non- residents are ¼ portion of Singapore population.

6 Why do we need more land? Population growth o Results in growing industries and businesses o Spatial constraints = problem of not having enough space

7 Creating more land …the Landfill Method

8 Landfill method Landfill method is used to create dry land from waterlogged areas by filling them with sand to form dry land. Waterlogged area = area that is soft and watery

9 5 stages in total

10 Stage 2: Sand wall is built around the area to be reclaimed to keep the sea water out. Sand is also stored into the sea just outside the sand wall until it is needed. Stage 1: Piles are forced into the seabed to make it stable

11 Stage 3: Sand is sucked up and pumped into the enclose area.

12 Stage 4: Sand is compressed and granite wall is built on the side facing the sea to prevent waves erosion. Stage 5: Vegetation are grown on the reclaimed land to prevent soil erosion and the land is left to rest.

13 The shaded parts represent areas that are reclaimed. Singapore has increased its land supply!

14 Is the landfill method effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

15 Effectiveness of Land Reclamation Successful way of increasing countries land area. Can only reclaim land up to 15m in depth as more sand will be needed Limit to the amount of land that can be reclaimed Coastal habitat affected Advantages Disadvantages

16 Landfill method in Singapore In recent years, sea sand obtained from the seabed is the main source of fill materials for reclamation. Sand is imported from the neighbouring countries such as Indonesia.

17 Maximize use of existing land …using our land as much as possible

18 Maximizing URBAN landuse 1) Mixed landuse Mixed landuse means having shopping malls, offices, houses and hotels in one area – linked by pedestrian walkways Landuse planning is the process whereby different areas on a piece of land are assigned for different landuses (i.e. malls, houses, schools)

19 Effectiveness of Mixed Landuse Convenience of having homes, jobs and wide range of services in the same area We do not need to travel far! Mixed landuse requires construction and reconstruction of new and old buildings as well as transport networks Places near industries may encounter traffic congestion Air and noise pollution in housing area Advantages Disadvantages

20 Maximizing URBAN landuse 2) High Density Building: Building that consists of many living or working people per unit area Pinnacle@Duxton is a 50- storey HDBs first 50- storey integrated public housing development from HDB. There are many people living on this piece of land!

21 Effectiveness of High Density Building With more people on a small piece of land, more land are freed for other purposes. Crowded environment, traffic congestion – may increase stress levels among people AdvantagesDisadvantages

22 Future of Singapore?

23 Limitations of technology Current technology only allows us to reclaim land from waters up to 15 metres in depth Expensive Not enough sand from within Singapore Importing sand is costly

24 Future of Singapore? Territorial constraints Need to keep certain amount of sea space for shipping activities To maintain good relationships with neighbours without infringing on neighbours territories We cannot keep reclaiming on the northern part of Singapore because of the land of Malaysia.

25 …Malaysias concern.

26 Future of Singapore? We will carry on with landuse planning and build high-density buildings to cope with the increasing population.

27 The End. :)

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