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Young Entrepreneur Network Creating a Level Digital Playing Field for Economic Development in Small Towns Homestead Interprises “Hometown e-Commerce in.

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1 Young Entrepreneur Network Creating a Level Digital Playing Field for Economic Development in Small Towns Homestead Interprises “Hometown e-Commerce in a Distributive Work Network Built by Youth” ©

2 Distributive Work: A New Ballgame in a New Economy Distributive work is a tech-enabled pattern of work, requiring new skills, new tools and new ways to function Work is distributed in a hub-and-spoke system to small towns and farms Training of e-workers is web-based and creates a seamless process –- E@rn- Le@rn-Le@d -- in their hometownsE@rn- Le@rn-Le@d

3 Principles of Distributive Work Create new entrepreneurial work with good pay on performance Grow rural retainable talent Develop a hi-tech way to distribute work to small towns or farmsteads Outsourced contracts bring work here Compete by quality of person-&-place

4 Qualities of New Work Home-centered Web-based Flexible schedules Scalable in flow Paid on performance Skill-based earnings Team networks Own your work Entrepreneurship Outsourced work Independent contractors network Gain competitive skilled workforce Niche markets for specialized skills 24/7 global services

5 New e.Media Field of Play Builds “Experience Economy” Positions have new names & functions Principles of on-line team play and interactive marketing are similar to the field of play on a baseball diamond: Challenge is know the competition at bat, pitch to keep ahead and to practice a team response to each possible play Action starts from the pitcher’s mound and team score is played out at home base Consumer is “catcher” who calls for the pitch Outfield players back-up each play and take their turn at bat

6 Town Homepage Town FM RadioRegional AM Radio Portal Website E-Networks Affinities Customers Tourists Youth Entrepreneurs Coaches Trainee Consumers Radio-Tech Specialist Radio Production Mentors Web Marketing Content Specialist Hospitality Specialists Support Center Ops Media Specialist Human Resource & Tech Specialists

7 New Game Strategy Places Youth on the Pitcher’s Mound Youth are a driving force on Internet Youth have the tools in hand to participate in the digital world Web-based e-commerce can be done in North Dakota as well as anywhere If pay is good, ND e-workers can compete – even dominate -- a distributive work system nationally

8 Town’s Homepage is Home Base in e-Commerce Town’s homepage is a business card The quality of the homepage shows the “league” you play in Presence of a homepage is a start but how one markets it is what counts On-line mentors coaching high school youth in web-based marketing and convergent media are the tools to tap the “experience economy” markets

9 Town’s FM Radio Hosts a Community Voice to Tourists FM unlicensed radio station costs less than $1000, can be computer generated and operated by youth 24/7 Programming can unite a small town and reach tourists when they are close-by Radio in RVs, cars, near the coffee pot, opens imagination for timely marketing Youth and city services can use radio/web to inform a community, to entertain, to train and to protect assets

10 Portal Website Profiles A collection of web pages as a portal is being developed by youth for state-wide talent in six divisions and 90 categories: Home e-BusinessTech Tutoring Ag-eBizCommunications TourismArtisans is a GNDA New Economy Initiative built by youth

11 Partner with Regional AM Radio Enables Web-Casts Regional marketing through AM radio broadens the reach for tourism and trade in the area and many stations offer web- casting to coastal/global markets Convergence of Internet phone-web-radio and wireless is the future … today Time-slotted web-casts can promote regional stories/events to distant markets

12 E-Networks Support the In- Field: Youth-Women-Mentors Women entrepreneurs operate about 60% of main street storefronts in small towns in North Dakota Women generally represent the “social capital” in rural communities Collective on-line e-networks of women, youth & mentors build strength, depth & critical mass in ND

13 Customers are Central in the Field of Play of e-Commerce Customer as a “player” is central to e-commerce – personalized/inclusive Customer Relationship Management is key to attracting and retaining sales Friendly, quality services are in demand in web-based support service In tourism, these “host” qualities are essential to promote quality people- to-people “net-guide” experiences

14 Affinities are Extended “Family” with Roots in Place Affinity marketing is based on some bond as a group, such as kinship, former classmates Heritage or family roots are “warmest” market potential for a hometown networks Pre-retirement and young family age-groups (25-35) are best for recruiting people to return Affinities can also produce mentors, ongoing customers or investors who sponsor youth

15 Funded by Green Thumb Rural Revitalization Project Training Coaches & Reserves Stand-by to Guide, Relieve Coaching, not supervision, is required for independent contractor status for entrepreneurs in a rural co-op culture Training* includes skill-building for positions and for team-play Reserves need to be ready to step in, if needed, to revitalize the team spirit

16 A Digital Scoreboard Posts the Score and Highlights The scoreboard is where team performance becomes visible Computers display statistics, data, time, results and even replays Internet enables web-cam conferencing for training and management meetings Web-based work frees individual to fulfill service and to relate to the customer

17 The Vital Role of Tech Centers to a Community Tech Centers are crucial to local growth thru resources, training and synergy Tech Centers benefit from mutual interchange of ideas and innovations As a network, Tech Centers offers critical mass as hubs for distributive work and for sharing resources, such as training, expertise, or lessons learned

18 Three Examples of Incubating New e-Business Maddock Tech Center generated 50 jobs with payroll of $983,000 in community last year AgrImages grew a national market FM radio concept developed for Centennial Village Vision Network incubated 3 e-Biz: oowebdesign (a youth business) Homestead Interprises (home-based network) is being built by Young Entrepreneur Network (GNDA initiative)

19 Maddock, Stanton, Mayville Three Tech Centers* as a Network grew 3 Enterprises National Tech Support Center A training program for distributive work HomeLand Services Distributive work through outsourced contract with California company for background checks An evolving project – called RADAR Rural America Development And Revitalization project – identifying and supporting emerging new e-business and tracking enterprises on a virtual “radar screen”

20 Counterbalance Out-Migration by Highlighting In-Migration Spotlight new workers who move here Re-direct out-migration of investor money to in-state opportunities Treat each tourist as a future customer, an envoy and a potential investor Market quality of people-and-place Build long-term customer relationships

21 Dovetail with GNDA ‘Smart Prairie Strategy’ & ‘Maddock Model’ Measure against 6 GNDA strategies: Attract and grow new companies Build an innovative work force Stimulate entrepreneurship Improve access to capital Enhance quality of place Build connective infrastructure Maddock Model is partnering between EDC- entrepreneurial enterprise-workforce groups

22 Coined by East Central Technology Corridor Out-of-the-Box Marketing and Networking a Positive Image “Homelands” image is powerful – a quality lifestyle, “Way America is Supposed to be”* Create exchanges – internships in marketing, “iCorps” – affinity of ND-hosted international students as future market leaders Open “Homeland Services” office in Silicon Valley with outsourcing counterpart in ND for quality workforce, safe data-storage, and a smart way to expand a service business

23 Summary of Key Points Tech Centers are nucleus for growth Distributive work includes small towns Youth participation early-on is vital Quality services grow competitive edge Good pay-on-performance develops pros Radio gives breadth to towns and tourism Le@rn-E@rn-Le@d creates healthy future Le@rn-E@rn-Le@d

24 For more Info, contact us Maddock Business & Technology Center Bruce Terpining, president, EDC Laura Every, IT coordinator (701) 438-2283 E-mail: Homestead Interprises Dr. Larrie Wanberg 1-888-870-0899 HomeLand Services Carl Jungberg Maddock Site Manager (701) 438-2700 HomeLand Services Mike Lang, Stanton Site Manager Sakakawea Tech Center (701) 745-3200

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