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VIS Adult education center in Sørumsand, Norway. Staff.

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1 VIS Adult education center in Sørumsand, Norway

2 Staff

3 Students from all over the world

4 Aim VIS Basic skills to adults. Daytime B,A1B (students learns both Norwegian and Basic skills) Norwegian course to foreigners living in Sørum classes at different levels of Norwegian according to the Common European Framework for languages. Daytime B, A1B,A1, A2, B1. Evening A1, A2,B1 Integration activities Language praxis at work, information about multicultural meeting point We have app 120 students

5 ICT in education Interactive language learning. Migranorsk is an interactive, multimedia and internet based tool designed for teaching Norwegian to adult immigrants. Migranorsk

6 Partners Sørum kommune administration of the municipality Levekår working with refugees Flerkulturell møteplass is a non- formal organisation of volunteers coming from different organisations in the community and representatives from Voksenopplæringen i Sørum (both learners and staff).

7 In class

8 Sørum a municipality with app 14 ooo inhabitants 40 km to Oslo 40 km to Gardermoen 560 km to Kristiansund

9 Sorum- worth a visit.


11 What can we show you? How to treat students? Survey. Elevmedvirkning. Evaluering. Ikke bare etnisk norske lærere. Godt elevmiljø. Dialog. Planning IP Language pracsis. Samarbeid med lokalmiljøet. Språkpraksis. Flerkulturell møteplass. ICT Organization. Organisering Rights and duties for immigrants. Rettigheter og plikter for innvandrere

12 We want to see and learn? -organization, administration, documentsystems etc Teaching materials Timeschedule Plans Evaluation Rights and duties for immigrants Level of immigration and how you cope

13 Educational input from Norway Exebition «My Norway»-12 pictures taken by students ICT in languagelearning Smartboard in languagelearning How we cooperate with local community? Suggestopi Litteracy Our organization – meet with municipality and Fotostory from each visit. (film based on pictures from all participants to show an essens form the visit)

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