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Loaded Words In persuasive writing.

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1 Loaded Words In persuasive writing

2 Do Now: In your writing notes section copy and answer the following question: What is the purpose of persuasive writing?

3 Purpose of Persuasive Writing
to convince a reader to see the subject from the writer's point of view or to agree with the writer’s opinion

4 Word Choice We need to think about the words we use and choose each word wisely certain words can help to make readers feel positive or negative about an idea. We call these words loaded words

5 Loaded Words “Loaded words” are loaded with the potential to generate strong emotions or feelings For example, using words like healthy or safe cause a positive reaction from most people.

6 Loaded Words Words like germs or caution might cause a negative reaction from most people.



9 Positive Loaded Word Bank

10 Negative Loaded Word Bank

11 Homework Option 1: Find a school appropriate advertisement in a magazine or newspaper with loaded words that appeals to the viewer’s emotions or senses.


13 Homework Option 2: Read or listen to famous speeches on the website American Rhetoric, such as Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream” speech, and highlight the loaded words- positive in yellow, negative in blue.


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