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Nuffield Free-Standing Mathematics Activity

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1 Nuffield Free-Standing Mathematics Activity
What is it?

2 Manufacturer’s diagrams
Why do manufacturers use diagrams like these? How would you describe the different views? This activity is about recognising and drawing objects from different viewpoints.

3 What is it?

4 What is it?

5 What is it?

6 What is it?

7 What is it?

8 What is it?

9 What is it?

10 What is it?

11 What is it?

12 What is it?

13 What is it?

14 What is it?

15 What is it? At the end of the activity
What is meant by a ‘plan’ of an object? What is meant by an ‘elevation’? Why is it useful to have a plan and elevations of an object? In which jobs or professions do you think this kind of maths is used?

16 People using plans and elevations

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