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The Results Are In Many Easy Ways to Use Your Results.

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1 The Results Are In Many Easy Ways to Use Your Results

2 Share Your Results Use your favorite comments in an annual report Share your results with your board, trustees, commission, city council, community agencies, outreach visits, etc. Let your Friends group know about your participation in Snapshot Day I love the Library. I am retired and on a budget. At the library I feel rich, books, magazines, newspapers, the internet. I go every week and am very grateful for the library.

3 Display Your Results Make bold signs with your customers comments and display them throughout the library, at the ends of stacks, etc. Make table tents with your results to place around the library Design a 3-panel poster with your comments, statistics and photos


5 Advertise Your Results Put a Snapshot button on your website and link to your Flickr photo set Feature the day in your newsletter Send an email blast to your customer list or community contacts and include patron quotes Make a custom handout to share with new library card holders

6 Make An Easy Flyer or Poster


8 Make a Slideshow Using Your Results Run a slideshow of your photos near your checkout desk or put it on your library website.

9 Dont Be Afraid to Ask Ask if your towns website can feature a slideshow with your librarys photos and comments Ask your local cable station if they can run the slideshow of photos and comments Ask your local newspaper to run a favorite photo and caption or submit some photos on Hartford Courants iTown:

10 What Did Your Library Do? What did you do on Snapshot Day? How have you used your results? Although the primary purpose was to capture the impact that Connecticut libraries have on their communities on a typical day, the extraordinary and heartfelt outpouring of support from our patrons made the day anything but typical. Of course, its not so surprising in retrospect, but an unanticipated benefit of surveying our patrons was a wonderful boost in staff morale.

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