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Lithuania in the Map of Europe. Joniskis Agricultural School.

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1 Lithuania in the Map of Europe

2 Joniskis Agricultural School

3 The first written sourcebooks about Lithuania Lithuanian ancestors were called Balts. It is an Indo - European group which lived near the Baltic Sea and which was closely connected with the culture of the whole Europe. In 1009 the name of Lithuania was mentioned for the first time.

4 The stages of the development of Lithuania (1) I Stage. 1236 – 1569 the Great Duchy of Lithuania II Stage. 1569 – 1795. The Republic of both nations, the State of Lithuania – Poland. III Stage. 1795 – 1914. Lithuania in the Empire of Russia. IV Stage. 1914 – 1918. Lithuania under the Germans occupation – during the years of the world war. V Stage. 1918 – 1940. The period of the Independence of Lithuania. VI Stage. 1940 – 1941 22 of June, the first sovietisation or USSR occupation in Lithuania.

5 The stages of the development of Lithuania (2) VII Stage. 1941 – 1944. Lithuania during the years of Germans occupation in the II nd World War. VIII Stage. 1944 – 1990. Lithuania as a part of USSR. IX Stage. 1990 – till now. The Period of the Independent Lithuania

6 Education development in Lithuania (1) The first Lithuanian school was mentioned in historical sources in 1397. It was Vilnius Cathedral School.

7 Education development in Lithuania (2) XVI century brought the ideas of reformation to Lithuania and gave the beginning to the establishment of schools. In 1547 the first Lithuanian book was published Katekizmas (by Martynas Mažvydas). In 1579 Vilnius University was established In 1773 ATR (Lithuanian – Poland Republic) education reform was made. During Russia Empire period Lithuanian printings were banned in Lithuania Education in Lithuania during Soviet Ocupation years (1940 – 1990).

8 Education System Today

9 Presentation was made by VAIDA ALEKNAVIČIENĖ, IRENA GRIGENCIENĖ and GRAŽINA KALNAITĖ(Joniskis Agricultural School, Lithuania) under Lifelong Learning Porgrams Comenius Project Future European Teachers:training KIT according to the Lisbon Startegy 2010


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