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January 16, 20141 McLean Youth Soccer Annual Membership Meeting January 16, 2014.

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1 January 16, 20141 McLean Youth Soccer Annual Membership Meeting January 16, 2014

2 January 16, 20142 Agenda By-Law Changes/Vote (Bob Maynes & Eric Reed) Nominations & Board Elections (Maureen Dalbec) Premier Soccer Academy (Michael Riemer) Field Operations (Maureen Dalbec) Field Development Update (Lance Hackett) DC United (Scott Miller, DC United) Special Events (Michael Riemer)

3 January 16, 20143 By-Law Changes/Vote Proposal to eliminate the audit requirement in the MYS By-laws –Why now? Audit provision in by-laws since incorporation of MYS in 2002, but no audits conducted. New Treasurer wants a decision/clarification on the matter. –Why not? Board concluded the cost (estimated at up to $12k and scores of volunteer hours) outweighs the benefit of an audit. –MYS has no external audit requirement from its lenders or affiliated organizations. –Board believes it is fulfilling its fiduciary duty to protect MYS's resources through retaining competent financial management and maintaining sound internal controls including effective oversight of financial activities. –Board can engage an audit at any point in the future if it desires. –Board would rather see the money and volunteer hours go towards activities with more direct benefit to its programs/members. Members with questions or desiring copies of financial statements or tax return can contact the Eric Reed, Treasurer.

4 January 16, 20144 By-Law Changes/Vote Article IV –Sec. 1 (a). Change to 2 year staggered terms is aimed at avoiding turnover in too many key positions at one time. –Sec. 1 (b). This keeps the appointed positions at one year terms to give a new Chairman maximum flexibility. –Sec. 1 (c). The current process for replacing an appointed board member lacks clarity. The unanimous waiving of the one meeting notice provides for quicker board response to a vacancy. –Sec. 4. Changes the 5 year term limit to 6 since terms would be 2 years long. Provides for extending the term of an officer past the term limit through board approval by a two thirds majority in a secret ballot to allow the club to retain the services of an individual when a large majority believes it advantageous. –Sec. 5. Provides for broader participation in determining the slate of nominees presented to the membership. –Sec. 6. Change necessitated by change to 2 year terms. –Sec. 7. As in Sec. 1 (c) this provides additional clarity to the process of replacing appointed board members. Article V –Sec. 1. Modernizes specific example of proper notice. –Sec. 3. Update is necessary since we no longer have a registrar on the board. Article VII –Sec. 1. Maintains board authority to remove absent member but does not require action in unnecessary circumstances. Article XII –Language eliminated as internal accounting safeguards that are both more effective and cheaper are being instituted.

5 January 16, 20145 Nominations & Board Elections Board PositionCandidate of Nomination ChairmanMichael Riemer Vice-ChairmanMaureen Dalbec Recreation Commissioner Jane Scott-Jones Travel DirectorRich Maresco TreasurerEric Reed Rules/Discipline Director Jose Ochoa Referee DirectorRay Crawford Coaching DirectorBob Maynes Board PositionCandidate of Nomination Community Liaison Jon Gundersen Director of Field Development Initiative Lance Hackett Deputy Recreation Commissioner OPEN SFL Club Representative Neil Ende Communications Director Holley Darden Deputy Travel Director John Kassiri Director of MPSMark Thompson

6 January 16, 20146 MYS Premier Soccer Academy New brand name for professional training programs at MYS/MPS Supports all programs –House (Skills Training, U5/U7/U9 Academy, Parent/Child & SFL) –Travel (Mondays) –MPS (Weds, Pre-Season, Winter) –Goalkeeping New Programs –Super Y League –Summer Camp 2008 –Spring Break Camp 2008 –Winter Break 2009 (coming soon)

7 January 16, 20147 Field Operations Protect our fields –Check Field Status –Do not practice on wet fields, in goal mouths or in worn areas of the field. –Pick up trash and water bottles Protect our players – Goal Safety –Goals should not be moved. –Do not permit players to hang from goals. –On U6-8 fields, return goals to locked position after each practice. Practice permits have been issued –If you did not receive yours, please email

8 January 16, 20148 Field Development Update

9 January 16, 20149 DC United Details now available on website – MYS Members order discounted D.C. United tickets –D.C. United Individual Matches – –2008 Birthday Packages D.C. United Youth Soccer Team Opportunities: –Player Escorts –Halftime Mini-Games –Team Hi-Five Tunnel –Touchline Teams –Scoreboard Spotlight Contact –Scott Miller (D.C. United) –202.587.5435 –

10 January 16, 201410 Special Events MYS Cup: May 6 th McLean Day: May 17 th Ambassador Cup: June 28 - 29 Philanthropy –Roll Out the Joy For the past six months MYS has been participating in the Roll Out the Joy program. This program collects soccer balls that are then distributed by the military stationed in war-torn areas to bring a little "joy" to the children of the area. Clean out your closets and garage and donate your used and outgrown soccer balls and donate them to this worthy cause. –Physicians for Peace Collecting soccer cleats for U-8 to U-18 for the African country of Eritrea. There are over 2,000 boys playing soccer there barefoot or in sandals. The fields the young players are on are all rock and dirt. (This is supported by a group of physicians who provide short term medical relief and teaching in the capital city of Asmara.) We will be collecting balls & cleats at McLean Day

11 January 16, 201411 Break Out Sessions Travel and MPS –Stay in the Auditorium House and SFL –Down the hall to the Cafeteria.

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