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Radiation in the home, is it safe? Insert Name Trinity Section American Nuclear Society.

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1 Radiation in the home, is it safe? Insert Name Trinity Section American Nuclear Society

2 What is Radiation? Natural and man- made Studied for over 100 years Particles and Rays Different effects for different radiations Not all radiation is harmful

3 What kinds of radiation are there? Alpha Particles—  Helium nucleus Beta Particles –  An energetic electron emitted from the nucleus X-Rays Light wave emitted from the electrons in an atom Gamma Rays—  Light wave emitted from the nucleus

4 How do we measure exposure? Geiger-Mueller Tube Demo Ionization Chambers TLD for personnel exposures

5 Where can radiation be found? Nuclear Reactors Power plants Nuclear Waste Nature Naturally occurring Fallout from atmospheric testing Homes Radon Building Materials

6 Nuclear Reactors Power plants Palo Verde Waste Spent fuel Low-level waste

7 Radiation in the environment Natural Uranium and Thorium in the soil Radon gas Fallout Atmospheric testing CTBT in effect 1963

8 Is There Radiation in the Home? Radon Colorless, odorless gas Affects homes nationwide Building Materials Concrete By-product gypsum Granite

9 Is anything else radioactive in the home? The answer is yes!

10 Radiation in the home Smoke detectors Foods Salt substitute Banana’s Fire Exit Signs People

11 Smoke detectors In almost every home Use radiation to determine if there is smoke

12 Foods are naturally radioactive? Irradiated food is not radioactive Contains potassium or other element that is naturally radioactive Element is taken up during digestion into the body

13 Exit Signs In use since 1920 Contains tritium gas Beta particles hit zinc sulfide for light No electricity required or batteries Special disposal required

14 People Humans are naturally radioactive Within the body is: Uranium, thorium, potassium, carbon, and tritium Over 12,000 decays per second

15 Should I be concerned with radiation? Radiation is radiation Natural vs. Man-made Been around for as long as man High dose effects-- known Low dose effects—not clear

16 Radiation Exposure “Normally” receive 300 mrem per year Same as 30 chest x- rays Workers allowed up to 5000 mrem/year Public exposure must be less than 500 mrem/year

17 Calculated your annual exposure of radiation Handout of Measure your radiation exposure Discuss your exposure level

18 Conclusions Three types of radiation Alpha, Beta and Gamma (X-ray) Characteristics of Radiation Half-Life, Penetrating Power, Type, and Isotope Radiation can be found: Everywhere

19 Conclusions Radiation in the home Food Building Materials Exit Signs Smoke Detectors People

20 Conclusions Radiation Can be detected High level effects known Low Level effects still debated Annual Exposure 300 mrem/year Varies widely

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