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What is Science?.

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1 What is Science?

2 Core Concepts Science is a way of thinking about and understanding your surroundings Measurement is used to accurately describe properties and events An equation is a statement of a relationship between variables Science investigations include collecting observations, developing explanations, and testing explanations Scientific laws describe relationships between events that happen time after time

3 Measurement is used to accurately describe properties and events
Measurement is a process of comparing a property to a well-defined and agreed upon referent When standards are established, the referent unit is called a Standard Unit NIST English units and Metric units International System of Units, SI

4 SI Length Meter (m) Mass Kilogram (kg) Time Second (s)

5 Width Area= L x W Units squared because of 2-D Length Volume = L x W x H Height Units cubed because of 3-D Width Length

6 Data Measurement information used to describe something
Data can be used to describe objects, conditions, events or changes that might be occurring

7 Scientific Method Question raised or problem presented Data gathered
Hypotheses proposed Predictions made Predictions tested hypothesis that withstands testing becomes a theory

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