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Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem Program

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1 Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem Program

2 Mission To enhance the lives of at-risk children and their caregivers through programs which promote their physical, educational, and emotional well-being, and to provide support for the Wake County GAL program.

3 Children we serve More than 600 children in Wake County who have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care. More than 1,300 children who are a part of the WCHS Family Support program and on the tipping point of coming into foster care.

4 3 reasons children come into foster care Dependent: parents are not functioning at the level that they need to raise a healthy child or are in jail. (6.8%)* Neglect: more often than not, parents have substance abuse issues. (59.2%)* Abuse: frequently there are mental health issues with the family. (28.2%)* Sexual abuse (9.6%) Physical Abuse (18.6%) *


6 Foster children are impacted Socially Frequently change homes and change schools. For each change in school, a child may drop a letter grade, failing after 4 moves. There is no funding for scouting, sports, school field trips and other “extras.” Physically May only have the clothing on their backs, limited items may be carried in a garbage bag. Abuse and neglect is common, sometimes causing brain damage. Medical and dental care is often missing or substandard.

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8 Psychological Impact 40% of foster children are diagnosed with ADHD, approximately 50% also have PTSD. Feel unloved, setting them up for sexual abuse. Feel embarrassed to let people know they are in foster care. Feel guilty that they did something to cause them to be separated from their family.

9 Future social impact… if we do nothing 60% of young men who age out of foster care commit a crime that leads to imprisonment. ( 75% of young women who age out of foster care are on public assistance by age 24. ( 26,000 youth who age out x $300,000 in social costs over lifetime = $7.8 billion absorbed community costs (

10 Guardians ad Litem are… Court appointed by a judge to serve as a child’s advocate. Volunteers. Trained – 36 hours in classroom and courtroom, plus ongoing workshops. Investigators who have firsthand understanding of the needs and situations of a child.

11 Guardians ad Litem CAN NOT … Give things to children. Transport children. Serve as surrogate parents. Supervise visits with child and biological family. Leave the premises alone with a child. Do it all for a child in their care.

12 Friends of GAL Efforts Special Needs Grants: one time assistance including medical and dental, bedding, and clothing as well as support for foster children who have aged out. Computers for Kids. Back to School with Pride. Guardian Angel Holiday Project. College Scholarships.

13 How YOU can help the Friends Protect and Provide for abused and neglected children. Volunteer your time and skills to help with our mission. Request your civic or social group to sponsor one of our projects. Donate to our 501 (c) 3 non-profit that is all volunteer and encourage your employer to match your donation. Become a Guardian ad Litem.

14 Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem Program fWakeCountyGuardianAdLitem riends-of-the-wake-county-guardian- ad-litem Make checks payable to: Friends of Wake County GAL Program Mail to: P.O. Box 4941 Cary, NC 27519 (919) 886-KIDS

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