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Guam 10/21/2010 1 Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Database Marketing Your Firm Presented by Ms. Marichu.

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1 Guam 10/21/2010 1 Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Database Marketing Your Firm Presented by Ms. Marichu Relativo Procurement Center Representative (PCR) Office of Government Contracting (GC) -- an advocates on behalf of small business in the federal procurement world.

2 Federal agencies utilize the CCR database when conducting market research Search by NAICS codes, key words, socioeconomic groups (i.e., HUBzone), locations, etc. Review bonding capacity, past performance history Prime contractors For teaming arrangements – Joint Venture (JV) For subcontractors and suppliers State & City Government Agencies Possible sources Guam 10/21/2010 2 Why Update Your Profile?

3 Market Research by Govt Why? Required by Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Determine available sources When? All acquisitions Where? Dynamic Small Business Search in CCR - GSA Advantage - Buy Alaska – PTAC Alaska - SBA Alaska District & PCR (Marichu Relativo) Yellow Pages & Google Guam 10/21/2010

4 Guam 10/21/2010 4 Searching in the CCR

5 Guam 10/21/2010 5 Dynamic Small Business Search

6 Guam 10/21/2010 6 Dynamic Small Business Search Search by NAICS Codes, Key Words, Location

7 Guam 10/21/2010 7 Search Results. Firms in Alaska that has the key word Janitorial in their Profile.

8 Guam 10/21/2010

9 Guam 10/21/2010

10 Guam 10/21/2010 10 This section indicates the firm has JANITORIAL past performance experience. List can be from federal, state, city, private, and residential work performed. Include dollar value.

11 Guam 10/21/2010 11 Sample of an incomplete Profile. Hint: Make it easy for the agency to want to do business with your firm.

12 What to Include in Profile? Guam 10/21/2010 12 Link to Company Website - See Buy Alaska GSA Contract Number – Another Source Capability Narrative – Your 7-Second Elevator Pitch Special Equipment – Dump truck, Forklift, Doc Sorter Bonding Capacity Required for Construction/Optional for Services Past Performance History – References Identify the project, dates, dollar value, client information List federal, state, city, private projects (completed/ongoing) Expanded in your website & Statement of Qualification (SOQ)

13 Sample Key Words Guam 10/21/2010 13 GIS, LIDAR, Janitorial, House Keeping, Grounds Maintenance, Runway Lighting, HAZMAT, Roofing, Paving, Topo Survey, Aerial Survey/Photography, Laundry, Septic, Dirt work, Excavating, OTIS Elevator, Historical Renovation, Catering, Remote Site Camp, Mapping, Land Surveyor, Marine Construction, Dredging, Coastal Erosion, Demo, Mine Reclamation, Fish Migration Study, Boat Charter, John Deere, Fire Suppression, HVAC, Arctic Cat snowmobile, Court Reporter, Medical Transcriber, Video Production, SABER, BOS, Warehousing/Storage, Waste Management/Collection, Green Supplies, Wind Turbine, Heavy-equipment Rental, Plant Nursery, Tree-Cutter, Logging, Site Preparation

14 Updating Instructions Guam 10/21/2010 14 SBA Profile is located in the Dynamic Small Business (DSBS) access by CCR website: To get to that database, log into your CCR record (click on Update/Renew CCR registration and use DUNS and TPIN numbers) Click on Validate/Save Data on any page to get to the end (even if no changes were made) Down towards the bottom right of screen are two boxes. Click on the box SBA Profile Click on Must Enter Mandatory Data Review that data then click Save/Next Click on Continue Review and Save/Next For assistance, contact the PTAC office

15 Marketing to the Agencies Guam 10/21/2010 15 One-Page Statement of Qualification (SOQ) Your 7-Second Elevator Pitch in writing Brief info of capability, size of business, DUNS, NAICS codes, current/previous customers, website KISS – Keep It Simple (Sister/Sir) Expanded Version SOQ Detailed info of company information, projects, pictures Hand-out during capability briefing (meeting) with agencies Business Cards Similar information from the one-page SOQ Utilize the back of the card

16 Helpful Tips Guam 10/21/2010 16 Know Your Brand (specialty) Marketing – Best thing since slice bread Packaging – The wow factor Service/Accessibility – Make it easy for the customer Target Your Audience (customers) Medical, Maintenance, Communications (IT) Request for a vendor demonstration or meeting Patience is a Virtue Dont let them see you sweat Be professional at all times

17 Guam 10/21/2010 www.sba.gov17 Additional Assistance Local District Offices and Resource Partners SBA Guam Brand Office – Ken Lujan ( /Tel: SBA Procurement Center Representative (PCR) – Hawaii, Guam & Pacific Insular Area – Larry Orr ( Tel: Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Small Business Development Centers Small Business Specialists (SBS)

18 Guam 10/21/2010 18 Thank you Ms. Marichu Relativo Tel: 907-250-3643/4022 Email: Questions?

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