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Edmund Zingu Retired The SAIP-CHE Project: Background, ToR, Projected Outcomes.

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1 Edmund Zingu Retired The SAIP-CHE Project: Background, ToR, Projected Outcomes

2 Quality is a Lousy Idea- If it’s Only an Idea

3 What is quality? 1.The ability to make the same thing the same way, over and over again 2.What customers buy today is the same as what they bought last week and will buy next week 3.Product meets customer’s expectations 100% of the time

4 Quality Assurance vs Quality Control Overall management plan to guarantee the integrity of data (The “system”) Series of analytical measurements used to assess the quality of the analytical data (The “tools”)

5 QA Operation QA is the voice of the customer in the plant QA establishes the expectation that the products that are to be made will meet the specifications of the customer QA goes to the people on the line and explain what the customer expects from the products QA gets out of the office and ask the people what is going on





10 From: Jack Johnathan Jack JohnathanJack Johnathan Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 3:07 PM To: Malcolm Madness Malcolm MadnessMalcolm Madness Cc: Cc: Subject: RE: Graduate Student Subject: RE: Graduate Student Dear Malcolm I trust that you are doing well. Our research is really taking off and we could do with many more graduate research students. You will be aware that one of your B Sc graduates of last year is currently registered for the Honours degree in Physics in my department: Peter Putinmore. We were delighted to have one of your students in our programme since I am aware of the excellent work you have been doing – what a track record. We therefore did not hesitate to admit Peter based on the fact that you have certified his competence through the B Sc degree certificate and his academic transcript.

11 But were we surprised when we got to the first test in Electrodynamics. Peter does not have a clue. As you know, several modules at honours level require extensive mathematical skills and he does not have them either. If we were in the manufacturing industry, we would have sent him back to you to rectify his development in physics so that he complies with the minimum standards for the B Sc degree in Physics. Extra assignments and extra tuition have not helped the situation. You will agree that introducing a bridging course at honours level is not the solution to this problem. I am writing this frank letter to you because I believe that the problem of incompetent B Sc graduates in Physics might be widespread and something needs to be done urgently. Your assistance/advice in this matter will be appreciated. Sincerely,Jack

12 Physics HoD’s (2008 – 2009) ConcernsConcerns Entering studentsEntering students Competence of graduatesCompetence of graduates Benchmark Statement Physics: B Sc and HonsPhysics: B Sc and Hons Student competenciesStudent competencies Core curriculumCore curriculum Evaluation of undergraduate physics SAIP – CHE partnershipSAIP – CHE partnership Focus originally on mainstream physicsFocus originally on mainstream physics All inclusiveAll inclusive Online Self-evaluationOnline Self-evaluation DevelopmentalDevelopmental RecommendationsRecommendations Under- preparedness of entering students (School system ) (School system ) Undergraduate training Competence of graduates Phase 2 Roadmap Review of Physics Training in South Africa Develop set of standards for the review Guided by the UK benchmark statement SA task team of physicists SAIP – CHE Partnership to undertake Evaluation of undergraduate physics teaching and learning Documents : Benchmark Statement CHE Programme Accreditation B Sc Programme Registration Set of Criteria Set of minimum standards Set of Questions (Physics specific) On-line Self-Evaluation Report Identify: Best Practices Identify: Best Practices Challenges Challenges Group of Experts to compile National Report ImplementationofRecommendations




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