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Occupations in Colonial Georgia Part 1 Weavers.

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1 Occupations in Colonial Georgia Part 1 Weavers

2 What jobs do you know? The Cooper Turner Carpenter Mercer Vinter
Peruke Maker Silkman Cordwalner Wainwright Apothecary Upholsterer

3 Savannah- The Original Settlers
James Goddard- Carpenter Walter Fox Turner John Gready Farmer James Carwell- Peruke Maker Richard Cannon- Calender William Cox Surgeon George Symes- Apothecary Joseph Fitzwalter-Gardener John Sammes- Cordwalner John Warren Flax and hemp dresser Joshua Overend- Mercer Francis Mugridge- Sawyer Paul Amatis Silkman John Penrose- Husbandman

4 Savannah- The Original Settlers
Joseph Hughes- Cider Tader Richard Hodges-Basketmaker James Muir-Peruke Maker Tomas Christle - Merchant Joseph Cooper-Writer Joseph Stanley-Stocking Maker Robert Clarke-Tailor Peter Gordon-Upholsterer Thomas Causton-Calico Printer Joseph Vanderplank-Seaman Thomas Young -Wheelwright Joseph Coles-Miller and Baker

5 The Tanner The tanner is found in most towns, unlike the tailor.
He is very busy. The tanner makes clothes from animal skins. He also makes leather buckets, leather saddles, and leather mugs.

6 The Tailor The tailor is very similar to the tanner.
The tailor was extremely busy. He sews all of the clothes by hand. The tailor makes the clothes out of regular cloth.

7 Peruke Maker Today we might call a peruke maker a wig maker.
If you wanted to be fashionable in 1790s,then you needed to wear a wig. It was almost a fashion necessity for gentlemen and successful businessmen. Just being able to afford a wig was a means of showing your wealth and status.

8 The Cobbler or CORDWAINER:
a shoemaker or worker of leather     The cobbler makes shoes. He is a very busy man because people walked a lot. The cobbler fixes old shoes and makes new ones. It’s very expensive to get a new pair of shoes, so colonists make sure their shoes are well worn before getting a new pair or getting them fixed! The shoes aren’t very fancy, in fact, the cobbler uses the same pattern for every shoe, and it makes no difference whether it’s left or right! Each shoe is exactly the same.

9 CHANDLER: CHANDLER: originally, one who made or sold candles and soap.

10 Basketmaker BASKETMAN:
person who made baskets and furniture from wicker. Basket making was mostly made by the family for their own use rather than a business. Most families made their own baskets – which lasted many years. They made baskets of all sizes and shapes for personal family use.

11 Carpenters In the colonial times when most buildings were made from wood, no tradesman was more useful than the carpenter. The main business of the colonial carpenter was to cut and join timber and board into sturdy wooden homes and shops. Carpenters built new homes, shops, outbuildings stables, sheds, and they also made repairs.

12 The Town Crier The town crier is how we get our news in the town.
He travels from town to town ringing a bell to get everyone's attention. When he tells the news he doesn’t give very much detail just a statement like: "War was declared today".

13 The Printer The colonial printers were more than operators of print shops. They were also America's first publishers of newspapers, magazines, and books.

14 Black Smith SMITHY was a person who made or repaired metal items.
Blacksmiths used a special fireplace called a forge to heat the metal to a temperature hot enough so that it could bend and be shaped. The metal needs to reach a temperature of about 2000 degrees. He made pots, tools, cooking utensils, locks, latches as well as horseshoes.

15 To Be Continued!! Coming Soon: Part 2

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