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CONSTRUCTION SECTOR The largest construction companies in Poland, The operations of international construction concerns from Great Britain, France, Germany,

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1 CONSTRUCTION SECTOR The largest construction companies in Poland, The operations of international construction concerns from Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, INNOVATOR Construction Cluster, European Centre of Geological Centre; Well-trained and qualified staff large reserves of mineral deposits


3 METAL-FOUNDRY SECTOR Long-established industrial traditions Numerous companies, suppliers and subcontractors operating in the sector Highly advanced technologies Metal components and machinery manufacturing leader in East Poland Over 50% of low processed products are exported abroad: Germany, Austria

4 METAL-FOUNDRY SECTOR High-skilled human capital in the field of metallurgy Network of technical schools with required profiles, e.g. Kielce University of Technology, secondary technical schools Cooperation between metal-foundry trade and R&D Grassroots cluster involved with metal-foundry line

5 HEALTH AND HEALTH-PROMOTING TOURISM  64.5 % of the Region's territory constitutes the protected natural areas  10 million people within a radius of 200 km  The Region takes pride in sanatoriums that are well-known throughout Poland and Europe (Busko-Zdrój, Solec-Zdrój) and have the potential for further development based on sulphide and thermal waters  extensive supplies of mineral water, especially sulfide-bromide

6 HEALTH AND HEALTH-PROMOTING TOURISM  The Faculty of Health Sciences at the Jan Kochanowski University opens an additional medical faculty for medical staff: nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, with a significant scientific and research potential in this area  A well-developed medical care - for instance oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology;  Biobank

7 MODERN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD PROCESSING Pure environment: 64.5 % of the territory is the naturally protected area Rich agricultural tradition and natural resources in the region Good soil, climatic conditions and the significant potential for agricultural and horticultural production in the southeastern part of the region The most important categories of food production in the Świętokrzyskie Region include: Meat processing and meat production; Dairy products output; Processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables.

8 FRUIT AND VEGETABLE POTENTIAL Orchards – 34.5 thousand ha in area Growing such fruit as apple, plum, pear, sour cherry and cherry trees, represents the crucial role in the country Newly established producers groups with export-led growth Apart from domestic sales, the major export sales of fruit include Africa, Ukraine, France, Denmark, Hungary One of the highest vegetable harvest in Poland (350 thousand tons per year) The key role in production of carrot, beetroot, cucumber and tomato Apart from domestic sales, the major export sales of vegetables include Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria

9 TRADE CONGRESS Kielce – the leading exhibition-trade fair centre in Poland (Targi Kielce – is the second best trade show market in Poland) Successfully operating Grono Targowe Kielce cluster Great potential for presenting and promoting international good practices, know-how and innovative technologies.

10 ICT TECHNOLOGIES FutureHub Cluster supporting ICT enterprises in the Kielce Technologic Park. The Region provides for the conditions to attract outsourcing services companies Availability of young well- educated students Availability of modern office space at reasonable prices

11 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY 67 thousands of hectares of Świętokrzyskie are the lands which could be used for energy crops Operations of the Energy Cluster Strong cooperation with the R&D sector e.g., the R+D investments in Rzędów; or Polaniec Biomass Power Plant, Poland - the PLN 1bn ($290m) Polaniec biomass power plant is being constructed at the site of the existing 1,800MW Polaniec power station.

12 National and International Projects – Space for Cooperation The major project: The Świętokrzyskie Regional Innovation Strategy - Perspective IV In the frame of the project we have the possibility to be a part of such initiaves as: the European Rover Challange or E(X)plory event dedicated to the young scientists

13 INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION On 5th of September, the proposal "The European Regions Network for Health Research and Innovation, [RegHealth-RI]" has been favourably evaluated by the Commission services with the help of independent experts, therefore the EC is going to fund our project. The major objective of the project is to analyse the differences in innovation levels between the EU regions in terms of health research and innovation as well as to develop new initiatives to improve the underdeveloped regions

14 ACTIVE TOURISM Over 1500 km of walking trails Over 2000 km of bicycle trails 10 horse-riding centres Aerial sports in Masłów and Pińczów Numerous reservoirs on clean rivers enable sailing, water skiing, canoeing and windsurfing 6 ski resorts, two chairlifts, 20 ski lifts Indoor swimming pools

15 HEALTH AND HEALTH-PROMOTING TOURISM  A relatively well-developed sport and recreation infrastructure  high ranked teams in the Polish first and major league  (Kielce is ranked 6 th out of 67 Polish cities)

16 POWER OF HISTORY Prehistoric traces of man as well as fauna and flora (“Paradise” cave), archeological-natural museum and the nature reserve in Krzemionki, the Jurassic Park in Bałtów, Many castles and palaces, Over 200 historic manor houses with picturesque parks and alleys with trees that are a few hundreds years old, Over 22 different kinds of museums, Europe’s second biggest clocks collection, unique traces of technology

17 MORE INFORMATION : Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship THE INNOVATION DEPARTMENT Marshal's Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship Hotel Best Western Sienkiewicza 58 25-516 Kielce, Poland Mobile +48 695 914 245 Office +48 41 306 70 16


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