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Hi!!! Your host today, Me! My name is Bob (my mommy gave me that name) and Ill be hosting your education show TODAY!!! Dont ask me why my teeth are.

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4 Hi!!! Your host today, Me! My name is Bob (my mommy gave me that name) and Ill be hosting your education show TODAY!!! Dont ask me why my teeth are purple. Well… maybe thats cuz when I was made on Microsoft Paint and copied onto this slide, and made transparent, my teeth would become black. And that would look ugly on me! Anyways, lets get on with the show!!!!!!!!!! *echoes: SHOW SHOW SHOW !!!* Doesnt he look familiar??? *flashback* Look back into when you were about 8 years old… Doesnt he look a little like Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents? Maybe just a teensy little bit????? Your page teller

5 Dear Bob, What was education in Colonial America like? From, A person A Person 1234 Rainbow Road Colorful County ABCDE Bob Finkleburg Education Show Studio Schoollywood Well… lets find out!!!

6 School in Colonial America was different from our schools today in materials, organization, and so on. there were no laws saying that the schools had to be comfortable. So guess what? The schoolmasters didnt bother making it! YAY!!! the schoolhouses had only one room. All the students would sit together so it was very crowded and uncomfortable. that one room was very cold in the winter and their only heat source was the fireplace. The boys had to take turns gathering firewood for the fireplace. If they didnt or forgot to do so, they were punished and had to sit far away from the fireplace. Isn t that like a time- out chair? the families had to pay the schoolmaster in corn. As said before, the schoolhouses were uncomfortable so families were (looking at it from a modern person s perspective) basically paying for their children to go to educating prison houses. Oooh!!! Did they count sticks all day??? No Silly Billy!!! Who are you??? Your upside- down reflection Silly Billy!!!... 1

7 most of the students in schools were boys girls studied at home. They were either taught by their mothers or by tutors. at home, girls learned how to perform the duties of a plantation mistress. girls didnt go to school so instead, they learned from a governess who was either from England or just somewhat educated. They learned basic reading and arithmetic so they could read the Bible and record household expenses older boys studied math, science and other subjects which helped them into college only white people were allowed to go to school. African slaves were not allowed to be educated Well, if girls werent allowed to go to school, then what did they learn? Well, weird little dude, remember that girls were home schooled. They studied basic household stuff like sewing and cooking. They also studied other subjects like music, French, art, and needlework. Dont think they were uneducated. NOT FOR SCHOOL 2

8 Children had to go to school because the law said so. If they went to school, the knowledge gained would help them in the future. The subjects that they learned would give them a better advantage in getting better jobs. A school was built for every town with 50 families. 3

9 children went to school during the winter they worked the rest of the year (summer, fall, and spring) they all went to the same school which had one room Period Time A.M. Homeroom8:00 – 8:16 18:19 – 9:04 29:07 – 9:52 39:55 – 10:40 410:43 – 11:28 511:31 – 12:16 612:19 – 1:04 71:07 – 1:52 81:55 – 2:40 P.M. Homeroom2:43 – 2:49 Dismissal2:50 TimeEvent 7:00 A.MBoys School Day starts 9:00 A.MThey get Breakfast 2:00 – 5:00 P.M Dinner Is Served! (Triangle Dings) 4

10 What they had:What they didnt have: a lump of lead or goose quill for writing homemade ink bark from birch tree to write on paper, but it was very expensive a board with a piece of paper on it which had the alphabet on it this board was used for reading and writing blackboard/maps textbooks pencils or pens computers other modern stuff that wasnt invented at that time 5

11 I dont know what a school looked like! I didnt live in Colonial America! Sheesh… Stop asking me all these questions. Maybe you can find out by reading this nice book by Mark Thomas. Doesnt it look familiar??? *flashback* Just kidding!!! Of course I know what a school looked like! I know everything!!! Im funny right? SAY IM FUNNY. Ha! I really got you. A replica of a schoolroom First schoolhouse on south side of school street (1748-1810) A typical school day… 6

12 Schools in Colonial America included subjects similar to the subjects we learn in school. Bob told the editors, Jasmine and Amanda, to make a chartnot a venn diagramcomparing and contrasting what they learned and what we learned so here it is: Colonial America Schools Both Mark Twain I.S.239 poems prayers Greek/Latin celestial navigation fencing social etiquette plantation management in England: law or medicine science math reading writing social studies/history geography a foreign language (French, Italian, and Spanish) occasionally: bullying and cyber-bullying } BOYS 7

13 Education in colonial America affected their society in many ways. For example: they can read the bible the girls could record/calculate household expenses they can read advertisements/flyers they can write letters to other people (if they were rich enough to buy paper) Super Awesome Ad 8

14 Both have some kind of punishment for bad behavior teachers have some kind of salary learned how to read and write learned science, history, math, geography both had a leader of the school (schoolmaster & principal/chancellor) learn a foreign language (French, Latin, Greek, Spanish, Italian) Mark Twain I.S.239 punishment for bad behavior is a phone call home no physical punishment, instead, we get yelled at (YAY!!!) have many books and modern technology to study from have seats and desks in school we get suitable lunches and free breakfasts students are assigned to their classes/grades we stay in school for about 10 months (5/6 of the year) we stay in school for about 7 hours a day, 5 days a week Colonial America Schools students were physically punished if they misbehaved (for example: schoolboys were whipped for misbehavior, if you didnt know your lessons, you had to wear a dunce hat and sit out) only went to school in the winter girls stayed at home and studied needlework, art, music, etc. they had to sit on hard benches without desks schoolhouses had only one room all different ages were put together in that one room schools werent usually not comfortable the schoolmaster was paid in corn and/or other foods handwriting was more important than spelling students would advance to higher-leveled work as soon as they knew everything in the New England Primer book ONLY heat came from a fireplace ONLY people thought girls should learn reading and writing towns with 50 families had to have a school and a teacher who taught reading and writing Thats uneven! Did I pay you guys to make an uneven chart? You dont even pay us!!! 9

15 If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern (Pages 20-25) 2849-blackboard-and-maps.jpg&imgrefurl= maps.php&usg=__TdkHcG-APh9lmgW8TIOtw4ipXdU=&h=285&w=380&sz= 21&hl=en&start=1&zoom= 1&itbs= 1&tbnid=M- oBZH1c8U2nM:&tbnh=92&tbnw=123&prev=/images% 3Fq%3Dblackboard %2Band%2Bmaps %26hl%3Den%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1 catholic+bible+clipart&aq=f&aqi =&aql= &oq=&gs_rfai= STREET.jpg STREET.jpg writing_letter_hg_clr_ST%5B 1%5D.gif 10

16 Advertising-Sign-Clipart-Illustration-Image.jpg Advertising-Sign-Clipart-Illustration-Image.jpg 11

17 Thanks for Watchi ng!!!

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