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You are the financial advisor – what do you recommend?

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1 You are the financial advisor – what do you recommend?

2 Ava is an independent woman who wants to take care of her own finances. She is a busy, qualified solicitor and she doesnt know much about the stock market. She doesnt have or want to put a lot of time into it. She is quite up to date on whats going on in the world, so she is confident that she would know some reasonably good sectors and economies to invest her money in. She wants to keep her costs as low as possible and has a lump sum of 10,000 to invest

3 Scott is financially comfortable. He is a civil servant, but also has a small home business. He understands risk and is willing to spend time nurturing his investments. He enjoys the stock market, reads about it regularly and has done two courses in it. He has a time tested, easy to follow strategy. He doesnt want to pay any management fees and has 1000 per quarter to invest.

4 Ciara is a teacher and loves property! Although she understands and is successful renting and selling houses, she wants to diversify into the stock market in a small way. She doesnt want to spend any time at it and knows little about it. She doesnt mind paying fees, just as long as she gets some decent exposure to the market. She wants the choice to be narrowed down, so its easy as opposed to most profitable. Much of her disposable income is tied up in mortgages. She has 200 per month to invest.

5 No management fee Transaction Costs Diversification Massive Choice Strategy Time Frame Broker

6 Big Costs Admin Cost Diversification Selection through brokers Time Frame Admin Life/Investment Company

7 Small Management Fee Transaction Costs Diversification Wide Choice Decision Time Frame Broker

8 You are being paid 150 for the appointment, make sure to give your clientele a good service!


10 Small Management Fee (She wants to minimise her costs) Transaction Costs (She can invest 10,000 among several ETFs and pay a small amount in transaction fees) Diversification (She is happy to decide on sectors and economies, but not individual companies) Decision (She can make her own decisions)

11 No management fee (He doesnt want to pay any) Transaction Costs (By choosing a low cost broker, he can keep these low) Diversification (He can create his own) Strategy (He has a time tested, easy to follow strategy so he knows what to buy and when to sell) He can regularly invest 1000 per quarter into a different stock to build a portfolio.

12 Big Costs (She doesnt mind, as long as she doesnt have to put time and effort into it) Selection through brokers (She wants to keep the selection narrow, so that its easy as opposed to most profitable) A small investment of 200 per month is ideal for a fund like this as opposed to a listed product.


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