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Pastor Special Called Business Meeting. What do we look like? What is the culture of our church? What does our community look like? What is the culture.

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1 Pastor Special Called Business Meeting

2 What do we look like? What is the culture of our church? What does our community look like? What is the culture of our community? Do we as a church mix well with our community? Mena Waters

3 What are our strengths and concerns? What is our plan of action for these concerns? Mena Waters

4 Lisa Burnett

5 White Blue jean wearing Live close by Middle class/Blue collar Grew up in church Cell phone equipped Baby boomer (45-50) some abnormal’s 2 income families Some college Non-professional What we’ve observed about ourselves. Lisa Burnett

6 Our church is characterized by a warm, close-knit fellowship. Unity and community are dominant values. The focus is inward and people oriented. The congregation sees itself as the ‘household of faith’ (Gal 6:10) and the family of God. Pastor

7 Our Community-5 mile radius. Population 50,792 (71% white – 24% black) House holds 19,593 2 cars per house hold (hh) HH income $54,802 (median income $42,108) Median age 39 yrs (50/50 male – female) H school grads 35% Some college 22% College degree 13% Professional 6% Pastor

8 38% have no faith Prefer blended worship that is intellectually stimulating and emotionally encouraging. No real preference to architectural style of facilities. Pastor Our Community-5 mile radius.

9 A blend between: 1. The Steadfast Conservatives. This group is financially conservative, heavy internet user, with investments in government bonds and money market accounts. Drive traditional vans, sedans, or trucks. They are involved in sports, tools, movies, and their travel is mostly stateside. Pastor

10 A blend between: 2. The Getting by. This group is mostly comprised of African Americans. 70% rent, drive domestic small size cars and trucks, and shopping is for frozen dinner’s, canned and instant foods. Leisure activities include movies and going to church. Pastor

11  The 5 – 4 – 4 Concept  5 Functions  4 Results  4 Practices Lyle Nutt

12  5 Functions:  Evangelism  Discipleship  Fellowship  Worship  Ministry Lyle Nutt

13  4 Results:  Numerical growth  Spiritual growth  Ministry expansion  Kingdom advance Lyle Nutt

14  4 Practices:  Open groups  Closed groups  Worship  Ministry teams Lyle Nutt

15  Strengths  Solid theology  Love & Fellowship  Praying church  Talented and Gifted people  Desire to follow the Lord These we celebrated in a prayer of thanksgiving Lyle Nutt

16  Concerns  No discipleship follow-up and training  No Outreach Ministry  Lack of Church Vision  Unspecified target group  Lack of servants heart (maturity, follow through). These were severe enough to require immediate action Lyle Nutt

17 1. We created a Preschool/Nursery Director. 2. We created an Education Director. 3. Amplified the Sunday School Director position. 4. Re-aligned the Children’s Ministry. 5. Enlarged the Deacon Ministry. Pastor

18 1. Know the possibilities 2. Enlarge the organization 3. Enlist and train the workers 4. Provide the space 5. Engage the people We intend to employ this strategy in every area of ministry Rich Snodgrass

19 Our process. 1. We evaluated ourselves in light of 32 church practice characteristics. 2. Determined where we need to go. 3. Identify actions that will take us where we need to go. Rick Snodgrass

20  Open groups  Worship  Closed Groups  Ministry teams Lyle Nutt

21  Address:  Open Groups  Worship  Closed Groups  Ministry Teams  With:  Area(s) of Concern  Proposed actions  Responsible party and deadline Lyle Nutt

22  Ref point 8. Whereas: Our classes and departments in the small group Bible study ministry are not intentionally enrolling unbelievers and members into its groups. Lisa Burnett Most significant Open Group concern

23 We propose: To collect accurate and complete contact information of those in attendance and enlist an outreach facilitator for each open group to regularly initiate FRAN philosophy. Lisa Burnett Most significant Open Group concern

24 We Propose: To promote effective communication between open groups, the Pastor and deacons to continually improve the enrollment process of unbelievers and the un-churched into open small group Bible study. Most significant Open Group concern Lisa Burnett

25 The responsible individuals and date of implementation: SS Director and Deacon Chairman By December 1, 2010. Most significant Open Group concern Lisa Burnett

26 o Ref point 5, Whereas: We do not assign unbelievers and guests in worship to a small group Bible study for follow up. Howard Swink

27 o We propose: To contact all persons who fill out the guest registration card and send a letter from the pastor, a visit from the deacon on call, and a follow up by the SS visitation team. o The responsible individuals (listed above) and date of implementation: November 1, 2010. Howard Swink

28 o Ref point 4. Whereas: Believers do not learn to share their faith through an intentional ongoing training program. o Ref point 13. Whereas: In each discipleship class we do not encourage members to move beyond classroom learning to ministry service. Teresa Munroe

29 o We propose: Enact the ‘Body Life Program’ o Responsible individuals and date of implementation. The Pastor in January 2011. Teresa Munroe

30 SERVE S = Spiritual Gifts Assessment E = Life Experiences R = Relationship Skills V = Vocational Skills E = Enthusiasm Teresa Munroe

31 o Ref point 6. Whereas: Our church does not maintain a balance between ministries focused outside the church (missions) and ministries focused inward on the body. o Ref point 24. Whereas: Our church members do not initiate new ministries (mission actions) in coordination with the overall ministry vision of the church. Richard Willing

32 o We propose: To provide time in the SS teachers meetings to promote each SS class to adopt in a personal way some mission project or person. o The responsible individual and date of implementation. Collect data by January 2011 and report back to the Pastor, Missions Director and in some creative way to the whole church. Richard Willing

33 Pastor

34 The Church Body Executive Council B&FCSunday School Building & Grounds Cmt & Ect. Existing Organizational Structure

35 Concern: Desired level of performance Actual level of performance Performance Gap WHY?

36 Why the performance gap? The individual can’t do the job? The individual can do the job – but is not performing, Why?

37 Does not know what the real job is? Not encouraged in the job. No, or little expectations to do the job from those above. Not supplied with the right resources. No structure to drive the task.No structure to drive the task.


39 Pastoral Care Church & Community Ministry Tea ms A church; Lifting up Jesus, Telling His story, Encouraging it’s members, Teaching them to serve, and Sending them out as followers of Christ to grow His world. Administrative Leadership Church program Ministries

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