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Constanze Melicharek Apenheul Primate Park, NL EAZA Visitor Study Working Group.

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1 Constanze Melicharek Apenheul Primate Park, NL EAZA Visitor Study Working Group

2 Visitor studies: about understanding and enhancing visitors experience in informal learning settings







9 03.12.2008 - IZE listserver - 162 adresses - from 123 institutions



12 What happens when you send a mail 2 Tak for din henvendelse. Jeg er gået på barsel:-)) Jeg vil være tilbage i fulde omdrejninger og nye spændende omgivelser 1. februar 2009. Har du mindre opgaver som du ønsker løst, eller større projekter som du ønsker feedback på, kan jeg kontaktes på mail eller nedenstående adresse. Med venlig hilsen, XY I am out of office due to meetings and annual leave. Mail did nog arrive because... - Mailboxes were full - Mailadresses were protected against spam - Not authorized to send an email to this person

13 03.12.2008 6.11 pm (within 45 minutes) Isle of Wight!

14 04.12.2008 (within 1 day)

15 13.12.2008 (within 10 days)

16 31.12.2008 (within 4 weeks) 31

17 5 Reminder 05.01.2009

18 12.01.2009 (one week after reminder) 12

19 preliminary end: 07.02.2009 (2 months after start) 7





24 Example: Evaluating labels and routing e.g. Rotterdam zoo How many people look at species sign? How about text versus cartoons? Location of sign?

25 Example: Evaluating new enclosures e.g. Vienna zoo, bird house tracking: how long do people stay? How does the composition of the group influence that? questionnaires on opinion (preference, welfare)

26 Example: tracking visitors e.g. Apenheul Primate Park Chip in monkeyfree bag Student using a pocket observer

27 Example: Evaluating formal education e.g. Kaunas Zoo Primary school program evaluated Interviews in beginning and end Knowledge and attitude

28 Example: marketing e.g. Nuernberg Zoo Where do visitors come from? How did they get the idea? How far did they travel? Also: missions of the zoo Willingness to pay for educational programs or conservation

29 Example: ethical questions e.g. Odense Zoo Have visitors give their point of view on several ethical questions sample size: 40 000 can combine education with visitor studies

30 Example: fundamental research Zoo Salzburg: dogs and zoos

31 Example: fundamental research Zoo Chester: viewing area and visitor behaviour

32 Example: fundamental research Czech Zoo Federation: Where are we now with environmental education?

33 Example: fundamental research Zoo Colchester: How efficient are different learning approaches (mainly Contextual Model of Learning)?

34 Example: fundamental research Paignton, NVD: attitude towards zoos

35 Example: fundamental research Chester Zoo: How does visitor density influence visitor behaviour?

36 Example: fundamental research Aquarium Genova: Develop instrument to measure educational effectiveness

37 KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD WORK OR ELSE GET STARTED! To be continued, but for now: THE END

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