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Goal Setting in Sport… Mr. P. Leighton GCSE PE..

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1 Goal Setting in Sport… Mr. P. Leighton GCSE PE.

2 Today’s Objectives… By the end of the session you will be able to…
Describe and explain the principles of setting SMART goals. Apply the SMART goals as well as the S.PO.R.R. (R) and F.I.T.T. Principle to the start of your Personal Exercise Programme (PEP).

3 Starter: FITT Principle...
Open your envelope and link the statements up to explain the FITT Principle… The statements will describe what that area is or what it means when planning a block of fitness training.

4 How to set goals… What do you think is the overall aim of fitness training? Improve your general fitness? Improve your performance in a specific activity? Lose weight? What statements might you make? I want to be fitter! I want to be better at football If you apply the SMART principle to your decided goal/s it is easier to achieve.

5 The SMART principle… S… M… A… R… T… Specific Measurable Achievable
Realistic Time-Bound

6 Specific… Where have you seen this word before? (Specificity?)
Specific goals are important- not general ones i.e. I want to be fitter- too general! I want to run 100m further on the 12min Coopers Run (small and achievable!) Fitness needs to be evaluated before goals are set… Goals must also be…

7 Measurable… Measurable basically means having a way to test if a goal has been achieved. I.e. more distance/ more weight/ bigger output etc. Using the specific goal again- how is that measured?

8 Achievable… Goals need to be achievable within a set period of time.
Running 100m more in the coopers run is achievable by improving training over 6 weeks- Running a marathon is not! Q: How do you feel when you do not achieve something? A: De-motivated

9 Realistic… A goal may be achievable in theory- but is it in practice.
“I want to get stronger Biceps by being able to curl an additional 2kg after 2 weeks of training” Is this a realistic statement? If not, why?

10 Time-bound… Do your goals have an end point?
Are you a “ill do it tomorrow” performer? The PEP runs for 6 weeks- goal must be achieved by then!

11 Your P.E.P… Your Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) should be a programme of fitness that you wouldn’t mind undertaking yourself… Think about your own sport/your strengths and weaknesses in this sport/ what kind of training you already undertake/ what areas you need to improve on… Complete the worksheet (provided) which will form the basis of your PEP…

12 I am a __ year old ______ who plays ___________ .
I believe that my strengths in my sport are __________, ____________ , and __________ , The areas I believe I need to improve upon are _________ , _________ and ________ . I am undertaking an 8 week PEP to improve upon my weaknesses in my chosen sport. The training methods I have chosen are aimed to improve my __________ related fitness. My methods are SPECIFIC to my needs because… _________________________________________________________________ . I will use PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD to gain fitness by… _________________________________________________________________ . My REST will be important in my training because… _________________________________________________________________ . RECOVERY will be important because… _____________________________________________________________________________________________ . REVERSIBILITY will come into play if… _____________________________________________________________________________________________ .

13 I will use FREQUENCY in my training programme by… ________________________________________ .
I will use INTENSITY by… ________________________________________ . TIME will be a factor in my PEP because ________________________________________ . The TYPE of training will be important because ________________________________________ .

14 I intend to improve my ____________________________________________________________________ by the end of this PEP. I have chosen these areas using the SMART principle. S__________________________ . M__________________________ . A__________________________ . R__________________________ . T__________________________ .

15 Any Questions? See you next week 
Key Words? Any Questions? See you next week 

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