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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY IN INDIA P. K. Ghosh, Ph D Managing Director KEE GAD Biogen Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (Former Adviser DBT, GOI)

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1 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY IN INDIA P. K. Ghosh, Ph D Managing Director KEE GAD Biogen Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (Former Adviser DBT, GOI) March 06, 2009


3 INDIAN BIOTECH IN GLOBAL CONTEXT Publications and Patents filings on the rise Leadership in innovation is yet narrow R&D Institutes & Universities low in Global ranking Research in Industry not significant yet Innovation and Application not strongly linked Academia not ready to take risk for a venture P. K. Ghosh

4 HEALTH & WEALTH: INDEX FOR DEVELOPMENT A Country is highly developed if it has…… Break through remedies for major diseases like: Cardiovascular diseases Cancer Viral Diseases Killer Bacterial Diseases Abundant availability of Clothing, Food & Drinking water Sound Knowledge and Practice of good Hygiene High Quality Jobs Technologically Advanced Industries In all the above areas Biotech can make a contribution…. P. K. Ghosh

5 SKILLS THAT REVOLUTIONIZED BIOTECHNOLOGY rDNAs & MAbs Microscopy and Imaging Proteins & Nucleotide sequencing PCR Technology LC-MS & MALDI-TOP Flow-cytometry & Cell Sorting Techniques Chromatography & Electrophoresis Protein & DNA Chips & Microarrays Bio-Informatics P. K. Ghosh

6 TOP CONCERNS OF INDIAN BIOTECH INDUSTRY Scarce availability of leaders for company specific needs Inadequate availability of skilled work force Limited resources for research- Internal & External Maintenance of Confidentiality Issues of Intellectual Property Bridging issues between R&D Institutions & Industry Demanding statutory requirements Biased concerns about products by opinion makers Limited linkage between Industry need & Public research P. K. Ghosh

7 BENEFITS OF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER BY R&D INSTITUTES To push discovery into the market To attract Funding & Industrial Partnership Budding skills can be placed into rewarding projects To earn rewards through income & fame Obliged to be transparent by disclosers – Projects, Employees, Sponsors etc. Economic development and Societal uplift P. K. Ghosh

8 BIOTECH APPLICATIONS Health Care Agriculture EnvironmentIndustry GM- Planting Mats. & Hybrids Micro-propagation Bio-fertilizers & Bio-pesticides Animal Improvement r-DNA Products, Vaccines & Diagnostics Monoclonal Antibodies Stem Cells Tissue Specific delivery methods Enzymes Fermentation based Products & Food Biotech Instruments & Equipment Bio-energy & Bio-fuel Bioinformatics Bio-mining Soil & Water remediation Bio-safety & GMOs P. K. Ghosh

9 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: HEALTH CARE rDNA Products & MAbs Cloning, Cell multiplication, Product separation & Formulations Choice of technologies Stem Cell Manipulation Isolation, purification & multiplication of tissue specific stem cells Expertise in Cell re-programming to pluripotency Over expression of certain Genes for Cell re-programming Retro & Non-retroviral means of over expression of target genes Tissue Specific Delivery Technologies Choice of Bio-degradable polymers & modification methods Choice of technologies for production of precise Nano-particles P. K. Ghosh

10 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: AGRICULTURE GM- Seeds: Varieties & Hybrids Choice of right materials Cloning, Micro-propagation & Field Testing Generation of Food & Environmental Safety Information Extensive Public-Private Collaboration involving Opining Makers Animal Improvement Land & Aquatic Animals Identification for Multiplication Choice of Exotic Animal germplasm & Multiplication methods Feed & Fodder Production technologies P. K. Ghosh

11 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: INDUSTRY & ENVIRONMENT Industry r-DNA methods of producing Enzymes Fermented Food & Beverages Software Development for use in Biotech operations Biotech Instruments through Electronics, Software & New Materials Biomass Multiplication & Bio-fuel Environment Biosafety Information generation for commercial use of GMOs Degraded/ Polluted Soil & Water Remediation methods P. K. Ghosh

12 BIOTECH PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TREND Drugs & Pharmaceuticals for Human Isolating/Developing & Multiplying Totipotent Stem Cells Genetically Modified Seeds for Agriculture Instruments for Biotechnology Bioinformatics P. K. Ghosh

13 Biotech drugs innovation process New Idea/ Research Proof of Concept Pilot Development Production Unit setting up & implementation into valuable form Marketing feedback analysis Animal Studies Phase I, II, III Studies Marketing Strategy Time (Years) Actors 0 510 15 R&D Institutes Technology Development & Transfer Strong Industry Motivation for Success Regulatory Approval Money Spent

14 WHAT ARE THE SURVIVAL LANES? To Intensify Basic Research To Develop Novel Methods for Bio-generics Mass Production of Multivalent Vaccines Mass Production of Cheap Diagnostics Novel Drug Delivery & Nanotechnology GM Varieties from Public Institutions Micro-propagation of elites Industrial Enzymes by r-DNA technology Mass Composting of wastes Enzyme Enriched Food & Neutraceuticals Bio-energy & Bio-fuels P. K. Ghosh

15 THANK YOU Turbulence ahead… P. K. Ghosh

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