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3 We have the only guitar picks you will ever need


5 R

6 Jagged edge for clearer sounds

7 Strumming with ordinary pick Strumming with AIOs jagged edge Click to hear You get cleaner and brighter sounds Nylon Strings Click to hear Ordinary pick Awe-In-One

8 Acoustic Steel Strings Sounds like 12 Strings Strumming with ordinary pick Strumming with AIOs jagged edge Ordinary pick Awe-In-One Click to hear

9 Combine the pointed tip & jagged edge to create harmonics

10 Picking with pointed tip and touching string with a jagged edge Acoustic Steel Strings You create muted harmonics even when unplugged Click to hear pick touch or here Here

11 S S S S S SPEED S S S S SPEED Check out the pointed tip for lightning

12 Speed picking with pointed tip Makes you the fastest picker ever Electric Guitar Click to hear

13 Check out the tugging edge for popping sounds

14 Using the corner end of arch to tug nylon strings Nylon Strings Produces funky popping sound even on nylon strings Click to hear

15 Acoustic Steel Strings Using the corner end of arch to tug steel strings Give your fingers a break and pop your strings in record time. Click to hear

16 Electric Guitar Using the corner end of arch to tug electrics In between strumming or soloing, AIO can do the popping Click to hear

17 Express yourself differently each time


19 And thats not all...

20 Other Benefits...

21 Good Grip n Control

22 Good Grip n Control Specially prepared surface that sticks to sweaty fingers Specially designed rough surface for that ultimate grip Folk Series Rock Series

23 You get at least different tensions from just pick 6 one

24 6 different tensions from the same pick soft medium soft medium heavy heavy extra heavy FRONTBACK medium

25 Tired after holding a pick for too long ??

26 Just reverse holding position

27 How big is Awe-In-One?

28 Just about the size of an ordinary pick

29 Extremely durable

30 Easier retrieval from pick holder

31 Recyclable Material Made of

32 You will like it

33 Guess what… it likes you too

34 What our satisfied customers say...

35 I received your picks today in the mail in good condition. They will be added this weekend to the website I´ve tried them myself and, it takes a little time to get used to all the possibilities of the pick but once you get the hang of it, the pick works great Thanx for everything and greetings from Belgium Johnny from the Twister Studio - Belgium The easy grip and areas of different thickness provide a reliable way of varying tone quality from phrase to phrase. There may be other picks around that try to do this, but none succeed as well as awe-in-one. Mr Hamish Dyson, Jazz Guitar Teacher Australia

36 Thank you for your samples ! I been playing with your Awe-In One picks for some days now, and i must say that i really like them very much! The more i play, the more i like them... Did show them for some of my friends too, and they also like the idea about your picks. Matts Malmstrom, Guitar distributor - Finland I remain at your disposal for a possible proposal of works as guitarist demonstrator in a show of music. I play with your plectrums regularly and I like them much. Best greetings. (translated from French) Mr. Laurent Naef, Guitar Artiste - France

37 I met you at Frankfurt MusikMesse and bought two of these wonderful Picks (one in yellow and one in orange). I´m very satisfied with them. Do you have dealers in Germany, where I can buy more? Paul Montz, MusikMesse customer - Germany Complete Solution: Its hard to find a selection of plectrums that cater to every playing style, but Awe-In-Ones pack of six seems to have solved this problem in style. Guitar Review Editor – 440Hz News The Star newspaper - Malaysia

38 I would say it is the best pick...even the stiffest side is nicely playable. I find that it is much louder for my strumming [nylon guitars] for children's church song leading …. Mr. Joel Loh, IT Consultant & Guitar enthusiast - Singapore I just got the Awe in one in my mailbox today!! I got one word..DAMN!!!! > best plectrums ive ever tried!!! they are just beyond perfect!!! i will > easily d o business with you again..soon!! "Jokke X - Rocker from Sweden

39 Hi guys... listen man - I just got hold of one of your picks from a friend of mine and I am just dropping you a line to say that it really is a revelation ( i dont use that term lightly) - I'm an acoustic player and I can get about 20 different sounds out of the damn thing just by changing the angles, edges and the attack.. my Martin is singing like a bird.. from chiming chords to ripping leads and bends.. and all things in between.. as you can tell I am pretty excited.. I have used it to put down some rhythm on a new track with the band (using the wavy edge bit this time) and it really cuts through the mix without being too much - I havent even had to EQ the track I laid down.. its just gone straight on and I'm loving it.. I'll never go back..... Sincere thanks for your great product.. sincerely yours Jim Beckett - Guitar player - Guardian ( Band name) Cleveland, England

40 Yes, and Ive been trying it out the past few days. I like the versatility. Very comfortable to grip and hang on to. By the way, as a lefty I had absolutely no problem in adapting it and feeling comfortable right away! Kevin Pelletier (left-handed guitar player) New Mexico, USA

41 Yes! We have finally moulded the picks for your fingers ….not the other way round

42 Patent number US7067729

43 All demos were done by the inventor, who is an amateur guitar player. No guitar effects were used. Check out the real stars featured as Todays artistes in our Products Page

44 AWE - IN- ONE R Website: www.awe-in-one. com


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