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What's New with Programmability and Scripting Jon Peck Technical Advisor and Principal Software Engineer Las Vegas, November 2008 Copyright (c) SPSS Inc,

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1 What's New with Programmability and Scripting Jon Peck Technical Advisor and Principal Software Engineer Las Vegas, November 2008 Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

2 Do you have... Repetitive SPSS tasks? A need to reduce manual work? Problems you can't solve with traditional syntax? A need for statistical procedures not in SPSS Statistics? A need for higher productivity? A need to reduce code maintenance time? See if programmability can help... Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

3 Agenda Programmability introduction Four examples –Automating repetitive work: applySyntaxToFiles –Integrating programs and scripting: SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES –Adding R statistical procedures: SPSSINC QUANTILE REGRESSION –Making your own user interface with.NET The Statistical Explorer Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

4 SPSS Statistics embeds three programming languages Traditional syntax and Basic scripting still present Plug-ins let you extend capabilities using –Python –R –.NET languages (Windows only) Free plug-in downloads or get from cd SPSS Developer Central web site provides articles, SPSS-written modules, plug-ins and user contributionsSPSS Developer Central Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

5 BEGIN PROGRAM PYTHON. import spss print "Hello, Las Vegas" END PROGRAM Python or R program code goes in the normal SPSS Statistics syntax window My first program Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

6 A program in the input stream can communicate with SPSS Statistics and control it and use Python or R facilities and modules (internal mode) spss.Submit("GET FILE='c:/data/cars.sav'.") A Python or.NET application can embed SPSS Statistics inside itself (external mode) –User interface does not appear There is a lower level C API available in an SDK Programmability combines SPSS Statistics with Python or R Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

7 Python and R are open source software Programmability plug-ins are an optional install –They are free –They make possible tapping the work of the Python and R communities –Python and R have license agreements –SPSS has a Freeware license agreement SPSS is not the owner or licensor of the Python or R software. Any user of Python or R must agree to the terms of the license agreement located on the Python or R web site. SPSS is not making any statement about the quality of the Python or R programs. SPSS fully disclaims all liability associated with your use of the Python or R programs. Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

8 Programmability increases your power, flexibility, and productivity Generalization –React flexibly to metadata, results, and the environment Automation –Embed program logic in jobs Extension –Add or extend procedures and transformations –Tap existing R or Python statistical modules Integration –Connect SPSS inputs and outputs to other agents And programmability is more fun Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

9 Version 17 has new programmability and scripting features V 15 Processor –SPSS syntax –Python programs –.NET programs Front End –SaxBasic scripts –COM support V 16 Additions Processor –R programs –Extension commands –Dataset class Front End –Basic script upgrade –Python scripts V 17 Additions Processor –Extension improvements –Program and script integration –R graphics in Viewer Front End –Custom Dialog Builder –New syntax editor Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

10 Programs run in the regular syntax stream Users can define SPSS Statistics syntax for program and scripts via Extension mechanism. Users can create dialog boxes and menus using the Custom Dialog Builder. –Not just for extensions or programs Python and R output appears in the Viewer –plain text –pivot tables –charts Programmability functionality is fully integrated into SPSS Statistics Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

11 New for version 17 –SETSMACRO: syntax for using Variable Sets –SPSSINC APRIORI: association rules (R) –SPSSINC HETCOR: polychoric and serial correlation (R) –SPSSINC MERGE TABLES: merge pivot tables –SPSSINC MODIFY OUTPUT: outline titling and styling –SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES: pivot table styling –SPSSINC QUANTREG: quantile regression (R) –SPSSINC RAKE: adjust weights to control totals –SPSSINC RANFOR/RANPRED: random forests (R) –SPSSINC RASCH: Rasch models (R) –SPSSINC ROBUST REGR: robust regression (R) –SPSSINC TOBIT REGR: Tobit regression (R) For version 16 (and 17) –Seven others There are new extension commands available from Developer Central Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

12 –Write Python or R functions to implement the functionality Use input API's to get data to Python or R Use output API's to create pivot tables –For extensions, Define the syntax in an xml file Use tools in to receive parsed output and pass to implementing function –R extensions can be wrapped in Python code Use organization or author name as first word of command –Use the Custom Dialog Builder to create the interface The CDB is not just for extensions –Test! –Package and distribute –Contributions to Developer Central are welcome Documentation available at SPSS Developer CentralSPSS Developer Central You can create and share your own additions to SPSS Statistics Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

13 Expand the audience by creating SPSS Statistics syntax and dialog boxes Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

14 Generalize and automate work Example I Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

15 You have syntax files and need to process datasets not known in advance every day applySyntaxToFiles function applies a syntax file to each file in input specification Optionally saves new sav and output files Optionally creates a log Can be run in internal or external mode Can be integrated into a larger process applySyntaxToFiles Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

16 Apply standard processing to an unknown set of files Produce processed data and reports Automating a routine process Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

17 begin program. import spss, spssaux3 spssaux3.applySyntaxToFiles(inputspec="c:/temp/parts/*.sav", syntax = "c:/userconf2008lasvegas/dailychecks.sps", outputdatadir = "c:/temp/processed", outputfiledir = "c:/temp/processed", logfile ="c:/temp/processed/report.txt") end program. dailychecks.sps could apply data cleaning rules, modify data, and create reports This program could be run daily through Production Mode or PES job scheduler or used interactively Use a program to drive processing Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

18 Use integrated scripting for better table presentation Example II Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

19 TableLooks provide static formatting for entire areas of a table –data cells –row and column layers You want tables with formatting beyond tableLooks Many users copy tables to Excel and manually format them Basic and Python Scripting provide programmatic way to do formatting SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES provides syntax for extensive formatting –Eliminates need to know scripting –Uses Extension mechanism for programs and Python scripting SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES extension command Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

20 SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES SUBTYPE='Crosstabulation' DIMENSION=ROWS SELECT='Std. Residual' /STYLES TEXTSTYLE=BOLD BACKGROUNDCOLOR=255 0 0 APPLYTO='abs(x) >2'. Use dynamic highlighting to make crosstab table easier to read Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

21 Dialog created with Custom Dialog Builder Generates extension command syntax Easy to distribute Custom dialog boxes are easy to create Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

22 SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES subtype='variables in the equation' SELECT="B" "Sig." /STYLES TEXTCOLOR = 0 0 255 BACKGROUNDCOLOR=0 255 0. Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008 Use static formatting to call out parts of a table

23 SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES SUBTYPE="Custom Table" SELECT = "Total" DIMENSION=ROWS /STYLES BACKGROUNDCOLOR=255 255 88 TEXTSTYLE = BOLD Format CTABLES totals to call them out Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

24 SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES SUBTYPE='Report' SELECT=" >" /STYLES APPLYTO=DATACELLS TEXTCOLOR=255 255 255 TEXTSTYLE=BOLD CUSTOMFUNCTION="customstylefunctions.washColumnsBlue". def washColumnsBlue(obj, i, j, numrows, numcols, section, more): mincolor=150. maxcolor=255. increment = (maxcolor - mincolor)/(numcols-1) colorvalue = round(mincolor + increment * j) obj.SetBackgroundColorAt(i,j, RGB((mincolor, mincolor, colorvalue))) Use custom functions for special effects Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

25 It is possible to get carried away with this

26 Add R procedures seamlessly to SPSS Statistics Example III Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

27 R –has many advanced statistical procedures –is a complex language for programming statistics –is difficult to learn The R plug-in makes it easy to use R packages –SPSS Statistics datasets and Viewer output can be processed by R using plug-in –Graphical, text, and table output appear in the Viewer –New SPSS datasets can be created from R –R can communicate with SPSS via 30 API's –Integration requires writing some R wrapper code Plug-in is downloadable from Developer Central R procedures can be accessed from SPSS Statistics using the R plug-in Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

28 Ordinary regression models conditional mean Median regression is 50 th quantile Estimating quantiles is useful with varying spread, asymmetries, outliers Areas of application include –empirical finance value at risk mutual fund investment styles credit scoring –school quality –demand analysis –others Quantile regression models conditional quantiles Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

29 SPSSINC QUANTILE REGRESSION extension embeds R quantreg Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

30 Plots and pivot tables appear in the Viewer Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

31 New datasets appear in Data Editor windows Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

32 The.NET plug-in allows an easy.NET way to do your own user interface for SPSS Statistics Example IV Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

33 The Statistical Explorer uses the.NET plug-in Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

34 The Statistical Explorer Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

35 Statistics and chart shown depends on variable measurement level Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

36 SPSS Statistics 17 completes programmability and scripting building blocks Unification of programs and scripts Custom Dialog Builder Extension improvements and new extensions R integration and graphics in Viewer SPSS Developer Central is your friendSPSS Developer Central Where we have been today Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

37 ? Questions Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

38 Generalization and automation –applySyntaxToFiles –SPSS MODIFY TABLES Extension –SPSSINC MODIFY TABLES using integrated scripting –SPSS QUANTREG using R –Many new extension commands available Integration –applySyntaxToFiles as part of a process And it's still more fun Programmability increases your power, flexibility, and productivity Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

39 Contact Copyright (c) SPSS Inc, 2008

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