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We followed the US Elections closely.... One man understood the power of the Internet and dared to bring the change… A Change we all believed in !! …and.

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1 We followed the US Elections closely...

2 One man understood the power of the Internet and dared to bring the change… A Change we all believed in !! …and became the most powerful Man in the World!

3 One man understood the power of the Internet and dared to bring the change… Barack Obama on Twitter Obama: @barackobama has 112,474 followers McCain: @JohnMcCain (is it real?) 4,603followers Obama has 240 times more followers on Twitter than McCain Facebook Obama: 2,379,102 supporters McCain: 620,359 supporters Obama had 380% more supporters MySpace Obama: Friends: 833,161 McCain: Friends: 217,811 Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain YouTube Obama: 1792 videos uploaded since Nov 2006, Subscribers: 114,559 Channel Views: 18,413,110 McCain: 329 videos uploaded since Feb 2007 Subscribers: 28,419, Channel Views: 2,032,993 Obama has 403% more subscribers than McCain Obama has 905% more viewers than McCain A Change we all believed in !!

4 …and were mesmerized by the marketing tactics used to create Brand OBAMA!

5 This is what marketers have to say… Were taking dollars directly out of television. - Dave Burwick, CMO, Pepsico The time has come for us to agree that mass-media marketing is over. Our brand means different things to different people. - Larry Light, CMO, McDonalds There must be and there is life beyond the 30-second spot. We must accept the fact that there is no mass in mass media anymore, & leverage more targeted approaches. - Jim Stengel, CMO, P&G Consumers in the age groups and with the mindsets we are dealing with graze across all media, so we cant afford to have a TV-centric approach. Well fish where the fish are. - Ian Beavis, VP Marketing, Mitsuibishi Motors

6 The Effectiveness of Internet… Internet Advertising Internet Advertising Increasing Brand awareness Increasing Brand awareness Drive Traffic Retain Customers Drive Traffic Retain Customers Increase Sales / Product Usage Increase Sales / Product Usage Track Customer interests & trends Track Customer interests & trends Customized Message Strategy Customized Message Strategy Develop Database Develop Database Provide Information Improve Service Provide Information Improve Service Customer Interaction Customer Interaction

7 Its now the turn of the Worlds biggest Democracy to choose their leader...

8 …a leader who will lead India to being the next SUPERPOWER

9 But, apart from its real significance…

10 …elections in India is also like a festival, as colorful as Holi and ends with a celebration which can be compared to Diwali.

11 But there is a Big difference in the polling scenario this year… …for the first time in India there is a BIG number of Generation X & Y voters

12 Who are Generation X & Y

13 How and where do they follow the election campaigns of their favorite political parties/leaders?

14 Newspapers feed them with information in the morning. Radios role is limited while they are on the road travelling. Television provides information after they are back home. But, they also have unlimited access to the Internet during the 8-10 hrs in office.

15 Internet is the only medium where one can…… Update themselves and express their Opinions Interact with others and start a debate Chat with various Politicians and question them Do head-to-head comparisons So, in a way, the Internet is the place where they can actually celebrate the spirit of Elections by participating and being a part of it.

16 The Online Edge In Print & Electronic Medium, the advertiser PAYS TO REACH the Audience, Out here he PAYS WHEN the Audience REACHES Him Highly Targeted, Controlled and Measurable qualities of the Medium gives it a major advantage over the other media Interactivity is the biggest jewel in the crown!

17 Truly Admirable ! Of the 50 million users in India 35 million are power users, who regularly use the net for communication, commerce and research A CAGR growth rate of over 50% in online population Y-O-Y There has been as upsurge in the broadband adoption with subscriber base crossing the 1 million mark in early 2006.

18 Thus - the only Webby nominee from India - the winner of Best News Portal Award for two consecutive years decided to launch, a dedicated One-stop-destination for all political action in the run-up, during and after the 15th Lok Sabha Elections to cater to the demand of the Indians living in India and

19 Ibnpolitics Answer

20 Website Screenshot

21 The Poll Days ….


23 Phase 1

24 Phase 2

25 Phase 3

26 Phase 4

27 Phase 5

28 100-Day Poll Plan Web Interactives Web-TV Interactives Electoral Maps Ready Reckoner Video Debates Online Ballot Party Candidates list News & Interviews State Diaries & Blogs Fantasy Cabinet Videos & Podcast Columns & Chats Campaign Trail Poll Results Poll Stars Genie Post-Poll Coverage IBN Conversations Party Manifesto

29 Web Interactive Virtual Elections Extensive pre-poll online voting module to capture the mood of the nation where citizens vote for PARTIES of their choice Methodology Phase I: Voting begins in all 28 states, 7 Union Territories Phase II: Build pre-poll alliance into DB, collate result Phase III: Declare result week before polling Back

30 Fantasy Cabinet Create your own cabinet online. Users get to choose from a database of probables and allot key portfolios to them. Rating/voting pattern will be displayed. Participants get to maintain their Cabinet and update / make changes to the list. There will be checks in places for parties/alliances to discourage mixed bag/improbable Cabinet. Result will be indicative of a politicians equity. The exercise culminates post-poll when the real Cabinet is formed. The one closest to the real Cabinet is chosen winner and is brought as guest / mentioned on air. Web Interactive Back

31 Web-TV Ibn Blogs /Diaries Weekly State Diaries, blogs and vlogs by IBN correspondents from all states going to polls Back

32 VIDEO DEBATES Video debates to be seeded by IBN Editors Invite questions and viewpoints in video format on issues, parties, personalities. Selected videos to be included in on-air debates/panel discussions Provision on IBNLive to capture videos through webcam Ibn Blogs /Daiaries Weekly State Diaries, blogs and vlogs by IBN correspondents from all states going to polls Web-TV Back

33 Columns & Chats OPINION TRACKER CHAT & COLUMN SERIES CNN-IBN will hold weekly opinion poll on ground, Expert panelists will chat online on the poll result and write columns as well. SPECIAL COLUMN & CHAT SERIES Series of columns and chats with prominent personalities: India Inc: Nandan Nilekani, KV Kamath, Rahul Bajaj Eminent Personalities: Dr Kasturirangan, Ramachandra Guha, Sports: Bishen Singh Bedi, Politicians: Chandrababu Naidu, Arun Jaitley,Jayanti Natarajan,Amar Singh, Omar Abdullah, Milind Deora, Kanimozhi; Films: Amitabh Bachchan, Mahesh Bhatt Back



36 Ready Reckoner Profiles 200 key candidates for 2009 Trends of elections 2004 Trends of elections 1951-2004 Electoral Process FAQs Jargon Buster Back



39 Approach Web18 election Coverage Direct feeds from IBNPolitics Corporate element on elections Approach Elections Page with highly interactive/ fun elements like polls, interactives, quiz contests Aggregate best of election/ counting-related content from the Web. Display Web18 element on polls on RHS

40 Josh18 Approach Poll page and a slot on the homepage to push poll content on Josh18 Direct from IBNKhabar for News, Videos and Show etc Interactive elements like Maps & Stats, Schedules, Candidate Profiles will be integrated from IBNKhabar to Josh18 s poll page

41 Fishing where the Fish is Through the years there has been a decline in the viewership of both the TV and the Print… On TV though the number of programs have increased, the number of audience per program has decreased considerably People spend more time on the Internet than on any other media

42 Measuring RESPONSE : The ROI Factor Print & TV: – Call back by Customer – Snail Mail – E mail – Measuring Increase in footfalls in the store – Needs manual research to be conducted for response measurement Internet: – Clicks – Ad Interaction (Rich Media) – Brand preference – Increase in Site Traffic – Delayed visitors – Unique visitors – Lead Generation – Customer comments – Web Analytics gives a detailed account of response through an online campaign Internets measurability has transformed the very perspective with which marketers view their advertising effectiveness

43 Be a part of the action !!!

44 Election Packages PropertyCost Presenting SponsorshipRs. 2,000,000 Co-SponsorshipRs. 1,500,000 Associate Sponsorship - 6Rs. 1,000,000 Photo GalleryRs. 400,000 VideosRs.500,000 ChatsRs. 400,000 Opinion PollRs. 500,000 BlogsRs.300,000 Other PropertiesRs.250000 Apart from the above, there is also a possibility of a Web18 package deal where in the client can also be promoted across,, through ad inventories.

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