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Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Presented by: Captain Steve Vaughn CVSA President The Importance of Being An Active Member Visit CVSA at booth 1705.

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2 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Presented by: Captain Steve Vaughn CVSA President The Importance of Being An Active Member Visit CVSA at booth 1705

3 Vision An environment free of commercial vehicle accidents and incidents Mission Achieve uniformity and reciprocity of commercial vehicle inspections and enforcement activities throughout North America through effective motor carrier, driver, vehicle and cargo safety standards, compliance, education, and enforcement Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

4 PAST……...An organization built on a solid foundation of CMV safety PRESENT…Leveraging our infrastructure of people and knowledge FUTURE….Expanded delivery of timely information and services that will directly reduce fatalities, crashes, and incidents

5 Roadside Inspections Over 2 million conducted annually across the continent 6 different inspection types 8,000 enforcement state and provincial officers deployed -- more on the way Over 1,400 fixed facilities

6 Roadside Inspection Statistics 1999 Safetynet Data Trucks -- Vehicles –2,080,185 inspections –3,278,021 violations –661,051 OOS violations 25.4% -- Brake other 20.3% -- Other 18.8% -- Lights 11.2% -- Brake adjustment 11.0% -- Tires 7.0% -- Suspension 6.3% -- Load securement Trucks -- Drivers –2,080,185 inspections –1,604,164 violations –233,370 OOS violations 36.3% -- No log/Log not current 31.2% -- Other 15.3% -- 10/15 hour rules 7.8% -- False logs 6.1% -- 60/70/80 hour rules 3.3% -- Disqualified driver

7 Roadside Inspection Statistics 1999 Safetynet Data Hazardous Materials –126, 805 inspections 5.7% of yearly total –62,237 violations –14,524 OOS violations 33.3% -- Improper placarding 25.1% -- Shipping papers 20.5% -- Improper blocking/bracing 18.4% -- Other 2.7% -- Using a Non- Specification package FY 1999 AVERAGES –24.7% OOS Rate -- Vehicles Brakes constitute 36.6% of Truck OOS Violations –8.4% OOS Rate -- Drivers HOS constitute 65.5% of Truck OOS violations –Hazardous Materials 20.8% OOS Rate -- Vehicles 4.8% OOS Rate -- Drivers

8 The New CVSA Expanding Our Sphere of Influence

9 Law Enforcement Officials Trucking Companies Bus Companies Truck Manufacturers Bus Manufacturers Insurance Companies Trailer Manufacturers Safety Products/Accessory Companies Rest Stop Facilities Private Fleets Owner-Operators Industry Associations Parts/Supplies Companies Engineering Firms Law Firms Law Enforcement Equipment Companies Industry Journals Research Organizations Consulting Companies Intelligent Transportation System Companies Transportation Software Companies Academia Our Membership

10 Senate & House Testimony Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Safety Auditor Certification New Carrier Entrant Program Commercial Drivers License DOT Safety Goal Achievement Planning Part 350 Rulemaking (MCSAP) Hours of Service Single State Registration System Uniform Hazardous Materials Permit Program Legislative/Regulatory Activity

11 11 active committees, 3 adhoc committees in 2000 Uniform Inspection Procedures and OOS Criteria Expanded Government Affairs Activities Provide Technical & Educational Services Assist in ITS Deployment Assess CMV Safety Technology Develop and Disseminate Publications & CVSA Online North American Inspectors Championship Spring Workshop & Annual Conference DOE Contract Initiatives Provide THE Forum for Safety Dialogue On-going Activities A snapshot

12 Print Media Electronic Media Education and Training Enhanced Communication Methods CVSA Inspection Familiarization Seminars

13 Professional Development CDL State Self- Assessments Teaming Agreements Increased Legislative Activity More on the way….. Brake Safety Symposium Roadcheck 2001 Operation Air Brake Cargo Securement Standards Training Performance Based Safety Planning New Programs Delivering more for members

14 Roadcheck 2001 June 5-7, 2001 CVSA leading the way Vigilant in our safety enforcement programs Visibility and showcase success Educate 50 by 2010 Partnering for the future...and our Industry partners

15 Year


17 Roadcheck 2000 Data A snapshot  42,700 inspections were conducted  36,585 were Level I’s  11,181 OOS vehicles  26.2% of vehicles inspected  2,426 OOS drivers  5.7% of drivers inspected  20,648 OOS vehicle viols.  1.85 per out-of-service vehicle  4,019 OOS driver viols.  1.7 per out-of-service driver  81,206 viols. discovered  1.9 per inspection

18 Roadcheck 2000 Data A snapshot  10,611 of 20,648 vehicle OOS viols. (51%) were for brakes  followed by lights, tires & wheels, load securement, and suspension  1,859 of 4,019 driver OOS viols. (46%) were for HOS  followed by registration, and license  25,097 CVSA decals were issued  4,524 HM inspections were conducted  1,078 (23.8%) vehicles OOS  151 (3.3%) drivers OOS  433 motor coach inspections were conducted  92 (21.2%) vehicles OOS  11 (2.5%) drivers OOS

19  An International Selective Traffic Enforcement Program designed to…...  Promote and reinforce the need for drivers to check and adjust air-brake systems  Educate drivers on the seriousness of operating a heavy vehicle with inadequate brakes. Sponsors: CVSA, FMCSA and CCMTA Participants –Enforcement Agencies across Canada and the United States (Puerto Rico), Traffic Safety Agencies, Industry Stakeholders/Associations Operation Air Brake What is it?

20 Three components –Enforcement strict enforcement of brake rules essential brake check days –Promotional Items Brake Checker - Key Chain Decal Pamphlet Scale signs Operation Air Brake Campaign Focus –Awareness Activities Roadcheck farm progress truck rodeos carrier awareness driver/carrier meetings driver appreciation day

21 Operation Air Brake Out-of-Service Defects

22 Showing results Effective in reducing OOS rates for brakes Support is growing Will continue into the future We want to stop this……... Operation Air Brake

23 Professional Development A work in progress since 1997 Adhoc Committee established 09/00 Mission To examine the Alliance’s future role and approach to continuing education, training, and awareness and offer recommendations to the leadership on direction Examining several provisions in MCSIA-99 –Motor Carrier Safety Auditors –New Entrant Program

24 Professional Development Committee is to report back to leadership in May 2001 This is an important role for CVSA -- to provide the membership and the safety community with the tools to increase CMV safety awareness, compliance, and reduce crashes

25 CDL State Self Assessment Law-Enforcement-Led, Safety-Driven Effort to…. Reduce truck and bus involved crashes… taking a results and performance based approach to looking at the effectiveness of State driver evaluation processes Conduct a bottoms up approach…...taking on a unique state-level public safety dimension Enable a proactive method of operation against drivers in reducing truck and bus crashes

26 The Need Make the CDL Program more safety and crash-data driven Strengthen the cause and effect linkage –driver behavior (citations - convictions - withdrawals - dispositions) and crashes Identify and Fix “Leaks” and broken “Triggers” Reevaluate processes and systems for effective commercial driver monitoring Identify and remove unsafe drivers from the road

27 CDL State Self Assessment Objectives Develop a series of safety-driven, controlled measurements of the state’s processes for assessing and monitoring commercial driver performance Develop a “Tool Kit” for the assessment and monitoring of BOTH state and driver performance

28 Information Have a voice Knowledge Network Education Representation Forum Importance of Being Active in CVSA Enhance Safety Relationships

29 We Need Your Participation! No one has all the answers Be a part of the solution Technological advances are altering business processes and vehicle design, components, operation, and maintenance Safety is a collaborative responsibility Knowledge and information sharing will enhance safety and reduce crashes and incidents

30 Take advantage of what CVSA has to offer… be informed, be active and most of all be safe.

31 May 12-17, 2001 New Orleans, LA Hyatt Regency Join us! CVSA Spring Workshop

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