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Creating Excellent Resumes Career Services ContactHours & Location Katie T. AndersonAppointment Manager Center 812-330-6018Anytime,

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2 Creating Excellent Resumes

3 Career Services ContactHours & Location Katie T. AndersonAppointment Manager kanderso@ivytech.eduAdvising Center 812-330-6018Anytime, as arranged Services Activities/Resources Advisingand ReferralsJobZone Interest Assessment Job Search Presentations Experiential Learning: internships & co-opsCollege Transfer Resume & Cover Letter Writing Career Expo, April 3 rd 2014 Interview Preparation Career Services Online

4 FACT zNo matter what degree or what experience you have, you still must be perceived as competent, professional

5 What is a resume? zWebster’s definition: a summing up; a summary, statement of job applicants education and previous experience zCareer definition: an electronic or paper presentation describing why you should receive an interview for a job opening zDocument of introduction to an employer

6 An Excellent Resume Will…

7 Two Characteristics of People who create excellent resumes zOver time, they have put extensive effort into creating the resume zThey seek constructive critiques from qualified people (career services, advisors, professors, recruiters, communication experts, family, professional references)

8 What makes a resume excellent? zAccurate zEmphasis on Education, Accomplishment zOrganized zEasy to Scan zConcise zTruthful zJob Appropriate

9 Types of Resumes

10 Chronological zEducation zListing of Jobs zMost relevant, recent history first zTraditional

11 Types of Resumes Functional (Skills) zCluster experiences under major skill areas zLimited paid work experience zChanging careers zNot worked for a while zPresents strengths zMore challenging to write

12 Types of Resumes Combination Resume (Creative) zUses elements of both chronological and functional resumes zUsed to improve the clarity or presentation of a resume

13 Content

14 Headings Anita Jenkins 102 Carmichael Avenue Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 332-7077

15 Headings Annie Schaffer 1224 Seventeenth Street Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 744-4568

16 Headings Dan James 103 Adler Rd Bloomington, IN 47401, 330-1010 djames@gmail

17 Professional Objective

18 zTell the employer what you want to do for them zInformation should be focused on meeting their needs and solving their problems zIdentify two or three: job type, employer / industry, skills and responsibilities you want to perform in this position.

19 Professional Objective THIS………. zSeeking a challenging position in design technology utilizing knowledge in AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro E, CAD / CAM NOT THIS… z A draftsman position in which I can use my people skills and abilities to advance in a small to mid-sized company with room for growth.

20 Education zIvy Tech Community College Bloomington, IN December 2014 Pursuing an A.A.S. in Design Technology Bio-Mechanical / Quality Focus GPA: 3.7/4.0 Deans List December 2012 zIvy Tech Community College, Bloomington, IN May 2014 Associate of Science Degree in Design Technology Transfer into Purdue College of Technology August 2014 Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology zIvy Tech Community College, Bloomington, Indiana May 2014 AS Degree in Engineering Technology Chancellors List, December 2012; GPA 3.5/4.0

21 Education Not Impressive August 2013 - currently enrolled at Ivy Tech in the Design Technology program. I have a 2.8 grade average and go nights.

22 Certifications z AutoCAD Certification; 12-13 Attained certified user credential upon completion of Advanced CAD, Design 220 course zSolid Works zCAD / CAM zCNC Programming zISO / QS International Standards

23 Related Course Work zTechnical Graphics zAdvanced CAD / Solid Modeling zLogic, Design, and Programming zStatics zKinematics of Machinery zSystems Analysis and Design zParametric Solid Modeling zCNC Programming

24 Skills zThe purpose: Provide a summary of the skills you offer to the employer --- that relate to the kind of job you want to do for them.

25 Example of Skills zComputer Systems: All MS products, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro Engineering, SketchIT, Adobe Creative Suite, 3DS Max zProduct development and testing, estimation, RF circuit design

26 Example of Skills zExperience with Engineering Terminology, DFM, test method and process validations (IQ, OQ, and PPQ) zExperience with Design of Experiments and product / process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

27 Summary of Qualifications zSummarize for the employer why you are qualified to do the job you say you want zSpecify the reasons why the employer should hire you

28 Example Summary of Qualifications zFamiliar with design operating systems zKnowledgeable in Microsoft Office, Exchange Administrator zExperienced in graphic illustration zExperienced in installing and configuring drafting workstations

29 Experience

30 z “Work” or “Professional” Experience are categories indicating paid positions z “Experience” or “Related Experience” are categories indicating either paid or unpaid positions

31 Experience zInclude job title, employer name, city and state, dates of employment. zDescription of skills used, learned. Highlight accomplishments of your work. zEmphasize the job title by listing it first – Some prefer to list employer name first

32 Experience z Emphasize skills versus duties z It is important to present experience as an action-oriented contributor z Prioritize

33 Example of Experience Descriptions zAssistant Manager, Fastenal Bloomington, IN January 2010 to present Interfaced (action verb) extensively (descriptor) with contractors (object) troubleshooting problems and generating solutions (end-result).

34 Example of Experience Descriptions zFront Line Server, McDonald’s Corporation, Bloomington, IN (1/11-1/14) Took orders promptly and accurately (action verb) from customers (object) including counter and drive up (descriptor) keeping orders flowing and providing excellent customer satisfaction (end-result).

35 Example of Experience Descriptions zMIS Coordinator, HOPE Foundation Bloomington, In (5/13 - present) Provided (action verb) information management support (object) for all plant users (descriptor) contributing to the highest rate of employee computer use over a two- year period (end-result) zMcDermott Construction 2012 to present Confer with customer to review schematics and answer questions pertaining to construction development

36 Example of Experience Descriptions zProgrammer Associate, ProsLink Technical Company, Inc., Bloomington, IN (1/2010 to present) Monitored and controlled (action verb) computer processing (object) including output queues, printing, and output distribution (descriptor) keeping operations on schedule (end-result).

37 Activities zProvide an overview of the professional, extracurricular, and community activities that compliment your ability to perform the job zCan be a main section or subsection zPrioritize zEmphasize what you did zOther headings may be Interests, Community Involvement, Civic Engagement, Service, Experiential Learning, Professional Organizations, Presentations, Publications

38 A Word About Length zAs long as it takes to do the job zInformation on resume should be yRelevant, concise, complete, accurate, without errors yOrganized, easy to scan yDon’t “squeeze” it on yNo “fluff” yGenerally 1 page for entry level

39 References

40 zProfessional references are people with whom you have some formal relationship such as a professor or boss zGenerally 3-6 references are preferred zEssential - discuss your job search with your references. zList an individual only if he or she has agreed to be a positive reference

41 Reference Examples zDean Kirk Barnes Technology and Applied Sciences Chair Ivy Tech Community College 200 Daniels Way Bloomington, Indiana 47404 812-330-6050; zJane Smith, EE, Engineering Tech Supervisor Bloomington Limestone Company 109 S. College Ave Bloomington, Indiana 47401 812-337-2626;

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