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MN Chromatography Business in Taiwan [ Alan Chiu 2013/10/15]

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1 MN Chromatography Business in Taiwan [ Alan Chiu 2013/10/15]

2 Contents Uni-Onward introduction MN sales in Taiwan (UNI-ONWARD) MN imported in Taiwan (UNI-ONWARD) Comparing product lines in history and 2013 Our actions to increase businesses rapidly The Hand-out of our design this year Summary

3 Company History Name: Uni-Onward Corporation Established: March 1987 Employees: 182 staffs Website:

4 Organization Chart Mr. C.H. Chang President Mr. Eric Chen General Manager Ms. Walter Chang Manager Mr. Otto Tsai Sales Director Ms. Gemma Wang Manager MIS Finance Customer Service Marketing & TS Sales ( 8 groups) Bulk Ms. Cindy Chang Manager Ms. Alice Zheng Associated Director Purchasing Administration Warehouse

5 Manpower Distribution sales team (direct sales) / 67 people indirect sales support (TS, Market & CS) / 52 people internal team / 53 people

6 Education background of Direct Sales & TS Biochemistry / 40 people Chemical / 24 people Analysis / 3 people Others / 7 people

7 Local Networks (branch offices) TAIWANTAIWAN Taipei Pingjen City Hsinchu Taichung Chiayi Tainan Kaohsiung Hualien

8 e-System Milestone ERP Order Order PurchasePurchase FinancialsFinancials OperationsOperations AnalysisAnalysis…….. CTI / e-Commerce IntegratedIntegrated service service TelemarketingTelemarketing CRM / H2O Portal KM / Web

9 Warehouse Capacity: 6,500 square meters Using capacity : 9,130 square meters Capabilities & Specialized Functions : General Chemicals Toxic Corrosive Oxidizer Flammable Low temperature storage: General (2-8 o C) Frozen (0 o C, -20 o C and -80 o C)

10 18 26 Warehouse

11 uni-onward corp. Toxic Chemicals Storage District Corrosive Substances Flammable Substances Warehouse

12 uni-onward corp. Warehouse

13 uni-onward corp. - 80 Warehouse

14 Headquarter 5F

15 Exhibitions


17 uni-onward corp. Training & Learning

18 Team building activities

19 uni-onward corp. ISO 9001 Compliant (Certified Since 2000)

20 AEO Certificate AEO Authorized Economic Operator Which is follow WCO World Customs Origination SAFE

21 TAF Certificate

22 MN sales in Taiwan (UNI-ONWARD) Compared with past years, the business in 2010 increased 60%. Compared to 2012, the business in 2013 is estimated to increase at least 10%, but our target is to achieve 15% increase.

23 MN import value at UNI-ONWARD (Euro) The Imported value at UNI-ONWARD in 2010 was double than past years Compare to 2012, the import is expected to increase at least 10%

24 What happened to the critical increment of business in 2010? More and more HPLC column items were brought in our market gradually and stably these years, such as Nucleodure series and Chiral columns. Good promotion in Nucleodure HTec C18 prep columns. Some TLC new items such as 818333 have occupied some markets successfully and been a powerful weapon against Merck. Conventional products such as reagents and test papers were also increased in our market share. The introduction of new products including of Syringe filters and Vials. Complete backing including price and technique service from MN. Aggressive actions and attempts from our strong sales team.

25 The main MN products sold in UNI-ONWARD in the past Silica Gel TLC HPLC Derivatisation Reagents pH Adsorbents Others

26 Historical proportion of main products

27 Our MN products in recent years HPLC and GC Columns (Significantly promoted since 2010) TLC Syringe Filters (Significantly promoted since 2010) Vials (Significantly promoted since 2011) SPE products pH and Test paper/kit LC Adsorbents Derivatisation Reagents

28 Proportion of main products sales in 2011

29 Proportion of main products sales in 2012

30 Proportion of main products sales in 2013 (Jan to Jul)

31 The sales variance of columns in recent years The sales increased largely in 2011 compared to 2010 because of no promotion of this product into Taiwan in the past, but the sales has been increased dur to the second generation column Nucleodure was released and the promotion of Optima GC, which results in the sales of columns largely increased. This includes the promotion activities at below: 1.NUCLEODURE C18 Htec preparative columns plus guards 2. NUCLEODURE analytic columns with New protection system 3.Special prices for Optima GC columns In order to maintain the sales growth of columns, we started to proceed the promotion of new column Nucleoshell.

32 The sales variance of TLC in recent years This product line has a significant growth in recent years. This growth was favored by the second generation of ALUGRAM® released by MNs improved TLC. For instance 818333 has a better quality to be promoted easier in the market.

33 The sales variance of Filters in recent years Syringe filters was introduced into our market in 2011, The business increased largely at the beginning, but dropped in 2012. The reasons are 1.More competitors and vendors 2.Threat from Chinese products such as PVDF, Nylon, PTFE with lower prices. Our backlash: 1. MN developed a new satisfying type H-PTFE to customers. 2 New commercials illustrates the new features of up- to-date filters to customers 3. Uni-Onward is on the way of introducing13mm of H- PTHE.

34 The sales variance of Vials in recent years Market analysis 1.Plasticizer contamination event increased demand: Important customers like SGS released big orders in 2012. 2.Thermo introduced Chinese products by providing very low prices afterwards. Our strategy 1. Got the reasonable price supports and stable supply chain from MN 2. Released more commercials explained the advantage of working with us. Newly gained business compensated the loss from SGS.

35 Our actions to increase businesses rapidly 1. Keep an eye on MNs new products and promotion activities instantly and comprehend new product lines like new type columns, syringe filters and Vials 2. Monitor market information and competitor price for the evaluation of the feasibility of new product introduction. 3. To ensure the competition of new products by sample trials and quality value confirmation with MN. 4. To draft a plan and to set a target. 5. To schedule promotion activities including commercial handouts or brochures. Small volume of free sample is occasionally considered.

36 Our actions to increase businesses rapidly 6. To trace the trial situation at customers and then provide product info. and technique support. 7. Storage and maintenance well controlled to ensure stable delivery to customers. 8. Strategically gather same type products to have one-time- order for lower cost. 9. Instant customer complaint handling for long term business

37 Vials and Caps brochure New type of crimper tools Optima GC Columns H-PTFE filters NUCLEOSHELL Columns Our Hand-out this year

38 Main Competitors HP, Agilent/J & W – greater than 50% GC column and Accessories Varian – 50% SPE product and 20% GC Column GL Sciences – 30% LC column(Local and Import columns) Merck – 10% LC column and Accessories Hypersil – 25% LC column Phenomenex – 20% LC column and Accessories Waters – 10% LC column and 30% SPE product Cosmosil – 5% LC column Millpore – More than 50% syringe filters Pall – More than 20% syringe filters

39 Summary Our Success comes from: Complete backing including price, stable supply mechanism and efficient technique service from MN. Aggressive action and attempt from our strong sales team. New competitive products suitable for local market A full range of product types to expand market easily

40 Something to share… Opportunity is in you hand. Handle it and never give up!

41 Thanks for your attention! The Yellow Bah Duck caused a fever in Kaohsiung Montain Ali Taipei 101 Aboriginal, Lukai

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