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Export of NESTs Solar Lamps by MIC in Africa 2 nd Apr 2005.

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1 Export of NESTs Solar Lamps by MIC in Africa 2 nd Apr 2005

2 Background MIC Electronics represented by Mr.Kameswara Rao has enormous capability to develop a huge market for NESTs popular brand solar lamps in Africa. There are two sources of market development identified: one in Africa itself and the other in Isreal. Already a visit was arranged for the Israelis party.

3 Objective To sell solar lamps in the remote and off-grid rural regions of Africa in a fairly large quantity to meet the lighting needs of the dispersed, tough and poor households

4 The Product and Requirements The solar lamp should meet 4-5 hrs lighting requirement of the African rural folks and meet the harsh climatic and user abuses. The solar lamps have to be highly reliable and shall work without the need for repair for a period of 3 years. In case of CFL, an extra spare may be provided at the time of supply itself.

5 Specifications A compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) of 3W (for 5hrs/day) or 5W (4hrs/day) 6V 5Wp solar module: crystalline or amorphous depending on the availability 6V4Ah sealed maintenance-free battery Reliably designed electronic circuit for charge control operation and consisting of a rugged inverter circuit A rugged housing with ABS plastic for the main body, un-breakable & highly transparent polycarbonate chimney and metallic handle High performance switches and charging sockets

6 Packaging The lamp (w/o module) is packed in a dedicated box with molded thermocole box. 6 such boxes are packed in a carton Dim of Lantern carton: 525mmX375mmX320mm Weight of lant Carton: 8.5 Kgs Solar module is packed separately in a bubble sheet with individual corrugated box and 6-in-one carton Dim of module carton: 295mmX275mmX200mm Weight of Module carton: 6.6 kgs TOTAL Weight 15.1 kgs with crystalline module Assume 15% extra weight and dimension with amorphous silicon modules.

7 Pricing For design, manufacture and supply of solar lamps (6345 or 6545) with export-worthy cartons: Rs.1590 + 4%VAT

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