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1 National Rehabilitation Association You and NRA : A Winning Combination!

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1 1 National Rehabilitation Association You and NRA : A Winning Combination!

2 2 NRA History From its beginning in 1925, the National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) - has been a grass roots supporter of major landmark legislation on behalf of individuals with disabilities, guaranteeing vocational opportunities, impacting attitudes and environment, and rehabilitation research. - has been a primary force behind many major legislative initiatives in rehabilitation programs and services for individuals with disabilities. - has been a key proponent in advancing the rehab professions, including support of Senate Resolution 120 which designated March 22, 2007 as National Rehabilitation Counselor Appreciation Day.

3 3 NRA’s Vision and Mission VISION NRA seeks to eliminate barriers to the employment and/or productivity of individuals with disabilities. MISSION NRA is a member organization that promotes ethical and state of the art practice in rehabilitation with the goal of the personal and economic independence of persons with disabilities.

4 4 NRA Core Values We value all people We are passionate in our belief in the economic and personal independence of persons with disabilities. We are committed to advancing the profession of rehabilitation as one with ethical and enlightened practice. Our strength lies in the diversity of our members and their work in the full range of rehabilitation fields the association represents. We take extraordinary pride in what persons with disabilities accomplish every day. Our relationships with each other and the persons we serve are based on trust, transparency, and integrity. We believe in the importance of lifelong learning for professional and personal enrichment.

5 5 Why is NRA Membership Important to YOU? Legislative Advocacy Professional Development Networking Opportunities (Local, State, Regional and National) Leadership Training Professional Liability Insurance Health Insurance Award Winning Publications Support of Your Profession

6 6 Education and Professional Development Annual Governmental Affairs Summit National Training Conference Leadership Training Teleconferences Division Training Conferences

7 7 NRA Promotes Advocacy NRA’s Annual Governmental Affairs Summit Provides members with the necessary tools to access their Senators and Representatives, both at home and on Capital Hill The Washington Wire, NRA’s legislative publication –Provides relevant and current legislative information –Is delivered directly to NRA members’ email –Can be accessed on the NRA website

8 8 NRA Awards Lead-On Award E. B. Whitten Award NRA Organization Award Yvonne Johnson Leadership Award Max T. Prince Meritorious Service Award W. F. Faulkes Award Belle Greve Award Excellence in Media Award Sylvia Walker Multicultural Award Graduate Literacy Award NRA Chapter of the Year Award

9 9 NRA Divisions: Something for Everyone's Interests! NRA members are afforded opportunities to join professional divisions in areas of professional or special interests. Divisions sponsor professional development seminars reflecting information and knowledge in their specialty areas.

10 10 NRA Divisions Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (RCEA) A professional association of rehabilitation counselors and counselor educators, counselor supervisors, researchers in rehabilitation counseling, and students in rehabilitation programs. Job Placement and Development Association (NRAJPD) A professional association of persons providing career development and placement, and others who support the employment of persons with disabilities. National Association of Rehabilitation Leadership (NARL) A professional association of rehabilitation leaders and administrators and persons with an interest in developing leadership skills for administration, supervision, or education in the rehabilitation industry.

11 11 NRA Divisions National Association for Independent Living (NAIL) An association of professionals, working together with consumers, for the empowerment of persons with disabilities, and to enhance the quality of life and promote the rights of citizens with disabilities. National Association of Rehabilitation Technicians and Specialists (ARTS) An association of persons employed as rehabilitation assistants, aides, or technicians and other rehabilitation team members who support the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. National Association of Service Providers in Private Rehabilitation (NASPPR) An association of persons employed in rehabilitation positions in the private sector (profit and/or non-profit).

12 12 NRA Divisions National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC) An association of persons committed to support and actively champion concerns that affect the rehabilitation needs and services to multicultural persons with disabilities. National Association of Disability Benefit Specialists (NADBS) An association of benefits counselors/specialists and individuals committed to the personal and economic independence of persons with disabilities. Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association (VEWAA) An association of professionals, educators, and students in the practice of assessment, training, and technology, promoting the successful attainment of the career goals of persons with disabilities.

13 13 NRA Structure NRA membership affords automatic membership in your region, state and local chapters. With a goal of effecting membership participation in Association affairs, NRA’s membership is spread over 7 regions nationwide: Great Lakes, Great Plains, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Pacific, Southeast, and Southwest

14 14 NRA Membership by Region

15 15 Insert State Chapter Info Here This slide is blank and inserted to allow state chapters to localize information within the tool kit. Feel free to add other relevant information here

16 16 NRA Membership NRA MEMBERSHIP $132 Professional $650 Organizational $96 Affiliate $ 96New professional $42 Student NRA SUPPORT $75 Individual Donor $1,500 Institutional Donor DIVISION MEMBERSHIP Dues vary by Division Requires NRA membership PAYMENT METHODS Dues may be easily paid by automatic bank draft, installment plan, by check or credit card. NRA Membership

17 17 Frequently Asked Questions Q: I recently joined NRA, how soon will I receive my Member ID Card? A: NRA sends membership cards within four weeks of receipt of the membership application or renewal. Q: Can I join a division if I am already a member? A: Yes, the division dues will be prorated. Please call member services if you wish to add a division membership to your existing NRA membership.

18 18 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are CEUs available for certifications other than CRC? A: Yes, NRA offers a variety of certification credits at every sponsored training event. Q: I live in one state and work in another. Can I change my chapter to the state I am employed? A: Yes, please contact the National Office with your request. Q: I am a student, can I apply online for membership? A: No, your professor has to sign your membership application and indicate your anticipated graduation date.

19 19 National Rehabilitation Association 633 South Washington Street Alexandria, VA 22314 703-836-0850 703-836-0848 Fax 703-836-0849 TDD Toll Free 1-888-258-4295

20 20 National Rehabilitation Association You and NRA : A Winning Combination For All

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