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January 16, 2010 Prepared By: Don Torrenti USSF National Assessor DCV State Director of Assessment Assessor In-Service Training.

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1 January 16, 2010 Prepared By: Don Torrenti USSF National Assessor DCV State Director of Assessment Assessor In-Service Training

2 37 Upgrade 7 Down from 68 in 2008 2 Not Ratable Upgrade 7 60 Maintenance 7 4 Not Acceptable Maintenance 7 2 Not Ratable Maintenance 7 2009 Assessments

3 19 Upgrade 6 (Down from 33 in 2008) 6 Not Acceptable Upgrade 6 6 Not Ratable Upgrade 6 3 Not Ratable Maintenance 6 49 Maintenance 6 3 Not Acceptable Maintenance 6 3 Not Ratable Maintenance 6 1 D & G (W-Lg) 2009 Assessments

4 7 Upgrade 5 4 Not Acceptable Upgrade 5 1 Not Ratable Upgrade 5 16 Maintenance 5 1 Not Ratable Maintenance 5 2 D & G (PDL & W-Lg) 2009 Assessments

5 3 Upgrade 4 3 Not Acceptable Maintenance 4 15 Maintenance 4 & 3 9 Assessments canceled at the field

6 5 National & 1 Provisional National Assessors 28 State Assessors (5) 3 State Assessors (6) 14 Assessors (7) 5 Assessors (9) By the Numbers

7 Welcome…… Brendan Barry, Former FIFA Referee, transfer from Ireland Farewell…… Russ Burns, State Assessor, Former Area Director of Assessment, North Welcome & Farewell

8 Proper Assessment Completion Data in appropriate blocks Alternate practices should be amplified in the Areas in Need of Improvement Information for the SDA/NDA need to be in the Admin comments Use 2 nd Person in narrative You controlled……. Your positioning……

9 Paint a Word Picture Tell the referee something A CRITICAL 'MOT' WAS MISSED IN THIS GAME. AS PER OUR COVERSATION AFTER THE GAME, ALL 4 D'S WERE PRESENT WHEN KEEPER HANDLED THE BALL OUT SIDE THE AREA. Since you only had to call 4 fouls the entire match, all against the X, this match would have been a "Not Ratable" performance had you not failed to recognize a game critical situation and deal with it in the appropriate manner. With L playing with only 9 players vs X's 11, they were holding a 2 - 1 lead in the 23'. With one of their players attacking goal and having beaten the 2nd to last defender, the X GK came out to challenge the attacker and handled the ball outside the penalty area after it was shot. Given the position of the attacker and GK (almost in the middle of the goal), a goal was imminent had the ball not been handled. For whatever reason, you chose to merely caution the GK rather than send him off for an OGSO - handling. This was a game critical call and your moment of truth. Had the GK been sent off, the possibility existed that X didn't have an adequate backup to replace him. In addition, the numbers advantage would've been reduced to 10 v 9 and had the free kick been converted, a 3 - 1 lead to L. Which statement said more to the referee and administration???

10 Paint a Word Picture CRITERIA 4: POINTS OF EMPHASIS No opportunities for arm above the shoulder contact application. Foul recognition was good and consistent with what players wanted. The referee had foul recognition albeit a varied threshold of tolerance. There were situations when questionable fouls were call as the result of insignificant contact and other no call decisions where the referee could have used the opportunity to imprint his presence and management skills. In the 88th minute the tempo had escaladed to when previous interactions between P #13 and A #0 resulted with A #0 committing a hard foul against his opponent and the opponent responding with a hard push. A player gathering ensued and after sorting the situation, in response to this activity, A #0 was cautioned first followed by P #13 who was shown the red card and sent off. It is believed had there been a quicker involvement by the referee he could have gotten away with cautioning both players and restarting the match. Instead tempers flared and bench players entered to join in the fracas resulting with the abandonment of the match.

11 What Do You Think??? CRITERIA 1: INVOLVEMENT / ASSISTANCE IN THE GAME Little to do. CRITERIA 2: OFFSIDE A-OK CRITERIA 3: POSITIONING / MOVEMENT Mobility OK. POSITIVE AREAS OF PERFORMANCE Showed up for a stroll in the park. Did this assessor earn his paycheck??? Did the AR get anything from this assessment. Please put yourself in the officials shoes when writing your reports. Give them something to think about as well as a good action plan for further improvement.

12 Assessor Responsibilities Timely response to ADAs request for availability Willingness to travel Timely submission of Assessment Reports Late submissions could result in reduction of payment (and usually do) 14 Late fees charged for a total of $205 in 2009 Minimum game count for recertification National – 15 on NR / NC w/i 2 year period between NA Recert Seminars State (5) – 8, of which 3 must be SA Div 1or higher State (6) - 5 on Grade 6, SA Div 2 or higher Assessor (7) – 2 on U19 or higher Assessor (9) – 5 D & G on Youth Matches Failure to complete the minimum USSF requirements could result in downgrade

13 Online request for assessment Online credit card payment for assessment Data Base Updates

14 January 23, VYSA Convention, Crystal City January 24, Advanced Referee Clinic, Fredericksburg March 6 – 7, Regional Training Seminar, Columbia / Baltimore MD June 11 – 13 Region 1 ODP Tournament, Mercer County NJ July 1 – 6 Region 1 Championships, Barboursvile / Huntington WV Upcoming Events

15 Continuing Education Week in Review Referee Directives Development/Directives.aspx

16 Reminder ASSESSOR / INSTRUCTOR MEETING June 26, 2010, Time TBA Fredericksburg Hospitality House

17 OUR MISSION STATEMENT Doing for the referees……… ………..Not to the referees

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