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La Identidad.

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1 La Identidad

2 What is an identity? Identity is composed of all of the elements that a person is composed of: Behavior way of being, of thinking, of feeling Identity reflects the being of each person It’s the ideas we have about How we see ourselves How others see us It’s formed by our experiences When building our identity, we sometimes look for real or imaginary models with which we can identify

3 Formation of our identity during our adolescence
In adolescence, identity is formed when we start to have our independent beliefs from our parents. We have a unique identity according to Our sex Place of birth Our race Social class Age Relationships with other people are important in the construction of our identity.

4 Important points about identity
What matters the most is how YOU see yourself! 1. Identity is constructed in interaction with others. 2. Identity is a socially constructed definition of our being. 3. In the definition of identity it is central: the sense of being. temporary space Recognition by others of existence 4. The formation of identity involves a process of recognition and appreciation Self-Esteem

5 We are a product of or part of
“OUR IDENTITY IS BUILT IN CONNECTION TO SOCIAL GROUPS.” We are a product of or part of Family School Nation Religion Location Social class Ethnicity etc.

6 Marks the relationship of
SOCIAL GROUPS As we develop our identity, we achieve a sense of belonging to cultural groups we share common characteristics. Social groups There is a belief of Marks the relationship of Them Us Exclusion Inclusion

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