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AO Foundation Education Kevin Newman St Peter‘s Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey, UK 1958−2008 History of the AO.

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1 AO Foundation Education Kevin Newman St Peter‘s Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey, UK 1958−2008 History of the AO

2 The inspiration for AO Maurice Müller Bern, Switzerland (1918−) met a former soldier who had received a femoral nailing by Gerhard Küntscher Kiel, Germany (1900−1972) military surgeon

3 The early years Maurice Müller resident of Liestal, Switzerland (1918−) was on a fellowship in Holland with Cornelis Pieter van Nes Leiden, Netherlands (1897−1972) who advised him to visit Robert Danis in Bruxelles

4 Compression plating Robert Danis Bruxelles, Belgium (1880−1962) “Théorie et Pratique de l’Osteosynthèse” coapteur plate for rigid fixation Compression for “per primam” healing Absence of callus “soudure autogène”

5 First results of ORIF Maurice Müller Fribourg, Switzerland 75 patients stable fixation early mobilization no complications

6 Old army friendships Robert Schneider Maurice Müller

7 Documenting trauma Lorenz Böhler Wien, Austria (1885−1973) Accident Hospital 241,000 trauma x-rays

8 Five friends, eight more MüllerWillenegger Allgöwer Patry Brussatis Baumann Guggenbühl Ott Schneider Bandi Schär Stähli Hunziker

9 AO founded in Biel (Bienne) November 6, 1958, Hotel Elite Biel (Bienne), Switzerland

10 AO Founders Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen Maurice Müller Zürich 1918 − Martin Allgöwer Chur 1917 − 2007 Walter Bandi Interlaken 1912 − 1997 Robert Schneider Grosshöchstetten 1912 − 1990 Hans Willenegger Liestal 1910 − 1998

11 Hex-head screw Maurice Müller Zürich, Switzerland (1918−) Robert Mathys Bettlach, Switzerland (1921−2000)

12 AO Principles Hans Willenegger Maurice Müller Martin Allgöwer Robert Mathys 1Documentation of all patients 2Development of implants and instruments 3Research of fracture healing and tissue cultures 4Teaching of osteosynthesis techniques

13 AO Laboratory Davos Martin Allgöwer Davos, Switzerland (1917−2007) AO Laboratory for Experimental Surgery Forschungsinstitut Obere Strasse

14 AO Documentation Maurice Müller Davos, Switzerland (1918−)

15 st AO Course in Davos Participants: Maurice Müller teaches femoral nailing in the AO Lab.

16 AO in Davos

17 AO Faculty in Davos Fritz Brussatis Willy Hunziker August Guggenbühl René Patry Ernst Baumannn Robert Schneider Walter Ott Walter Schär Walter Bandi Martin Allgöwer (Fischer) (Keller) Hans Willenegger Maurice Müller Walter Stähli(Bloch)

18 AO TK founded Maurice Müller St Gallen, Switzerland (1918−) Robert Mathys Bettlach, Switzerland (1921−2000)

19 AO Round hole plate Maurice Müller St Gallen, Switzerland

20 AO Compression device Maurice Müller St Gallen, Switzerland

21 nd AO Course in Davos John Charnley and Martin Allgöwer in the AO Davos Lab.

22 AO Principles of ORIF Maurice Müller Martin Allgöwer Hans WilleneggerRobert Schneider 1 Atraumatic surgical technique 2 Anatomical reduction of fracture 3 Stable internal fixation 4 Early active pain free mobilization

23 AO Plating

24 AO Instrument boxes Attendance at an official AO Course was mandatory for purchasing the six official AO Instrument boxes.

25 Teaching nurses

26 AO Tubular plates Maurice Müller Bern, Switzerland 1/2 tubular 1/4 tubular 1/3 tubular

27 Primary bone healing Hans Willenegger Liestal (1910−1998) Robert Schenk Basel (1923−) Fritz Straumann Waldenburg (1921−1988)

28 AO Nailing Maurice Müller Bern, Switzerland

29 High-energy fractures Martin Allgöwer Basel, Switzerland Thomas Rüedi Chur, Switzerland

30 AO VET (veterinary) Dog treated with Kuntscher nail by H Knoll, J Jenny and owner H Willenegger

31 Dynamic compression Martin Allgöwer Stephan Perren Max Russenberger Dynamic Compression Plate Narrow: DCP 3.5 Broad: DCP 4.5

32 AO Manual Maurice Müller Martin Allgöwer Robert Schneider Hans Willenegger 1970 Translated from German into English by by Joseph Schatzker

33 AO and Lorenz Böhler Prof Willenegger presents Prof Böhler with AO book.

34 AO International Hans Willenegger Liestal, Switzerland (1910−1998) 1st president of AOI

35 st AO CMF course Joachim Prein Basel, Switzerland

36 Strain theory of healing Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland Alexander Boitzy St Gallen, Switzerland

37 Biomechanical stability Bernhard Georg Weber St Gallen, Switzerland (1927−2002) Minimax Fracture Fixation Minimal amount of metal Maximum stability

38 Soft-tissue injury Harald Tscherne Hannover, Germany Tscherne classification of closed fractures

39 AO Foundation Peter von Rechenberg Thomas Rüedi Peter Matter Fritz Straumann Robert Mathys Stephan Perren NotaryMartin Allgöwer Maurice Müller Robert Schneider Hans Willenegger Hansjörg Wyss

40 Four pillars of AO Martin Allgöwer Basel, Switzerland 1st AO Foundation president Four pillars of cooperation: Documentation Teaching Research Instrumentation

41 AO Classification Maurice Müller Peter Koch Serge Nazarian “A classification is useful only if it considers the severity of the bone lesion and serves as a basis for treatment and for evaluation of the results.”

42 Indications for ORIF Joseph Schatzker Toronto, Canada Marvin Tile

43 Periosteal blood supply (plates) Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland Osteoporosis under plate is caused by bone necrosis and not by stress protection

44 AO Plastic bones Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland “Synthes bones” = SYNBONE Thomas Rüedi Chur, Switzerland

45 AO Founders reunited Hans Willenegger Robert Schneider Maurice Müller Peter von Rechenberg Martin AllgöwerWalter Bandi CEO

46 AO Alumni Association 56 local chapters in 6 AO Regions in 2008 North America Latin America Middle East Europe Africa Asia Pacific

47 Indirect reduction Jeff Mast Roland Jakob Reinhold Ganz

48 “Bio-logical” fixation Alexander Boitzy Reinhold Ganz Bern, Switzerland Soft-tissue injury determines the type of fracture fixation. Three stages of tissue damage: 1. Compromised (careful standard fixation possible) 2. Partial degloving (indirect reduction required) 3. Soft tissues destroyed (reconstruction essential)

49 Endosteal blood supply (nails) Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland

50 Small footprint LC-DCP Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland LLimited CContact DDynamic CCompression PPlate Emanuel Gautier Chur, Switzerland

51 Robert Schneider passes away

52 AO North America

53 AO Center Davos Spring Summer Fall Winter

54 Internal fixator PC-Fix Stephan Perren Slobodan Tepic Davos, Switzerland ???, Switzerland PC-Fix Point Contact Fixator Monocortical locking

55 AO East Asia Suthorn Bavonratanavech Chiangmai, Thailand 1st president of AOEA Hong Kong Indonesia Philippines Malaysia South Korea Singapore Taiwan/Chinese Taipei Thailand

56 LISS Robert Frigg Bettlach, Switzerland Less Invasive Stabilization System Locking head screws

57 Walter Bandi passes away

58 Mini incisions (MIPO) Christian Krettek Harald Tscherne Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis

59 AO Latin America AOLAT Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador México Perú Uruguay

60 Hans Willenegger passes away

61 AO Clinical investigation Ruedi Moser 1999−2003 Beate Hanson 2003−

62 62 Surgeon of the 20th century

63 AO Principles of Fracture Management Thomas Rüedi Liam Murphy Chur, Surrey, Switzerland England

64 Howard Rosen passes away

65 Robert Mathys passes away

66 Locking compression plates Robert FriggBettlach, Switzerland Michael WagnerWien, Austria Robert SchavanWillich Anrath, Germany Combination hole Osteoporotic bone Nonunions

67 AO Plate technology 1961 Round hole platesMaurice Müller 1963Tubular platesMaurice Müller 1970Dynamic compression platesStephan Perren 1989Indirect reduction techniquesJeff Mast 1990Biological fixationReinhold Ganz 1990 Limited contact (DC) platesStephan Perren 1993PC-FixStephan Perren 1997MIPOChristian Krettek 1995LISSRobert Frigg 2000Locking compression plates (LCP)Robert Frigg

68 Anatomical plates Preshaped locking plates for MIPO techniques

69 AO Portal on the Internet

70 Hardi Weber passes away

71 StarDrive screws Stephan Perren Davos, Switzerland

72 AOSpine is formed John Webb Max Aebi Paul Pavlov Nottingham, Montreal, Nijmegen, England Canada Netherlands

73 Strain theory and LCP Michael WagnerChristoph Sommer Wien, Austria Chur, Switzerland

74 AO CAS and BrainLAB Christian Krettek Hannover, Germany CComputer AAided SSurgery

75 AO Expert nails

76 AO Trauma Asia Pacific AOTAP Australia New Zealand China Philippines Hong Kong Singapore Indonesia South Korea Japan Taiwan Malaysia Thailand India joins AOTAP in 2007

77 AO LCP Manual Michael Wagner Wien, Austria Robert Frigg Bettlach, Switzerland

78 AO Surgery reference Editors: Chris Colton Peter Trafton Joseph Schatzker Ernst Raaymakers

79 AOSpine Manual John Webb Vincent Arlet Max Aebi

80 AO Principles of Fracture Management─2nd edition Thomas Rüedi Chur, Switzerland Richard Buckley Calgary, Canada Christopher Moran Nottingham, England

81 Pediatric classification Theddy Slongo Bern, Switzerland Laurent Audigé Dübendorf, Switzerland

82 Martin Allgöwer passes away

83 AO 50th anniversary Professor Maurice Müller on his 90th birthday March 28, 2008 unveils a plaque in Hotel Elite. Biel (Bienne) Switzerland

84 84

85 85 Changing Lives Transforming Surgery

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