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Teen Trends & Current Fads (not all are new) SRO Adam Gongwer.

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1 Teen Trends & Current Fads (not all are new) SRO Adam Gongwer

2 D.A.R.E. Officer Adam Gongwer
11th year with Ontario Police (Ohio) 6th year as SRO HNT Member (2006) DARE Class #61 (2009) Central Regional Rep ‘13-’15 Ohio SRO Assoc. ( Previous Experience: JV Corrections Officer Youth Minister Family: 4 Kids (6, 14, 14, 17) Married 21 years 2013

3 Panic buttons Based on room number Doesn’t say Staff ‘name’
Where to place in room/on person? Add photo

4 Top 10 Causes of Teen Murder
Phil Chalmers:

5 Refresher on a Teen Killer
10: Mental Illness/Brain Injuries/IQ 9: Lack of Spiritual Guidance/Discipline 8: Criminal Lifestyle or in Poverty 7: Peer Pressure (curfew, vandalism, etc) 6: Fascination with weapons/video games 5: Cults/Gangs (Hate, Occult, etc) 4: Drug & Alcohol Abuse (Pot, RX) 3: Anger/Depression/(Suicidal 78%) 2: Violent Entertainment (porn, movies) 1: Unstable Environment (Abuse, bullied)

6 Additional Warning Signs:
Stating a threat Speaking about death, suicide, murder, columbine, etc Excessive amount of violent video games/internet games Writes about violence myspace, facebook, twitter, etc Running away/trouble at home Negative books: Satanic Bible, Anarchist Cookbook, etc Suspended / expelled from school Avoids social activities

7 Behavioral Issues: “Cry” for help: violent themes in artwork, essays, doodles, etc…. Low tolerance for Frustration: easily upset by real or perceived injustices Poor coping Skills: inappropriate, immature, disproportionate Lack of Resiliency: can’t bounce back Failed love relationship: especially if recent Injustice Collector: does not forgive/forget Depression: Lethargy, loss of interest in activities, dark outlook on life Alienation: isolation, not belonging Dehumanizes others: non-person outlook, lack of empathy

8 Behavioral Issues: Entitlement/superior: “always me” attitude, demands specialized treatment Need for attention: positive or negative attention Blameless: never accepts responsibility, always someone else’s fault Anger Management: uncontrolled, unpredictable Intolerance: racial or religious Manipulative: cons and manipulates others Lack of trust: Society is worthless, takes matters into his own hands “Change” behavior changes dramatically over a short period of time

9 Synthetic Drugs The past 2 years have been characterized by increasing diversity of products, as manufacturers of new psychoactive substances adapt products almost endlessly

10 25-I (Toledo, OH) University of Toledo Dec 19th, 2012 9:00pm
Winter Break Josiah Galat, 20, of Mansfield Classmate Erik Littleton, 19, of Detroit Alexander Vogel, 18, of Toledo

11 2C-i (Smiles) Witnesses described the 17-year-old boy as "shaking, growling, foaming at the mouth." Soon after, he "started to smash his head against the ground" and began acting "possessed," according to a witness. Two hours later, he had stopped breathing html

12 Bath Salts (Columbus, OH)
Bath salts are put in humidifiers at parties.  Some teens might not even realize what they are inhaling

13 Death Grip (Synthetic)
Kids are having seizures smoking this brand

14 Marijuana & Teens After four straight years of increasing use among teens, annual marijuana use showed no further increase in any of the three grades surveyed in 2012 11% (8th graders) 28% (10th graders) 36% (12th graders)

15 Inhaling THC Heating Bulb Glass table Bowl of marijuana
Glass straw to breathe in THC Immediate high No residual “smoking” odor

16 Dabs (Marijuana) form of marijuana
concentrated to look like honey or wax slang terms such as Butane Honey Oil, BHO, Wax, Budder, Amber or Ear Wax OFC. Jermaine Galloway

17 Rx Problem Easier to obtain Cheaper “Think” less risk for O.D.
In 2010, nearly 60 percent of the drug overdose deaths (22,134) involved pharmaceutical drugs. Opioid analgesics (oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone), were involved in about 3 of every 4 pharmaceutical OD’s, confirming the predominant role opioid analgesics play in drug overdose deaths. (

18 Skittling (Skittle Party)
one person will get a hand full of pills (aka Pharm, salad, Trail Mixing) mixed colors looks like Skittles Usually about pills death (overdose) breathing problems allergic reactions

19 Parachuting Crush foul-tasting pill, or other substance
Wrap it up in a tissue and swallow it Tissue eventually dissolves

20 Drugs in School Students snorting powderized pills off fingers in class Smash pills with cell phone back/iPod & snort in restrooms Pills in make-up cases, gum/mint containers

21 Drugs in School School building: Cars in High School parking lot:
Secret pockets sewn into hoodies or pants Top inside of locker, small ledge above door Cars in High School parking lot: Inside door panel Pull down headliner above visor Pull off temp control in dashboard Secret compartment in center console

22 Drugs in School Students stealing chemistry equipment to make bongs

23 Drugs in School Found in unusual places: Foil Straws Q-tips
Cotton balls Cigarette Filters Broken pens, pen shafts Rolled up papers

24 Drugs in School Signs & Symptoms: Cars: “Out of it”
Chin resting on sternum during class Constantly “dipping” during class Going to car in parking lot for “homework” or books Cars: If you notice a student’s car that keeps getting more and more dents and scratches (impaired driving)

25 Drugs in School Students using apple bongs (eat later)

26 Concealment Containers

27 Passing a Drug Test

28 Heroin (precipitators)
Significant trauma or abuse when young Rx use Impairment Pot (Age 12 on average) JV Judge in Cleveland has seen cases where 11 or 12 year old kids have used heroin. Average age around 17 years old. WKYC, Cleveland “Heroin” broadcast 4/2013

29 Heroin (not just a needle)
“Buttons” or “Beans” Heroin in a pill form “Monkey Juice” Mixing liquid heroin with Visine or other saline solution. 2 drops in eye for rapid high. WKYC, Cleveland “Heroin” broadcast 4/2013

30 Heroin (Nasal Spray) “get a syringe, remove the needle from it, and use that to spray it up into your nasal cavity slowly. The goal is to let it absorb in your nasal cavity, not in your stomach after it drips down. This method of dosing has been termed "Shebanging" by local addicts.”

31 Cheese (Black Tar Heroin+Tylenol PM)
The New Teenage Heroin Market Cheese, Chees, Cheez, Chez, Chz, Queso, Keso, Kso…(look for these in text messages)

32 Cheese (Black Tar Heroin+Tylenol PM)
Symptoms: Drowsiness and Lethargy, Euphoria Excessive Thirst Disorientation Sleepiness and Hunger Sudden change in grades & friends To keep the high, users need to snort it up to 15 times a day - along with a potentially lethal dosage of acetaminophen mix-heroin-crushed-tylenol-pm-aimed-kids-article

33 Caffeine Drinks

34 Alcohol Fast Food cup Beer Straw

35 Alcohol (Enemas) Tampons are soaked in alcohol & then inserted into one of two orifices Some girls have ended up in the hospital

36 Alcohol (Vaporized) Youtube videos- alcohol and dry ice or Vodka and dry ice. It is a new trend and way to get extremely ‘crunked’ (crazy + drunk) The dry ice vaporizes the alcohol and you inhale it association with Crunk Juice, a brand of strong alcoholic beverage associated with the music genre “Crunk” (Lil Jon, Hip Hop)

37 Gummy Bears Gummy bears soaked in alcohol

38 Vodka Eyeballing

39 Smoking (Inhale) Alcohol
“drunkorexia’” some teens particularly vulnerable, limit their calories rapid alcohol intoxication not metabolized by the liver, higher strength & more potent effect as it enters the bloodstream going directly to the brain much higher risk of an alcohol overdose No way to vomit out the excess…

40 Vaporizor USB charges it Vaporize Liquid Marijuana As low as $19

41 Smoking Pills Pills contain Fillers
Binding, Filling, Flow Agents (like plastics) other Excipients (inactive substance formulated with the active ingredients) “There are some excipients that are perfectly safe to swallow because they aren't digested, but those same excipients are toxic and can kill you when you breathe it in a vaporous form” … Product Specialist for a vitamin company

42 Smoking Pills Oxy addicts smoke the pills by heating them on a piece of tin foil. The burning pills leave long, black streaks down the foil. “They always keep the foil, always. If they can’t get any Oxy and they get desperate, they go back and re-smoke those lines for quick fix.” Detective Dave Ross

43 E-Cigs & Hookah Sticks

44 Choking Game intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain
inducing temporary fainting & euphoria two methods Strangulation self-induced hypocapnia hyperventilation (forced overbreathing) until tingling, light-headedness or dizziness are felt, followed by a breath-hold

45 Choking Game Marks or bruises on the neck, Bloodshot eyes
clothing that covers the neck (warm weather) Confusion/disorientation after being alone unusual items such as dog leashes, ropes, scarves, bungee cords, and belts Severe headaches, often frequent Secretive behavior, irritability, hostility Bleeding under the skin of the face and eyelids Wear marks on furniture (bed posts, door knobs) Linens/ropes tied around door knobs/furniture The frequent need for privacy

46 Press the Chest Stand up against wall
Another person presses their chest eventually passes out from restricted blood flow “…waiting for that euphoric 10 second high as oxygen rushes back to the brain” Easily hidden from parents /ns/today/t/kids-are-passing-out-deadly-high/

47 Inhalants in School Can kill after first time trying (39%)
Rapid pulse, irregular heart rate, low oxygen 1,000+ everyday items Chronic inhalant abuse = # of heroin users 1 in 7 8th Graders tried (

48 Inhalants in School Slurred Speech Drunk, Dizzy or Dazed Appearance
Loss of coordination, disoriented Unusual Breath odor Chemical smell on clothing Paint stains on face or hands Red eyes, runny nose, Nausea & Vomiting Nose bleeds, sores/rash around mouth

49 Inhalants in School Gas on the shirt collar White Out on fingernails
Readiwhip cans (locker, book bag) Plastic or paper bags latex balloons (Helium, gases)

50 Dumb stuff…

51 DXM Kids tie string to cough syrup bottle Swing around for 10 seconds
DXM separates to top Drink straight DXM liquid

52 Eyeball Licking Japanese teens: oculolinctus
"eyeball licking" or "worming" bacterial infections: conjunctivitis (pink eye) Styes abscesses in lids and eye socket Blindness or corneal abrasions eye chlamydia music video by the Japanese band Born, which features eyeball licking.

53 Eyeball Licking one concerned Japanese teacher ran into two 6th grade students licking each others' eyeballs in an equipment room. . .they admitted it was popular in their class. His independent survey of students: One-third of the children admitted to eyeball licking. he saw up to 10 students at a time wearing eye patches, which he realized were hiding eye ailments.

54 Eyeball Licking reported the fad has spread across the globe, from Japan to the U.S. Virgin Islands and is depicted in photos, cartoons and videos on Tumblr and YouTube

55 Snorting Smarties Crushed into powder
Kids snorting “like concaine” (or smoking) infections, chronic coughing, choking and even maggots feeding off sugary dust in your nose Some developing a “smoker’s cough” if they blow out the powder like a “cloud”

56 Cinnamon Challenge Watch out for the dragon breath! IT BURNS!

57 Salt & Ice Challenge 12-Year-Old Boy Badly Injured After Dangerous Game Burns Cross On Back 

58 Eraser Challenge Rub eraser on open skin
Add hand sanitizer for extra burn

59 Cow Dung Sniffing Amish community in Ohio Called “Coning”

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