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UMC Sustainability Committee Our perspective, charge, and initiatives.

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1 UMC Sustainability Committee Our perspective, charge, and initiatives

2 Our Perspective Sustainability defined –“meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (United Nations Brundtland Commission, 1989)

3 Our Perspective Sustainability is focused on the future. Sustainability is a global and local issue. Encompasses the major challenges of our time National Security Arable Land Clean Water Energy Crisis Climate Change Population Growth

4 Our Perspective Social-Political EconomicEnvironmental Sustainability happens here !

5 Our Perspective How does sustainability happen? –Education –Research –Policy making –Planning –Creating markets at appropriate scale

6 Our Charge The committee is charged with providing overall leadership for [sustainability] work, while at the same time encouraging broad participation from across the campus, community, and region. It is our responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by what we do, and how we do it. The success of our sustainability efforts depends on building broad based support.

7 Our Charge The committee is encouraged to: Create an inventory of current campus initiatives Identify energy conservation practices on campus Identify strategies to reduce/reuse/recycle (RRR strategies)

8 Our Charge The committee is encouraged to: Identify strategies to decrease the carbon footprint caused by transportation Explore opportunities to increase the use of local foods and reduce food waste Explore new program majors as well as integrating sustainability into the curriculum across the academic disciplines

9 Our Charge The committee is encouraged to: Develop a communications plan to increase awareness of the work of the committee Identify internal and external funding sources for those initiatives requiring funding

10 Our Charge U of M President, Robert Bruininks, signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). –Signatory date: January 15, 2008 –Signed for all campuses in the U of M system

11 Our Charge UMC’s Responsibilities per ACUPCC 1.Establish an institutional structure to oversee the development and implementation of the schools program to comply with the ACUPCC. 2.Complete a green house gas emissions inventory (May 15, 2009) 3.Establish a climate neutrality action plan and set a target date and interim milestones for becoming climate neutral (January 15, 2010);

12 Our Charge UMC’s Responsibilities per ACUPCC cont. 4.Take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by choosing from a list of tangible action options; 5.Integrate sustainability into the curriculum, making it part of the educational experience; and 6.Make our climate action plan, inventory and progress reports publicly available.

13 Our Immediate Initiatives Green House Gas inventory –Clean Air - Cool Planet carbon calculator Climate Neutrality Plan Divide and Conquer strategy –5 Working Groups Recycling Curriculum Communication and Outreach Physical Operations Food

14 Recycling Working Group Membership Peter Phaiah, Leela Hier, Chris Waltz, Melanie Meyers, Andrew "A.J." Wilson, Thomas R Melhorn, Terry Fredrich, Jenna Benoit, Brian Christensen, Shawn Friedland

15 Recycling Working Group Formalize campus-wide recycling program for cans, bottles, paper and cardboard by the start of fall ‘09. Decrease the volume of recyclable materials that are thrown away with campus trash. The specific goal is to reduce tipping by 25%. Develop a marketing and educational plan by August 21 st. Showcase best practices and increase awareness Incorporate tote bags made from recycled material into Freshmen Orientation. Change behaviors and make individuals more conscious about recycling

16 Curricular Working Group Membership Katy Smith Dan Svedarsky Chris Waltz Paul Aakre Martin Lundell Recruiting more students and Business and AHSS Faculty

17 Curricular Working Group Identify methods to integrate sustainability into the curriculum –Sustainability degree programs –common reading programs –formalize sustainability components in existing courses across both degree programs and the liberal education curriculum –identify and promote sustainability Internships and Service Learning opportunities for students –identify and promote study abroad experiences with sustainability focus

18 Foods Working Group Membership Linda Kingery Peter Phaiah Terry Nennich Deborah Zak Eric Castle Harouna Maiga Natalie Brown Sharon Stewart Ken Myers Anna Ogaard

19 Foods Working Group Inventory current sustainability initiatives/practices on campus related to food. Make recommendations for increasing the amount of locally grown foods on campus. Develop and promote procurement process with incentives for local food procurement. Support local growers in providing produce, meat, grain, dairy products for the campus. Identify strategies to reduce food waste, compost organic fraction. Identify opportunities for teaching and learning to interface with dining services in food production, processing, presentation, nutrition, food service, business, etc.

20 Communication and Outreach WG Membership Rachel McCoppin Linda Kingery Elizabeth Tollefson Heather Donati Lewis Stephanie Onken

21 Communication and Outreach WG Focus initially on internal communication (UMC News, e- update, Golden Eagle Mix, Eagle News, Eagle's Eye, Insight Radio) Work with UMC University Relations Office to develop a website to highlight sustainability activities and events ( dex.htm) dex.htm Develop Face Book page for student discussion Promote the sustainability message for other events and groups (e.g. Women's History Month)

22 Physical Operations Working Group Membership Paul Aakre Donn Anderson Jason Brantner Doug Langer –Looking for more

23 Physical Operations Working Group Participate in establishing baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory (carbon footprint) Identify energy conservation practices/ideas to reduce carbon footprint Identify practices for management and reduction of peak electricity load

24 UMC Sustainability Committee Membership Paul Aakre - Faculty Jason Brantner - Research Fellow Shawn Friedland - Student Leela Hier - Student Pat Kelly - Crookston Public Works Linda Kingery - Program Director (Extension Service) Douglas Langer - UMC Staff Martin Lundell - Co-Chair Rachel McCoppin - Faculty Peter Phaiah - Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Tricia Sanders - Interim Director of Finance Jon Steiner, Polk County Environmental Services Officer Chris Waltz - Co-Chair Barbara Ricord - Asst to Chancellor

25 Crookston Students for Sustainable Development (CSSD)



28 Overview Student Support Mission/Goals of CSSD Students Role Challenges What can we do A Look Ahead

29 Student Support First LEED certified building on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus Recycling (DTS) Attendance to Sustainability Speakers

30 Mission Mission Statement: The Crookston Students for Sustainable Development Committee Commissioned by the Crookston Student Association will serve as the student group for exploration, research and collaborative conception of a number of sustainability initiatives for our campus and community.

31 Goals Sustainable Initiatives Cut Energy Spending Research Opportunities Collaboration Students

32 Students Role We pay to come here. We make our experience We are a valuable resource We have a say in sustainability (CSSD)

33 Challenges Dedicated staff/faculty time Getting to Carbon Natural Costs/Funding

34 What can we do NOW??? Turn off the TV/video games Always recycle Unplug/Turnoff everything Short/cold showers Go to bed earlier GO OUTSIDE

35 Looking Ahead Sustainability Week: April 20-24 Possible $20,000 Grant through CERTS Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon Program Communal Wind and Recycling Project with The Red Lake Nation Maroon, Gold, and Green Recycling Stations Policy Freshmen Orientation (Green component)

36 “What you do to the earth you also do to your children” Red Lake Nation Photo by Dr. Dan Svedarsky

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