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CA~IB Annual Emerging Europe Conference 5-6 October 2006, Istanbul.

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1 CA~IB Annual Emerging Europe Conference 5-6 October 2006, Istanbul

2 2 Overview BRD, the second largest bank in Romania, is part of the Societe Generale Group, one of the leading financial services provider in Europe (45,1 bln. Euro market capitalization). BRD – GSG is operating as a universal bank, active in retail, corporate and investment banking, directly or through subsidiaries: BRD SOGELEASE – financial and operational leasing; ALD AUTOMOTIVE – car fleet management; BRD FINANCE – point of sale consumer loans; BRD SECURITIES – brokerage house; SG ASSET MANAGEMENT BRD – asset management firm; BRD/SG CORPORATE FINANCE – investment banking advisory services.

3 3 Summary I.Key figures II.Strong five-years performance III.Positive outlook in the context of EU integration

4 4 Share capital EUR 210 million Shareholders EquityEUR 546 million Number of shares 696,901,518 Nominal value of the shares EUR 0,3 Market capitalisation (August 2006)EUR 3.5 bil BRD, Key Figures

5 5 STEADY GROWTH OF SHARE PRICE BRD, Key Figures BRD capitalization exceeds 1 bilEUR

6 6 NET BANKING INCOME GROSS OPERATING INCOME NET PROFIT TOTAL ASSETS SHAREHOLDERS EQUITY BRD, Key figures 2003 ( mil ) (*) , , ( mil ) , , ( mil ) 2005 ( mil ) EMPLOYEES 4,3404,2504, 5006,000

7 7 COST/INCOME RATIO ROE BRD, Key figures ,9%54,2%52,6%48% 34,9%30,7%24,7%30% % 37%

8 8 Market share Corporate Loans 15%15% Loans to individuals 20% Corporate deposits 18% Individuals deposits 16%16% BRD, Key Figures Number of cards 23% 26%26% Placement funds

9 9 RATINGS BRD BRD – key figures BRD – key figures FITCH Short term foreign currency debtF2 Long term issuer defaultA- Support1 Long term rating perspectiveStable Moodys Long term foreign currency debtBa2 Financial strength perspectivePositive FITCHAA MoodysAa2 S&PAA- RATING SOCIETE GENERALE

10 10 Summary I.Key figures II.Strong five-years performance III.Positive outlook in the context of EU integration

11 11 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE Number of units Number of cards x1000 Number of active clients (including BRD Finance) x 1000 Staff number

12 12 Cost income ratio 48,9%54,2%52,6%47,8%46,8% Cost Net Income REVENUES AND PRODUCTIVITY (MRON) 49,6% Operating Income +25% +16% + 14% / year STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE

13 13 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE NET BANKING INCOME Total = million RON Interest margin 770 million RON (2004: +2,5%) 54,9% 10,4% 34,7% Commissions 487 million RON ( ,5%) Others 146 million RON Structure of the net banking income in 2005 Net banking income (BRD consolidated) (million RON) % +13% % % % - evolution in comparable terms (2004 = 32%) (2004 = 63%)


15 15 STRONG FIVE-YEARS PERFORMANCE A BALANCED DEVELOPMENT OF CREDITS AND DEPOSITS Loans to customers ( BRD consolidated) (end of period, millions of RON) Individuals 42% Legal entities 58% +32% / an Customers deposits ( BRD consolidated) (end of period, millions of RON) % - evolution in comparable terms Individuals 36% Legal entities 64% +22% / an % +57% +28% +38%

16 16 BRD FINANCE – POINT OF SALE CONSUMER LOANS STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE Balance of loans to customers (million RON) Loans by card BRD FINANCE started operations in 2004 Loans granted in stores + 274%/trim % - evolution in comparable terms

17 17 BRD SOGELEASE – A TOP PLAYER ON THE LOCAL MARKET STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFROMANCE Leasing portfolio evolution (end of period, milions of RON) Total market (Output 2005) = around million RON (55% held by bank subsidiaries 55%) +281% +54% +28% %/an % - evolution in comparable terms

18 18 TOTAL COMMITEMENTS (BRD consolidated) Total assets5,46,48,212,119,8 (end of period, billion RON) 13,8 9,5 6,9 4,6 2,7 +34% +26% +34% / an Loans Off-balance sheet commitments (*) (*) Unused limits, letters of indemnity, letters of credit etc 10,5 3,3 7,0 2,5 5,0 3,0 2,1 1,9 1,6 0,6 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE % - evolution in comparable terms

19 19 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE Breakdown of OC Growth in Development of activity 5,8% - Social costs 4,4% - Others 2,3% - Consolidation area 1,3% 13,8% Investments 2005: 29 million ( million ) CAREFULLY MANAGED OPERATING COSTS Operating cost (BRD consolidated) (million RON) % + 9,5% ,7 % ,8 % % - evolution in comparable terms

20 20 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE Decrease in the cost of risk NCR/loans = 0,74 % in 2005 (2004: 0,87%) Decrease in the n° of non-performing loans also due to the improvement of the business environment in the past few years COST OF RISK WELL UNDER CONTROL Net Cost of Risk (NCR) (BRD consolidated) (million RON) Non-commercial 4 Commercial NPL/Total loans 1,7%2,9%2,2% Total loans (millionRON) 1,4% : a new calculation method, according to NBR regulations %


22 22 Summary I.Key figures II.Strong five-years performance III.Positive outlook in the context of EU integration

23 23 MACROECONOMIC TRENDS The EU integration process will continue to have a positive impact on Romanias economy: Estimated average growth in the range of 5-6.5% per year for the next five years; Discipline in public policies will be encouraged due to EU monitoring; o Romania has already a low public deficit and public debt, while inflation is continuously coming down. Foreign investment is encouraged by increased stability Convergence forces will play an increasing role as the country moves towards the euro. EU funds (30 bn. Euros until 2012) can help in much needed infrastructure improvement. POSITIVE OUTLOOK POSITIVE OUTLOOK

24 24 SIGNIFICANT GROWTH POTENTIAL FOR THE FINANCIAL SECTOR The Romanian financial sector is less developed than CEE peers: Penetration rate for banking services is less than 30%; Non-government loans at 21% of GDP; Households stock of debt is less than 20% of GDP; 9000 inhabitants per banking unit; Around 17% of adult population has a bank card; Catch up expected if other countries experience is to be considered relevant. POSITIVE OUTLOOK POSITIVE OUTLOOK

25 25 BANKING SYSTEM INCREASINGLY COMPETITIVE POSITIVE OUTLOOK Structure of the banking system – 39 banks and subsidiaries of foreign banks. In 2006 over 90% of the banking assets owned by foreign banks: 1 Romanian private bank: Banca Transilvania 1 Romanian state owned bank (the Savings House) About twenty foreign banks, of which: o 3 Austrian (BCR/Erste, Raiffeisen, Volksbank); o 2 Dutch (ING, ABN Amro) o 1 American (Citibank) o 4 Italian (of which Unicredit/HVB Tiriac) o 6 Greek o 1 Hungarian o 1 French (BRD – GSG)


27 27 BANKING SYSTEM INCREASINGLY SAFE POSITIVE OUTLOOK Improved regulations and strengthened supervision of the National Bank of Romania have contributed to increased safety of the banking system: Compliance with EU regulations, international accounting standards became the norm; Strict anti money laundering legislation; Good capitalization of the banks (CAR 12% NBR threshold, most banks have more than 15%); Some risks related to the foreign currency lending; But the National Bank is taking preventive measures (high regulatory reserves; administrative constraints on credits);

28 28 BRD IS WELL POSITIONED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MARKET DYNAMICS POSITIVE OUTLOOK POSITIVE OUTLOOK BRDs main competitive advantages: Presence on all segments of the market – retail, micro finance, SMEs, corporate clients, private banking, investment banking, asset management – with carefully tailored products; Best network coverage – over 500 agencies all over Romanian territory; Excellent knowledge of the local market combined with the commercial expertise of Societe Generale; Efficient organization and procedures – advanced integration with Societe Generales procedures, organization, risk management, internal audit functions, financial consolidation etc. Easy access to financing due to the good rating and SGs support; Good capacity to innovate in response to market tendencies; Close contacts with Romanian central and local authorities and international financial institutions;

29 29 STRONG FIVE YEARS PERFORMANCE A RAPIDLY EXPANDING NETWORK agencies opened in agencies opened in 2006 (until September) (BRD Express) Focus on high growth potential areas VALAHIA

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