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The Most Powerful Women in History

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1 The Most Powerful Women in History
The Female Pharaohs The Most Powerful Women in History

2 Their History Total of four Female Pharaohs in Egyptian history
Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty) , Nefertiti (18th Dynasty), Cleopatra (Ptolemaic Dynasty) – Three Most Important During their reign – major accomplishments in Egyptian history

3 The Women Who Would Be King
Daughter of Thutmose I and Ahmese Married half-brother King Thutmose II Thutmose II died in 1490 BCE Hateshepst’s stepson (Thutmose III) became Pharaoh Hatshepsut served as regent With support of Amon’s priests, Hatshepsut was crowned Pharaoh Hatshepsut The Women Who Would Be King Encouraged trade and expeditions to other lands (e.g. Punt) Sponsored many monumental building projects in Egypt Built herself a great memorial temple, Deir el-Bahri

4 Forgotten Into History
Nefertiti Forgotten Into History Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten (ruled 1367 to 1350 BCE) First Pharaoh to preach monotheism Nefertiti supported her husbands beliefs Nefertiti/Akhenaten’s reign known as Amarna Revolution Changes in art, religion, social practices Rumoured that after Akhenatan’s death Nefertiti ruled under the name of the name of the next Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty – Name of ‘Nefertiti’ erased from history

5 Enchantress of the Nile
Cleopatra 69 BCE Born in Alexandria Had two younger brothers, one younger sister, two older sisters Father was Ptolemy XII Enchantress of the Nile Cleopatra VII was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty After death Egypt became Roman Province 50 BCE Cleopatra meet Caesar – She was 19, he 52 – had an affair 44 BCE Caesar was assassinated 41 BCE Cleopatra meet Antony 37 BCE she married Marc Antony (Roman General) – Both died in 30 BCE (committed Suicide)

6 Images

7 Other Interesting Info
Cleopatra was said to be Macedonian (descended from) Cleopatra wasn’t really as beautiful as people say Hatshepsut was the longest ruling Female Pharaoh Other Interesting Info Alexander the Great founded the capital of Alexandria in Egypt Cleopatra was first Ptolemaic ruler to learn Egyptian After his death Egypt was ‘given’ to the Ptolemies (Cleopatra’s bloodline)

8 Ra's Blessings End

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