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The Incas (1438 BCE-1553 BCE) By: Norman, Camille, Allison.

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1 The Incas (1438 BCE-1553 BCE) By: Norman, Camille, Allison

2 Incas The Incas were distinct people who had a distinct language. Their land is now modern day Columbia,Ecuador border and central Chile. At their time, the Incas had the largest empire in the world. The Incas raised cattle for labour and food, they used agriculture as a form of food.

3 Three Major Contributions Machu Picchu Metallurgy Medicine/surgery

4 Machu Picchu Found in Peru, the machu picchu means “old peak” situated on a mountain, it was one of the biggest creations of its time. It has giant walls, terraces and ramps, and it is in the middle of the tropical forest. It is still one of the greatest archaeological sites to this day.

5 Metallurgy Worked with metals such as gold, silver Bronze Copper and tin Developed Standards of Metallurgy Created a variety of objects, from ear ornaments to figurines of people and llamas used as offerings, drinking cups, tools and weapons.

6 Medicine/Surgery Advanced Study of brain surgery Developed techniques of cutting around the crushed-in skull and the removal of debris. This had the result of room around the brain so that it could swell during its healing process.

7 Other Contributions Agriculture Cosmology Calendar Language and Religion/Myths System of roads Popcorn

8 The Myth Manqu, was the founder of the dynasty. The story begins with Manqu with three of his brothers and four of his sisters trying to find their land. A gold staff was given to them, it was suppose to be plunged into the ground. The place where the staff went into the ground the deepest was the place for manqu’s people. On their way, one of the brothers went into a cave but another brother sealed into the cave. A third brother turned himself into a mountain. Then Manqu found the land called Cuzco, there another brother turned himself into stone. The problem was, people before them had already settled there. To send them away, Manqu’s sister killed one of the settlers. Cut him open pulled out his lungs and blew into them, because of this incident, the settlers became afraid and fled. This is how the Incas got their land.

9 The End

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