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Kevin Blackwell Branson High School Pole Vault Coach

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1 Kevin Blackwell Branson High School Pole Vault Coach

2 So you want to be a pole vaulter? What to look for – Speed – try to make the fastest kids on the team pole vaulters. Jumping ability – better the jumper, the better the vaulter. Athletic Ability – Good coordination, balance, strength and power. Attitude – “Guts not Nuts” What we sometimes get -

3 Where to begin? Simple tests for ability –30 Meter Dash (Don’t need to time) –Long Jump (half-run length, don’t worry about fouls, measure from take-off point. –Hurdles – two hurdles 10 yds apart at lowest setting – looking for coordination –Rope Climbing – test strength and power

4 Bend and Grip Fonzie – thumbs to the top Hand Width – shoulder width apartHand Width Shoulders Square Comfortable – not a death grip – RELAX Find the Bend Progression

5 Carry the Pole Sprinter without arms Focus on a progression emphasize pole position Walk with the pole – keep the tip in the center Jog with the pole –arms work as shock absorbers –Run as mechanically correct as possible Sprint with the poleSprint Can never do too many pole runs –Cut stubbies –Tie a towel to the end of a pole

6 The Plant Progression – teach proper mechanics –Standing with pole on the ground- raise the pole (Watch for proper position) –Standing with knee drive Watch mechanics – right handed vaulter should have their right foot back to start and step with right foot first –Standing with knee drive and lunge –Walking with knee drive and lunge (Introduce counting) 3-2-1-lift-pop –Jog and vault off the ground –Sprint and vault (not worried about steps yet)

7 Marking Steps Once they have the proper form you can now mark steps –Sliding box –Gym with a towel –Track with chalk Plant position Look down = Slow down Again focus on Mechanics and Consistency

8 Getting Off the Ground Short-run vault with no bend in the pole (Standards all the way back)Short-runno bend –3 lefts (1-lift-pop) standing grip into the sand, standing grip plus two fists into the mats –Gradually raise the grip (remember to emphasize speed into the pit and staying under control in the air) –Don’t raise the grip higher than 3 feet above standing Again, focus on a progression (Don’t move on until each is mastered) –Sitting –Swing-ups –Swing and shoot the turn

9 Getting Off the Ground 5 step run with a bend5 step ****Don’t force the bend, the bend will happen by itself***** Still focusing on good mechanics –Pole two feet longer than the athletes non-bending grip and at or slightly above their body weight. Ex: 5 lefts at 10’6” with no bend and weighs 130 Proper starting pole would be a 12’6” 130/135 or a 12’ 135/140






15 Take Off and Drive Long jump – knee drive under control Noodle Drill

16 Swing Up Swing Up 2Swing Up 2

17 Pull Turn Turn Over Drill 2 3Turn Over Drill 23 Kick the Bungee

18 Fly Away Floor Slide Drill

19 Putting It All Together Tara Diebold Fun Stuff

20 Resources Manual.htm#VII Manual.htm#VII

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